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Talisman Suite VI.


This is the blog specific disclaimer. For the personal blog section of this site, if you read and agree to the terms then you know that you cannot later claim not understanding, that this site blog will present, Articles, Poems, Artwork and designs that are original and some that are reposts of other writers, or includes other artists work. The articles are written from a basic level of understanding and awareness, that may not reflect the mainstream views. I make no apology for this as it is my record and blog and so is written from the perspective of my own experience and understanding. That is in no way a complete and concise scientific appraisal of life in any way shape or form. 

There may be certain material in some of the articles that may offend some people. But this is a private blog and you agree to the terms and continued anyway to enter the site after reading. So try arguing that in a court of law. This site would not reflect well for unionists, Tories or bigots and small minded people as they like to take offence at anything they do not like or agree with. It is for friends and friends of friends with similar views and opinions to the articles they will find here.

The main topics here are Independence, Current Affairs, Politics, Scotland, Topical issues and a few more to be added yet. Those that wish to continue after reading this then select a topic from the menu and thank you for this much of your attention.