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3D Developments.


This is the main page for all 3D developments for this site, excluding 3D printing as it has a section all to itself.

This will include 3D character development using the iClone suite. As well as 3D modelling for the Magical Artyfacts re-draughting process. This will include Blender and DAZ studio content being taken over to both iClone and into Blender. For the forthcoming 3D Printer sketches.

The developments on this site include, old legacy builds being ported from Truespace 7, which was the modelling and animation software used to make the original Magical Artyfacts series of animations, based on geometry and the trees of life. The new development will all be done in Blender as it has a great rendering engine that comes free with it. There is a back library of props and characters compiled over 15 years. Even though the characters are not really usable in Hi-Res photorealistic modelling for today’s HD culture. The props are universal and will just need material tweaks to be usable, or minor revisions for details.

Reallusions Character Creator (pipeline) will be used to house characters for use in Blender, CC3 exports in FBX format and Blender handles them real well, with only really material editing to be done to them once imported. iClone is also an animation program for characters and is only really useful to an animator if they pay for the pipeline version. Reallusion have price staged the abilities of the applications as they have with 3DXChange. The suggested pipeline with the low or budget level applications id all internal with little support for importing and exporting resources.

There is a steep learning curve with all these applications but there are extensive YouTube videos for Blender and Reallusion, that cover all the basic entry stuff. You will either pay for in depth tutorials or go maverick and teach yourself. You will get ideas from things once you get used to the interface and the tools in each. I will make sub headings to the relevant programs being used and intros and other articles relating to them will be under Tech Talking.