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Academic Sciences.


Way back in the mists of time, civilisations have periodically taken to stamping out the sciences, burning books, and trashing libraries, as they rolled the thinking heads under axes to be rid of them. The one thing that escaped Nazi Germany before the end of the war, was the academic minded sciences. That courted other nations and were gobbled up by their eager enemies to get ahead of the German might. This brain drain initially fuelled the space program, and now does not involve rocket making. This academic level had information about human tolerances, taken from the oppressed, even up to the point of facing certain death. Mostly gathered from the incarcerated Jews, from their leaders, well documented and logged torturing figures. Taken from the incarcerated, to assess the physical weaknesses and strengths of human beings. They had advanced weapons development programs, that they then sold to the leaders of the nation that took them in. This included America and Britain and there can be no mistake of this looking retrospectively at the outcomes we are seeing today with the GPS tracking, RF chips and crowd control, for population manipulation and management.

They arrived in each nation bringing scientific methods to deliver administration programs to ensure control for their new adopted nations. Initially this drove the space program, and then they all had to let that go, as the overheads were consuming resources at an alarming rate. As the model they were using was an assumed globalised world model, in a system that did not reflect that model. Under the drive to move ‘stuff’ all over the world, using that model and design, from a previous century vision of all one world. Mapped by smaller nations coming out of the industrialised age, which had infinite growth mapped into it from smaller population numbers. They began shipping not just raw materials they also shipped part built goods around the globe and then the finished goods added to the transportation overheads. The high fuel consumption rates from shipping three times to get finished goods to a rigged market place. This was designed around the old mine, produce, then stock, store, and deliver methods from that industrialised model perspective. So that a balanced national growth around the globe, was taken from a purely statistical model and not based on real world modelling which is only being phased in now. That they thought at the time would bring every nation to a unified level of development and wealth. That we now know would only have ever worked out on paper, and not in the real world. Faulty AI thinking from the master race, the real elites are not and never have been the politicians as we are finding out daily in these revealing times. Their early science modelling was faulty. the model was unrealistically based on a conceptual modelling program, and not based on a real one. The disparity between model and reality comes from the direction of travel in each. The world is moving away from the rigid model in real time and in real terms. The drift between actual development and the models integrity, and capability to bring people into a harness has now got them spooked and has made them move before all preparations were put in place to guarantee their results. This left them needing to get people to voluntarily adopt the straight jacket and they went with the subliminal programming directive and the propaganda mechanism to influence thinking. They have been keeping knowledge behind online walls, and the data from information for some time now, to no real effect as leaks and exposes show in this time of revelation. To limit our understanding that we can achieve without access to information still uses real people with real emotions and connections to us and they cannot achieve it without us as robotics for enforcement is still at the point of access, currency and sales points as bots are developed from behaviour to build those metal armed enforcers they are all trying to develop to enforce their dystopian future on a free born race they keep in the dark.

They ignore one thing in their modelling and that has not got anything to do with tolerances to conditions, even endurance under pressure findings, from the Nazi scientists. It all centres around human nature itself, and they clearly show that they know nothing about that, at all. This is easiest seen in the fishing exercises online. The social diktat directive from the egg heads, of naming ten friends is revealing that to some of us. Online your ten friends are a collective for manipulation under their modelling. It is to tie pressure (peer pressure and nomination tactics) from disclosure to get conformity to the models directives. Sales and advertising will expand to the collective to collar, shared interests and to give them feedback on that for future expansion of their one world harnessed to their dreams of creating an IT enforced future, from their high brow ideological model for the herd they feel they own and can do as they please with. Except if that was true then why do they need our permission, why can they not use force at this moment, just fear and scare tactics to set directives like masks, gloves and keeping our distances. They cannot enforce a free world and like every prison officer that ever served will tell you. They need the willing cooperation and involvement of the population for it to work.

Science has put humanity under a microscope, and has since been dissecting mankind into manageable areas, responses, inclinations and the trends analysis, is the main directive behind this sales pitch, that they use to sell to industry earning investment to keep slicing and dicing us into parts and pieces, for study. For what purpose does this serve the whole of mankind to be reduced in the stew pot, of the lab witches of the day. Yet, as science knows that when you cut things up into manageable chunks, it will never be put back together or be the same again. We are not clockworks, we are not machines, and that level of testing as it was then was horrendous and inhuman in labs and in death camps. And it would be an even more destructive regime today. In a Karma ruled existence, where you will reap what you sow. Some of the underlying truths about the worlds bad people getting their comeuppance. Commonly held beliefs like never being able to get away with things all the time, not being able to treat everyone the same and get the same responses from that. Based on the commonly held unconscious beliefs of the mass. All stem from the philosophical mantras of a bygone age. What is meant for you, will not go by you. You can not win all the time. The longer you get away with something the closer you get to either a single failure in a cascading run of bad luck. Probably from what goes around comes around, it has a pleasing and fitting appeal does it not. These are now suppressed into the collective unconscious manifestation level after all the decades and even centuries of programming by mantra. A newly awakening mankind that is about to start co manifesting its own reality has already indicated. That they will not help to realise a self indentured dystopian metropolis future that makes them slaves to a digital master.

Before sciences it was the wizards, and magicians or holy men that sold dreams to despots and tyrants, and then it reached the stage of never delivering utopian dreams, that and their own foul practices held in secret saw them fall out of favour, and books burned as heads rolled as a consequence. A ruler of that time and era was just like the leaders of today when hard pressed. Being the first to face certain problems, and that having no case in point to take advice from, having no model to look at to get a handle on developing situations, they ended up making horrendous and ill advised decisions. There would be no growing awareness of the issues that plagued them, as there were no know symptoms, no trends to inform them of expectations and likely outcomes. Now in normal times leaders are not really needed, just there to break up the greedy squabbles of the ambitious or power hungry and to keep the military in check in peace. To ensure law is working and is not just enforced at every level in a diktat. So advisors only ever kept the leader informed and in touch with the performance of the mechanism of state order. This reduces leadership to a King Solomon position in peace. But wise people, and sage understanding are needed to divine the new and unknown as it develops, and the ones closest to the decisive head, that can get their ear, have the influence. They start off with the most blatant arrogances of new power and position, by stating they need more time, money and resources with additional powers, this should be an alarm bell by now but is not. For those that declare, they have the ear of the king, and it will cost you to get me to put things under his knows. In the past it was the so called superstitious bodies, religion and secular priests with studies of life and the world that could be called on by rulers. Then the magicians and the feats of fakirs were sought. Now science is the mystery school, the behind closed doors manipulators and it is the high brown academics that pedal a fearful future that they are invested in realising from their power envy positions. The helpless present day dweeb, that no one liked and was only ever tolerated was powerless in social situations, and regular events to the point of feeling shunned. Just like their ancient counterparts, shunned for devilish capabilities and skills the normal person did not have. So the modern version either gravitate to power or control positions in the workplace, whether its buying a gun as a petty (runt of the litter type) revenge level of payback. It starts with the ones they choose to blame and they just rampage to kill all they can. Now the super geek has as much in common with the OCD level geek. Well that is also true of the super-dweeb, the runt is just petty and without the imagination and capability at the social interactions and advancement levels of life. They settle for polishing a gun and knife collection in a country with the most lax arms laws and rules that is easy for them to do. The results we have seen plastered all over the front pages and on our media screens or TV’s. The super dweeb is a whole new ball game, they recognise their limitations and do not allow personal grudges to enter into their thinking. So develop no revenge based obsession. They look to the greater good but like the ordinary dweeb and their guns, others rights are an impediment they have to negate. Having all been subject to the bull in the herd just taking what they want and feeling helpless to do a thing about it. This creates a conscious directive based on a suppressed resentment, not a good mix really, when it is unbalanced by a vision of diminishing others rights to achieve things. When a conscious denial of an obvious truth is in place it allows the unconscious the ability to manifest in unseen ways in the conscious directive, ergo unintended consequences, just as poor planning with only half the facts would do, when they ignore that and press ahead anyway. However with someone who is adjusted to their overview and planning levels, accepting qualitative figures that give feasibility and even expected calculus to ground ideas like, ‘collateral damage’ and not as a natural phenomena but at the planning stage. Says a certain disconnect to the humanity that is necessary to achieve a balanced program for progress. So that when a super-dweeb climbs the power structures, and amasses not stockpiles of guns, to take out their resentments on people they blame for things in their lives they were at fault for, but rather they go after collecting money in the power structure, where wealth beyond imagining is just a tool to be used. The cash becomes the stockpiled guns in the hands of a super-dweeb, who secretly harbours a plan, that they cannot disclose, as it would reveal a mind no better than the frustrated dweeb with their gun stockpiles. That they just end up with a bigger more powerful stockpile, and the means and opportunity to enforce it, is not so easy to see at first. It is the super-dweeb’s arsenal and make no mistake about it, it is not there for the good of mankind, or the present day better informed herd. It is there to realise an ideological vision of a future they fear and feel they need to control.