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Alchemical Treaties.


In the time of sciences infancy science was just the approach of using a scientific application to everything, to prove results and develop strategies or tests, to find answers in all areas of understanding on the planet. The very first to use this in that structured fashion were the Alchemists. These people needed and found patrons to finance them in their search for the secrets of the universe. They salted the sales pitch with a neat and repeatable trick about making gold from lead. That would get all the aspiring wannabes that were well off but not quite wealthy and powerful yet. They were seen by them to be familiar in the circles they were all aspiring to and so as they had influence were duly courted by the aspirants. The promise of wealth from lead was only appealing to new money as those born with and born into saw money as a tool and only flaunted it, to put some ‘new money lackey’s’ nose out of joint. As they could not affect people who saw truth like them, but they would be audience to the public snub being pageant-ed in the open. As the knowledge and influence of the Alchemist could be demonstrated in findings and developments the rich would seek their ingenuity. The philosophical Alchemist selling the secrets of the universe path also had to deliver spiritual insights and observations. The pragmatic ones would deliver engineering and social devices to aid work and production. The divide between the two houses of the same field developed as a hierarchy that reflected the days present model of the elites and the serfs over the slaves.

So how do you get more wealth from those that saw it as a tool, what could a charlatan offer a better educated materialistic man in a man’s world back then. Well when people climb the tree and strive in as small a pyramid structure as they were back then, progress is slow or almost non existent. So things took longer and progress was slow and this will crush ambition, so what about the side product to the old con of making gold from lead. After all some actually believed that some had cracked the secret and that they were just missing one essential step that a record keeping, quantity regulated, environment controlled process would eventually yield to them if they were worthy and diligent. So a philosopher’s stone to transform the lead has the properties to transmute matter that is in essence inert (lacking life) into a finer form of metal. Lead and gold share very few actual similarities, but they hold approximately the same mas and near weight distribution for mass conversion. Looks deceive, and they almost always do and in that day and age it was even more the de facto judgement tool, of the day. Now the properties of a philosopher’s stone would not just interest the climbers on the ladder to having more wealth and power. If it promised a second benefit from the elixir of life that was stated as just a by product of the transformational process of the agents needed for the stone. So when power has more appeal to the born into it had it all their lives they face the same ageing process the same decline as the aspirants. So some form of immortality benefiting drink would sell well to them too. But the strata must still be maintained to keep the aspirants under the elites, and this is clearly seen from secret organisations ceremonies, for advancements in the organisation.

Now imagine a youthful wise and benign being in extraordinary health with amazing faculties and a command of logistic, language and with insights and perception capabilities from the matter levels of life to the spiritual heights and having and displaying a ‘wisdom of the ages’. Telling you with money that their life course denied them the time to indulge in gaining wealth for its own sake as their true calling was giving them so many advancements in the material knowledge of the world and its secret ways. People and their nature and drives, the spirit and its secret understandings. Would you bite.

As an actor director and artist I was able to understand that you just have to appear in that light and to maintain a convincing connection with an intended audience, in that manner for people who want to believe, to convince themselves of the script you are selling. A commanding capability with language and expression is really the sales pitch level you see today in the phone manipulators that try to pitch stuff you do not want and are mostly failing at doing. As the hollow sound and the disconnect, we all feel at their pitch felt in our wary response from our sensory radar rapport registers. Are still something an alien race has not mastered yet after millennia of trying.

So the Alchemists of their day that were all aiming to find a mentor to pay for their research are the real forefathers of the modern scientific approach and their present set of branches. The legends abound that there must be a grain of truth in at least the early pioneers of the philosophical branch and that some really ancient beings are among us still looking like they did at their peak, if they achieved it at their peak, or are older, in appearance if they got there later in life. We do have to remember that life expectancy so science of today says was back in that day about 25-35 years in the mortal coil, give or take life courses and environmental factors.

In the past periods of halcyon days the dream that the thinkers of their day spun to influence leaders was a peaceful life for all the privileged and a working one for the slaves necessary to make it and keep it running. When clever minds had access to secular knowledge and information they had to obscure it from people’s scrutiny and interest. Secret societies were all the domain of the elite minds of their times. Myths then of long lives and youthful people have somehow not filtered down the timelines into our legends and myths, Highlander and a few other modern fictional notables accepted. Then who searched the world, catalogued everything and hid giants and fantastic races even penned them out of world history on what agenda you might ask. Science wrote history. But long lived humans that have been around since the mists of time and before in other ages, not a clue, not a record exists. The scientific answer to everything is all you will find in a scientifically sanitised history of the world as they tell it.

The flower of knowledge, is wisdom, the fruit of that flower, is understanding. The fount of knowledge is just a data stream, without the wisdom that is needed to understand. And understanding has foresight tempered with hindsight’s insights.