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American Scapegoating.

Just as the media all get on the comeuppance bandwagon, as Julian, the ‘evil person’ is finally arrested, it is fast becoming a case of the pot and the kettle as we find that the ‘leak’ informer also gave the leaked papers to the NY Times and The Guardian, who both also published the information. All while they are the ones leading the ‘mob lynching’ attack on the ‘evil person’ of interest, and chuck the biggest stones, as they think they are safe behind the police scene taped off area of reporting the facts. Well, it looks like its only the subset that does not show their own complicit activities. The whole deal is getting the lynch mob tactics in a drive to have a scapegoat to take away from the American war atrocities that are the core content of the leaked documents.


The fact that the person that leaked it was dealt with and that some form of follow up is required, why would the ‘Fake News’ government leadership not relish going after a big media player like ‘The New York Times’, yet a guilty party is needed and the Brit outlet is outside their remit and reach as the British wash their ‘Pontius Pilot’ hands with ‘we negotiated no death penalty’ with the US facade of no foul in this debacle. So why at this time and for the last seven years has it been important to sex slur (no legal charges?) attack the man to discredit the man which cannot work on the NYT or the good old Guardian as they would make a living out of being targeted, by this pathetic cold war small minded tactic of old empire tricks. The four point something billion bribe to the Ecuadorian nation has brought to light some strange accusation from the ‘Judas’ nations president, that smack of infantile excuses from the small thinker’s handbook of excuses. While a Labour MP is under fire, from the sling the ‘name calling tirade’ distraction at the public tactics, which is directly out of the so called heart of Israel’s drive for the new Jerusalem land clearance programs. While the Israeli army still murders, land grab and push the money strapped wealthiest nation in the world to back their genocidal tendencies. But as long as the world media attention directives are all over this smoke screen and misdirection program. The world is held in the mesmerising headlights distraction, of the media led attention grabbing screen show, that is currently spotlighting this ‘non issue’, as they are attacking their own source mechanisms in the process, while they give the ‘American War Machine’ a huge media smoke screen to hide behind. The need for a scapegoat is still high on the agenda as they put the weight of their administration behind the ‘sons of Cain’ in Israel, as both the mass murdering, land grabbing misdirectors start to work in tandem, as they realise that time is running out for them. If omens where a thing to go by, you would think that the short thinking lunar landing results would be a clear indicator of where their priorities should be aimed, and that the abandoned by God, have no right to the land an anointed king lost for failing Gods command. But instead they are showing a level of collusion that is being made more obvious, as their timescale up’s its tempo a beat or two, enough now to become obvious to the so called sleeping masses.


The thing that scared the little darlings into pushing ahead was the whisper that the people that have been buying their produce might wake up and just leave their blood products to rot on the shelves. Now, as long as they could ‘wrangle-hold’ nations like Ireland, to take their blood goods, so that they could guarantee getting them to the shelves, and that the brainwashed too busy to care, shoppers would just fill up with the convenient goods they could cram into their busy schedules. So hearing the beat from the ground that the buyer and their pound have an insight newfound. Must have put the wind of change right up their jacksies, and has affected their jet propulsion drives, with the effect that it has made them now obvious in their change of pace. It is important to understand what that change of pace is actually aimed at, and to look at why would America, and especially this government’s present administration, openly do what every other administration has stayed away from doing for the last six decades. It is important to take a few seemingly unrelated things into account before we do.


Lets look at the Western model of democracy, and just admit it is a democracy for the middle class, or the administration level in the west, while it is a dictatorship to the working strata elements, that is heavy on the stick and light on the carrot, yet it is an autocracy to the privileged, this is a basic level assessment of just the way it is. This is a good reflection of the hierarchical system that maintains an aspirational drive, or a fear impulse to simulate movement across the model. Now let’s look at the capitalist model, and look at the lie that props that pile of rubbish up, to make it look like it works. If it were true that if you work hard ‘you will get on in life’, then there would be opening opportunities and developing markets, and as the recent unemployment figures show that just simply wasn’t true then nor is it true now. After seeing the nations unemployment figures go through the roof, of the time limited decades old glass ceiling, and yet we are still somehow struggling with a trading loss, to the tune that we are in a, 5-6 billion a year deficit rise (over the last six decades) more than just the time we have been in the EU, and its still being sold as a case of being ‘better off in it’, than outside it. The pension attacks, the decline in funding to the NHS, schools, law and order, the penal body, public services, from water, power and local authority fat cat pays, as local and national taxes rise, the parasites are feeding well off the carcass, and we are again tricked into thinking its all going well. Well, it is for them, their industry has seen the nations wealth asset stripped from the crown coffers over decades, and all this under the supervision of both of the political liars, and figure fudger’s attentions. Lets not forget, that if capitalism actually worked, it would have well before now (market forces lies, aside) have built up a competent portfolio, of capable assets in existing markets, to the point of a scattered selection of power compared and capital strong leaders of their fields establishing themselves as the dominant time and market resistant services the world fast paced movement now needs. Developing and adapting to and according to, the hierarchical model, be surrounded or attended by a support herd of minion suppliers all feeding well and stabilising the markets, and establishing a power conduit from materials to delivery. Especially after seven decades since the science fair model was rolled out with the first better homes, better living, tech solutions and dreams of tomorrow for their day, being reduced to a handheld devices obsession with control and mapping movement and people time and activities for control in the present day. A poor result from such a high sales ideology as it was sold in the day. The cars are still gas guzzlers because the greed and lack of adaptability of the oil industry have held the market to its model, of keeping themselves rich at the trough of life. Transport of heavy goods never got the low platform footprint mobile nuclear plant that the now obsolete submarines they cannot get rid off in Scotland have. As that design never reached the miniaturisation process well and is still making Chernobyl’s, at the hands of a people that are kept worrying about their daily existence under pressure to deliver better than promised in its day. But the industry has sat on other designs and fuel efficient low manufacturing programs for decades. That has made sure that cheap production methods like hydrogen and low maintenance and low workforce solution are all kept to the sidelines. After all, an idle mankind kinda gets self destructive in its leanings and tendencies. The change in the environment, and the resultant movement of weather patterns, come from population densities in certain areas and migration of people using basic cooking methods like fires as they go. Then there is the effect from material transportation from nation to nation and the loss of profit that has not been reflected in the price of a bar of chocolate or bag of sugar, that has been going on long enough to destabilise the weather patterns in a warming planet. Off course, this is just nibbling at the little edges that are sticking out of the neatly presented model as things change and it is unable to adapt to that change and still tries to keep going as before, while they are just making it worse to keep it looking like it’s still working.


Now, the big questions that need to be addressed are, if the so called, ‘worlds richest nations’ are all in debt, then who are they in debt to? as they borrow trillions of pounds and dollars. How come the gold that was taken from the Hebrew nations, and other wealth and treasure can’t be found even to this day. As Israel acts like ‘brown shirts’ goose-stepping all over Palestine, and the worlds wealthiest capitalist nations all bow to Israel’s influence, and all openly back their plays as we face a two trillion pound national debt here in Britain, and who knows how much the Trump administration is up to its neck by. We have been in a rising trade deficit year by year in the EU to the cost, to this nation, of losing our industrial footprint to the EU, It does not take a miss Marple, or a Hercule Poirot, not even a Lieutenant Colombo to ask the one last obvious question, why are the world’s richest nation’s all backing an Israeli drive to establish their ‘new Jerusalem/Zion’ nation in the middle east. Why do they claim better human rights standards (even the EU do) than the likes of China and Russia when in fact their involvement in war atrocities in other nations like the Syrian crisis and their Arab friend’s interference in a so called short war. Clearly shows that the man made humanitarian crisis in the region is the West’s backing, arming and dealing with the main protagonist in the region that is causing the problem and making the largest man made humanitarian crisis the world has ever seen. Not a good investment portfolio business for the capitalist bases to be investing in is it. So we have at the crux of the problem, Britain, with its low pay, hard life policies getting the fascist austerity treatment. While the NHS is doing everything it can, to not care for the poor and the elderly who have already paid their dues into the system as they let natural death back into the life stage after having researched how to extend life, how to repair damage, how to stem cell regeneration, how to genetically genome match organs as they try to force an opt out policy that makes them the defacto, no consent needed owners of your organs, for organ harvesting all being elevated to the rich and powerful levels of this fair society. Now with the lottery gambling level of numbers needed to match just one patient with one donor, why is it that they need to harvest and lay claim to so many organs. The logical conclusion is of course, that they now have a stable means of medicating a host organ even from say, pig’s, and cow’s, in the human body to the point they can extend certain lives. And using the old adage of, if you are not on the invite, then you are the main course or are the subject of conversation, sort of thinking as a rule of thumb. Why the big denials and cover up’s if they hold all the cards. Why are we being made to buy, by government trade deals, goods from Israeli backed investments, when they are murdering, and land grabbing a nation’s rights, to the land they lost under an anointed kings misrule centuries ago. So if it’s not biblical it does begin to look like the Israeli push has a lot of debts being brought to bear, even calling in markers, to get the west on their side. Not that the west are the real good guys, and the Russians and Chinese are the bad, because of the lie about reporting on nations human rights behaviour abroad, or in war, is more than just a really neat piece of propaganda with a slick polish, to keep us from seeing the dirty blood soaked hands they have abroad.


The facts and the figures they spout just never add up to how they present themselves. The fact that we as a nation are trading with other nations that owe to the Hebrew huddle that is pulling the middle eastern strings is no coincidence. The recent strengthening of Benjamin Netanyahu hand at the helm after all the American backing has seen him approach a coalition decision with an even more anti-Palestinian attitude to the land grabber himself. This will not bode well for the Gazza strip at their hands if it does happen. It is a shame that people do not use the international power in their pocket and deliberately not buy Israeli goods on the shelf and so block the ‘children of Cain’s drive to invade, destroy and drive out the rightful owners of the land.


The American drive to chase down Julian Assange and throw all the blame at him with a high profile media grabbing cloud will blanket the behind the scenes activities on the world stage. Much as the effective ruse used on mummy’s nosey little darling is a ‘side tripping’ distraction with an errand, so they are not able to see the adult interactions and hear the exchanges going on. That is what this play is really all about, but as ever, at the start, the money is never there to see it all through, and so the continued income is necessary to complete the deal.


Before the world trade centre fall the fiscal bull pits and bear pens had stopped making the profits they claimed they were making. The markets would get to a healthy state, every half decade or so, and then a crash would wipe billions off the stocks and shares, almost, at regular intervals. The effects it had on pensions investment blocks cannot now in hindsight be denied, as we watch companies keeping people from retiring to see just how bad it is, and governments all hiding the facts as they extend working lives to put off the bombshell dropping. Yet the pound, the dollar, the yen, in your pocket is still crucial to their world plans. The same people that cannot balance the books, cover up every little indiscretion, and when that fails to have a huge story release to hide the tracks completely off the page.


In Scotland, the SNP have swanned about in the public eye as the party of purpose, with an unused mandate in its back pocket, for a couple of years now. They trade on the fact that they are the peoples choice, and yet the leader of the independence party got down on her knee before a monarch of the other country, that they claim to be heading up an independence program against, and pledged allegiance to the crown of that said country. Good thing, the independence movement got outside the party political program base, that could tie the elected leader to an allegiance to a foreign monarch, now isn’t it. Something not adding up there yet, well the same party of the people has tried to systematically take the right of self determination away from its own people, with programs like the named person, with the overview that your not good enough to parentally decide for your own child, so we will take that from you. You are not capable of deciding how much to drink, we will tell you what you can, and force you by price manipulation to do as we enforce. Then the people’s party, after forcing the ‘no smoking’ program from England on the nation, and the drinks stranglehold on its people, then decided to steal your rights to your own organs so that you effectively lose your sovereign rights and your personal rights under the guise that they are working for you. Well, they have a funny way of showing it, to be honest. Odd how an independence party, that is selling a ‘tie yourself into the EU’ directive with their vote for us to do it election pledges, are doing what the EU wants to do, erase the sovereign rights of all nations peoples so they can dictate what they think is better for us all, just do as they tell us. So it does kinda make you wonder just who owns the debts of the EU, why is the SNP acting in the best interests of Britain over Scotland. No, no idea, well hand this to a friend that can explain it to you, it seems you are who they are aiming for with this current action.