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Aquarius Is Rising.


A Poem
Chris Millar

In Pisces wake, Aquarius is rising
Dimensions are shifting and souls are re-sizing
Legions of seers were the first to take the leap
They landed with visions, to share sell or keep.

People mark the time watching the man made clock
Will all new arrivals stop, following that old tick tock
From the brink of the horizon, see the dawning of a new age
Science may be clever, our ancestor’s wisdom was sage

It’s first light in the flow of Aquarius’s fluid power
It’s cleansing wash, levels the field in the first hour
The first vanguard elite, that steered from behind the scenes
Surf the flow, that when it passes sweeps as it cleans

Take the light into the darkness so it’s minions will be routed
The prophets of the new ‘Age’ must stand and be counted
Love counters, then stems the flow of hate, hurt and rage
A worldwide lament in requiem, at the passing of an age

As the first bells chime in, this new age first light
Peace flows steady as harmony extends to the edge of sight
No atonement, no karma, no burden of soul from previous sin
No enemy in sight, no trouble to bear, no war to win

Civilisation at the height of its sophistication
Sends the fear born on an eternal vacation
Gaia ravaged at the hands of invention
Aquarius wades in with absolute intention.

Original work final revision completed in 20/09/2010 original piece composed around the same date.