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Artificial Population Control.


The message is getting out from the drone it in your ear to realise it in a year brigade of soft talking almost believable presenters. The message in the bottle of hogwash they are drivelling on you is for chosen life in containment Artificial Population Control is acceptable as the wholesome presentation infers. It is animal husbandry and all stock should be treated this way. Well if the sleeping all accept Artificial Population Control as a concept for contained animals, that have no say in their day and fed to a regime and doctored and culled as they please for the higher aesthetic of the herd. Profits and worth and useful and other distinctive traits will be mentioned to add to the sucker punch. If the self incarcerated accept this then they are the objection to the subject, sorry object to the subject needing approval then they like the Hebrews in the concentration camps just agreeing a shower would be a good thing before going home after the terrible mistaken arrest.

They need your approval they also want your acceptance, after all a vaccine that the makers do not endorse as a vaccine, that cannot prevent the virus or its spread. Will not disclose a thing about it. It has a trackable survival rate of 98-99%. No treatment exists and the people that test positive are all sent home to cure the cold themselves. They believe in the programming, and so much so that they have started without the robotic enforcement arm. The world just got woke and on the wrong side of the bed, for letting thugs liars and cheats and thieves, use our acceptance as a right to proceed.

Raising Consciousness.


A flock of birds falls during the holiday lockdown, some young whale got beached and saved. Usually its hundreds of marine animals or mammals, as the white coated observational record keepers like to call them. The whole question is about instinct, shoals beach themselves on land and none survive. Yet hundreds of thousands of years ago when they left the water they thrived and now walk among us. No chemicals, technology environmental factors either. Like spills, underwater hot spots overheating water (no burns no cooked flesh) new sonar or other connective emf devices or even directed weapons tests explain it either. The phenomena of suicidal shoals is still pretty much a mystery as to what the actual usual suspects could be in the frame for it happening. Now flocks of birds falling from the sky in about the same area or scattered along a line, When we apply the same usual sets of suspects to the deaths that even though they are unexplained, they cannot be dismissed from being as suicidal as the fish in the story. But if not gas, radar, super heating air localised poisons (open air?) then what could kill a group in the same vicinity. What if the shoal and the flock are in an as above so below perspective. What if for some mad reason they all flew like Icarus to high and too far, that would be suicidal for birds. And carcases fall down en-mass may hit the same area, or as in life mark a pattern in demise. So if two of the elements are displaying mass suicidal tendencies, how are the herds that roam free not showing mass suicidal tendencies, yet a herd of elephants all died in a group in an unexplained manner just last year. All the rest of the herds of the world are in fences, even so called wild horses in corals. Cattle are still the mass herd and their death patters do reflect mass deaths at a single time in an abattoir.

If more are woke and waking and that this indicates a raising of consciousness, why is man going for total subjugation of its herd, hardly an act of enlightenment. Has the raising of consciousness also raised the instinctive level of life that life on the three habitable elements of the five element reality, concur or reflect each other. Just proving that animals of water and air like the land animals bow to the will of the dominant species. Without an Adam by your leave? The artificial life for herding and flocking land mammals whose life is all contained in a managed environment from birth to death. Is oddly similar to the stay at home (proven to fatten?) they will distribute feed to the byres we all live in, the life cycle of animal husbandry, they force on other species and not just their own. Not exactly any better than slavery, with a tech handcuff and a herder to keep us on the straight and narrow. Are we just a slave to a master, then why do they need our permission or acceptance if they are the authority they present themselves as. With no wild herds left anywhere except for some caribou and elk, there are elephants and all the African continents gazelles and gnus and such, and are any of them displaying large population sudden death impulses as a comparator to the captivated ones in pens. Can you see the connections or is it too much for the mind and eye.

So are we all ready to be culled when the machine says so, are we as the herd of mankind on earth about to walk into the abattoir for the shower before the long weary road out of captivity to that wonderful freedom to be worked to death and culled as another thinks fit, to look forward to, like a golden pension in a rainbow pot that is guaranteed for you at the end of your days at their hands.

Thinning The Herd.

Treading Water.

Were the Hebrews as the freed slave nation taken into the desert and hauled through tough times so that the elders died of. Did the successor children of the tribes then cast idols and play and grow to arrogance that some tablets were lost because of their behaviour. Did the younger and more impressionable and easily diverted tribes. Lose or squander the gifts of the arc and the word. Did they on regret mark the growing of children by age, that gave rise to the saying, give me the child at seven, and I will give you the man at fourteen. Has the history of slavery died out in the tribes and the children of freedom now seek to be masters of a god’s domain, given into charge not ownership. Does any today know the difference. It just might prove important later on.

It is not just a chicken and egg problem as to which comes first it is more a part of a process than a starting and then follow on point. Did giving birth control instil the idea in a herd trained to divest for themselves. In the scheme of things a domesticated animal husbanded population in a captive (non wild and free) environment. Because of food management demand population culling. In nature when this happens is this not the harvesting for food program. Even ants manage to farm other species. Did man watch and learn at some distant past, on drugs/mushrooms and believing in higher things to aspire to. Saw how to end starvation and deprivation, yet they kill industries and stop production and claim disease (not pestilence) is the need, hygiene and proximity, yet they pack us as close as they can. With home temperatures high enough to culture germs and that ain’t worked out more than colds and flu. Now flu is a convenient excuse, with a non pandemic with a 98% – 99% survival rate.