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The Stark Truth

Sun 19th June 2022 Word Count. 4411 The Stark Truth.​ ________________________________________________________________________________ Any system that works and is doing its best to just get along and make progress is not always… Read More »The Stark Truth

Signs of the Times.

Signs of the Times. _____________________________________________________________________ Rigged voting was used on a global scale by the global elites. Every nation from/or including the G20 that had historic balanced opposition parliaments (the… Read More »Signs of the Times.

Pipeline Trials

Pipeline Trials. ________________________________________________________________________________ This is an update on the progress of the 3D software suite I bought a while back. I had to buy the pipeline version of Character Creator… Read More »Pipeline Trials

Logic gone Crazy.

Logic gone Crazy. _________________________________________________________ When the madness of King George took the cinemas by storm (so the reviews said anyway) it was easy to see what irrational fear looked like… Read More »Logic gone Crazy.

Tech Reset.

Tech Reset. ___________________________________________________________ I have to admit the lockdown has helped me to finalise my home network. From the beginning if the internet was on on any of the two… Read More »Tech Reset.

Britain Died.

Britain Died. A PoemByChris Millar Britain died as the coronavirus lied Four nations now know who is really on their side The sin condemned, was a massive sin of pride… Read More »Britain Died.

Tick Tock.

Tick Tock.   A PoemByChris Millar Impeded. Only a minute since last glance lookedPressing time feels well overbookedThe march is raising the hurried paceTo much cramming and not enough space.… Read More »Tick Tock.

Life’s Blood.

Life’s Blood.   A PoemByChris Millar Partnering. That sturdy pulse that rhythmic silent soundThat keeps the life’s blood flowing roundThat on occasions when some eyes we meetThat will sometimes skip… Read More »Life’s Blood.