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Avoiding The Tripwires.



Well coming up for eleven months of lockdown, and it is interesting to see the weather back into hot mode so quickly after the winter of discontent, courtesy of the Westminster spoil sports and worry warts. That are now oddly so far outside any reasonable interpretation of the data from the science, that they appear to be back onto the old wing and a prayer, keep the agenda on course strategies. Except for small pockets of resistance in localised areas, and all the new conveniently appearing ‘strains’ having a big media bark and a low death rate bite. It appears as if covid has run its course and if that happens with a germ or disease in the past it usually means it will disappear from the short lists very soon. No vaccine (even their disclaimers say it won’t work) did this, it was all down to just safe distancing, maybe even masks being seen as a keep your distance signalling. But working from home and not mixing in greater numbers for the wrong age groups and profiles or health conditions has all had an effect. More people were out and about in the couple of warm days we have had so far and distancing is still good, masks are by the majority are, very few in open spaces as all shops are being paid their dues and transport is not even a question any more. So good so the propaganda wing from Westminster claims they killed the flu. From the renowned figure fudger and going against the data and not following the science any more or even vaguely paying it lip service any more. The really odd thing about this global event virus is when compared to all other viral based infections it is not seasonal which is odd and has not really been talked about. The fact that so many locked up and self shut in and all but the barest of transport in place. It still managed to leap around the world like the JFK magic bullet, after jumping species in a single bound, mutating worse than multiple personality disorder with a bipolar set of mood swings attached. All while the worlds leaders are all investing in their family members businesses in the medical supply industry now that they are, certain they want to shed national health care programs where some outshone others to the shame of those countries all to make it look like a unified world theory being realised in real terms in the real world.

In a world where historically good has been learned from bad examples, progress has only happened from mistakes and errors. The top one percent are still the worst examples of what not to do or is that best examples in the negative parlance. Anyway they set the example of how a world should not be run as it still manages to do no better than give privileges to the least worthy and deserving people the world has ever created. Selfish, greedy and petty beyond measure as their self seeking self satisfying careers and life paths are strewn with, pension raids, asset stripping going concerns and all the foibles of the new broom sweeping clean in their book of bad practices. Well they do say it is not what the world does to you that defines you, it is how you deal with what the world imposes on you that does. Also, there is the old favourite, what does not kill you makes you stronger, to add to our fist bumping, air punching, survived that collection of expletives.

Facebook faced down the Australian government so the papers tell us, yet something feels off with that interpretation of the event unfolding. First the mighty OZ caught the e-space lender, pretending to not be a media product that needs editorial controls, by the short and curlies (newsflash). The same virtual space lender that for a few business credits more allows employers to snoop on private lender spaces or employee feeds. All the while claiming to defend freedom of speech not in the Apple facing down the might of the US courts and even the secret services to guarantee your right to your opinion without retaliation by any stamp them out and crush them into silence groups that were all over the place out there at the time, now it seems that domain is all BLM and anti-Semitic parties. Another Facebook fail as they claimed to be one thing to the public, they state they are there for, as they censure speech, hide posts and restrict more in a political fashion, than over any pretence at defending free speech. So did the Australian government just use the media point to get some other benefits from FB, they are not telling us about. After turning coats on the point of a worldwide reaction shutting it all down. Well industry has jumped on the covid virus lie that it is a pandemic with a 99% survival rate, while still using business links in FB for interests, contacts and spending habits as FB use’s this private information to them as a much needed resource after advertisements and market researches failures of the last few decades. Could they in these covid artificially created hard times be the pressure group that brought their governments to heel on this one?

That brings us to the strange thing the dog did in the night, namely it did nothing. Take all the anti Facebook posts of late all being more muted these days afraid of having accounts closed or suspended, the more outspoken ones exempt of course still trying to hammer the last nail in the coffin of social media hypocrisy. As Facebook now tows the covid party line, and jumps on posts with so called ‘fact checking’ for ‘accuracy’ assessments and attaching said trolling devices to private posts, for governments no less, the one people group they are stating they are standing up to on our behalf’s. While people have not taken to flooding their posts with Newspaper linked articles to give their governments the clout to nail FB into paying for news in feeds. People did not catch on to stopping using ‘likes’ and reposting to interfere with the FB use of these to get numbers for the business model they sell to industry. Imagine how much industry support they would lose if people had. No tracing profiles, spending patterns, interest and associated products to the market trawlers that used to rely on advertising and market research to get the average figures that never produced the sales numbers they all hoped they would. The use of an alternative browser called Brave which has a useful addon called ‘Big Tech Detective’ that has to be side loaded into the addons. That since using it has seen FB’s login screen claim there is no such account link to be found, yet clicking the input brings up the login details and clicking accept takes you into FB anyway. How odd as the addon just stops corporate and Facebook tracking bots dead in their tracks. On Firefox there is an anti FB ‘off site’ tracking addon, called ‘Facebook Container’ it has a few problems as the bots in the background try to get round it, but it is holding up. So people could make the difference, if they wanted to, but are the majority in a conflict of interest situation with their growing dependency on the platforms and the tech.

Tech Tactics.


In the wake of the new space race as the tech handcuff is embraced by businesses and governments alike that sits on the shoulders of the new 5-6 and 7G framework ideals for the future of life on the third spinning rock. It makes me wonder who did the probability, risk and assessment of functional testing (feasibility study) prior to starting this technological race towards the dystopian future they all want for us to buy into. Yeah you read it right they have to have your permission, you need to buy it for them to tie you into it, contractually and functionally as well as socially (via dependency, job, income, contacts etc) or it can never be realised and the dreams of the dark overlord will fade into the annals of the unrealised history of mankind, as we choose to take the fork in the road to a better less planet killing future than the global rape of resources they have chosen not for us, but for their own need for control.

The race for new materials capable of realising and making an infrastructure to build their tech future has stagnated. The race started in the fifties, in the middle of the last millennium’s last century to give it a ball park. That has seen no realisation point, from graphene to batteries and power production, no industrial platform has emerged as the golden ticket, to this dystopian future they all crave. That brings us back to the limited and diminishing supply of established materials, capable of building it on. As steel, iron, copper, gold are now and have been in recycling projects since the fifties, and silicon has reached its ‘you’ve had your chips’ moment for the present incarnation of limited CPU power to drive that dream. Without the holy grail of fusion and quantum advancements we are stuck in a stagnated moment in development history. Without at least a fourth or fifth generation new quantum computer base covering at least three quarters of the globe it is now being seen as the white elephant it always was. Good on paper but with little realistic means of realisation in reality. Couple that with the dark ages power generation protocols of fossil fuels and nuclear reaction, the new tech replacements are still money pits to industry and governments that need it now, to sustain the expansion program they have just started with ‘wifi’ with everything underwriting the internet of things daydreams, of the sterile observational record keepers research labs. Live testing and experimentation has seen the platforming of test and trace (and the expected public reaction to it) start to flounder to the point of imminent collapse.

So where in the world is there enough materials to realise the robotic guardians delusion for the whole world. Where is there enough mined materials to make all the drones they need, to reduce the coast of mining the last of those resources. How can they get you to buy the new internet of things white goods on a scale fit for the globe they are trying to cover with satellites ready to start the global AI virtual reflection of the world and its resources, that are in existence and to plan on harvests from known or expected planting yields. When they do not have power systems that can power it and they do not have the materials to manufacture them on a global scale. That and that the consumer will keep their main purchase large products and white goods for as long as they can repairing them or buying second hand to keep going. That is the thorn in the side of the delusional dream of a fully interconnected global community for industry, to cherry pick workforces from the tech handcuffed slaves to run it all. So its probability of making it from the un-mined resources in a cost escalating production environment seeing a wages rise factor to further stagnate that little part of the dream even further. The only place those resources can be found is for your existing transport (at the door thanks to covid) and all your existing white goods to be recycled. That would get it started but it will still fall short of realisation on a globally effective platform build to get it to the fourth generation computer, with the on tap power available to keep it all ticking over.

It all comes back down to the same set of problems. That can be best demonstrated by looking at the problem with old metal money. There was not enough gold or silver in the 1800’s for every man and woman to have a viable amount of money for transactions because there was just not enough metal to go around, So paper money took some of the load off to allow a working circulation amount to keep the wheels turning. That analogy is close to the material shortfall and development lacks in the tech daydream of global everyman inclusion. All the metal and power resources could keep a skeleton structure in place but transport control (land, sea and air) and population monitoring would stretch that beyond it ability to cover every base in life. Without production measure in place for the infrastructure it will need working at capacity now with enough new materials to take the load off its impending failures. Without a clean and sustainable power level for every country on the globe in place at this moment, the remaining resources for the current development build and their diminishing resources say it will never happen without both of these. The lack of a superfast computer architecture to transfer the data and monitor all its components from resources, people, work flow, migration stats, materials targets and stored for use. Transport monitoring, people monitoring and the snooping as well as weather and global defence from health care and disaster responses and rescue teams, it is still a pipe dream in the heads of the sterile environment observational record keepers.

In the past way before tech was even a pipe dream, svengali’s sold the means to realising the greedy dreams of the rich and famous of their times. They sold the illusion of transmuting lead into gold, the mundane into immortal with elixirs and a philosophers stone. That all needed time to perfect, money for investigation testing and trials, that were never capable of delivering their delusion in any real and meaningful way. Leap forward to the white coated dream sellers of our day whispering in governments ears the limitless potential to be had from the tech saviour. Seeing nearly all the career minded politicians and CEO’s collaborate to jump on the bandwagon not realising that, more time, money and now power and influence is needed for testing and development, seeing science move from the back room to live testing on the populace. The same old con run from logic rather than reason, after science debunked superstition for just that purpose. To become the new logic based saviours of man. The truth is that neither can be realised in a material driven, finite and diminishing resource world, but as ever the greedy cannot see past their own agendas. As they all buy into covid rules, and the tech delusion of a global infrastructure that can never be as promised by the scientific fraternity, and the hypocrites know it cant. As there are simply not enough resources to realise that particular day dream. But never mind greedy greasy pole climbers, for you can still make a muckle, from endorsing government contracts over to your family members, and friends, in their start up medial support and supply firms.


Non Interaction.

I for one will no longer use my FB page for placing posts and will stop liking articles and reposting them as of Friday the 6th of March. I will be leaving my account open and will pop in from time to time to see how it is going. But from that date all my posts will only be on this site and anyone having the location can drop by to read the posts I will continue to make. I will not close my account as it appeals to me, for it to sit stagnant for the rest of my life and to be still on friends contact lists after I am gone.