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Aye Rights v’s Privileges.

Rights v’s Privilege.

There are a growing number of movements to impose the will of the few on the rights of the many. They claim you are not respecting their right to be protected from you, by you. That is instead of making sure of their own safety, they need you to be blamed for not keeping them safe. The rights issue is being abused to strip the rights of others. Yes we all have the right to self determination and choice and that is a good thing, it is a freedom that underwrites the statute base of the rights system. We all have the obligation to not knowingly deny another of their rights. Those rights include not having the same opinion as others, to make mistakes and to either learn from them or not. No one has the right to deny others their rights. Anyone that says you need to wear a mask and keep your distance is doing just that. We all have a responsibility towards our own care, to keep ourselves safe, and the consideration to keep others safe, is being targeted by behaviour controls. Everyone has the right to publicly disclose their disclaimer, and to make sure that others see it, recognise it, and can take steps to keep themselves safe accordingly. No one that is not a carer, parent or guardian has any obligation to keep other people safe from their own ignorance, or lack of precaution to defend themselves, to the limit of their understanding and to the point of their own assured safety. We are not our brothers keepers, as the state tries to shed responsibilty and trade it for power and control. This puts an unworkable onus on the individual, to the point of inhibiting them beyond their own rights, to put others rights above and before their own. When the state clearly does not by comparison, tell that ‘one’ to the care home death relatives.


All of the present sign up measures that the government are backing or endorsing are meant to get figures of acceptance, to change laws by volume of petition numbers to bring in more stringent control laws, they feel they ‘want’ to ensure their IT straightjacket. The denial of rights and the blame measures they are employing of the back of the nations sponsored spreading of the clap once a week. Is all meant to endorse a new national pride to give weight to a weak and ineffectual government system. That is losing not just power but authority and credibility in a bleeding out process, that is reaching the critical life signs measure on the operating theatre bed the nation is dying on, under their rules. Now with the roll out of a tracking device for the so called greater public good, well we are the public and we decide our own good. This tracking device is being rolled out with a consent level that asks to use your contact list to track contacts. This is not informing people that they are giving consent without asking the other person in the contact for their consent for their phone number to be added to a tracking device. The people on your contact list, have the right to know they are about to be back door snooped on by a corporate entity on behalf of a controlling government. That abandoned the elderly to die alone and forgotten in isolation without any contact. If any of my friends use the App without consulting me first and I find out later I will take legal steps at that infringement of my rights and I bet I will not be alone in the courts. This is also true for your contact list on any social media platform that the app works through so you must inform your friends and contacts about your decision or you are knowingly denying them their right to decide if they want to be part of a government snooping plan. So ask your friends that have your phone number or on a friends list on your social media platform of choice and see if they are to be removed or kept. If they lie about it they are liable in any court of law in the land.

They have rolled this test one out in a reduced environment, not because they will only use it on small populations, but it is easier to debug the program in a test situation to iron out the bugs. They do not point out the fact that they have to wave it under our noses, we according to the present laws, have to be informed of it, and have to, like with the letters they used to send, be aware of it, as disclosure requires. We also have the right to sign a waver on health grounds (our own real best interests) to not use the device the app is on for those reasons, as it contradicts our human rights for it to be enforced, with no large population proof of concept. As it has only been used in smaller less dense populations, on test sized 5G and old 4G networks. A waver and notification of that waver is still the proper exercising of our rights. After all we endorse a government by lending it our proxy in an election. The assumed part is that they would only use that proxy for our own and our collective nations best interests, and not to target specific demographics to persecute them as they will. We now know that that illegal use of our proxy against our best interests is an illegal use of power. That is claimed to be being used on our behalf for the ’greater good’. Well look at the elderly evicted from empty hospitals into care homes to see the depth of that care for our wellbeing in full. People with private land and the means to communicate and to regulate people entering and leaving can have signed wavers by the people involved and that is legal in any court of law in any dystopian wannabe new world order.


Adult consent is the only limitation of course as minors are still considered to be incapable of knowing the full impact of such decisions and so we have an age of consent that determines capability and culpability to regulate the laws of the land by. People that are forming groups and pressure pages to swing opinion on masks and distancing, and that they appear to be angling for influencing a stronger political power base, to add to it’s powers over personal choice, and to hand that greater power to the political base, that are clearly in international businesses pay, are not our friends. No person that is not a dependent, a vulnerable or in someone’s duty of care is your responsibility. Every adult has a duty of care to their own safety and well being, and to teach this level of self defence to their own dependents and children. So the people that find groups with a more relaxed attitude to the rules now find themselves being accused of infringements of rules, not laws as the laws would be illegal in a democracy. These accusers do not seem to understand from their fringe views at the appropriate distances that they are trying to steal another rights where they have all agreed to the relaxing of the rules. This is the biggest crime of the new age fear propaganda we face today.

The facts about increased population and the facts that show the impact on the planet are all speculation at this moment in time, and every scenario comes from a fear based projection of one single future, that they say is a certainty. The strange fact that they do not display any capability in the predictive arena is carefully sculpted out of the facts about this limited view of the future. There is no alternative vision of a future being proposed, as they instil fear and caution on an entire planet. All these visions come from a group of unelected people claiming to have the vision established as the only future for mankind on the planet. Well just to point out the obvious, that had a greater probability (not certainty) under the capitalist model that just collapsed into the dusts of history for this planet. They are still all using small demographic and small population models that are flawed and are leaking credibility like a calf with a slit throat gushing blood in an abattoir, seems to be missing their attention as they spread the doctrine of doom to the media outlets. The fact that most small test models never scale well to larger populations and traffic is never mentioned. The obvious flaws from a small working model with errors and oversights in its development, can never scale up without enlarging the flaws in the model at the same time. While they are all courting the corridors of power to further endorse their programs, and developed solutions for those programs they invested in before they chase power to enforce their new order on us, they never seem to mention the flaws in their developments, but they also never show it is just one possible future they are trying to guide us to. While they never propose plans or developments to avoid that possible future as their investments are all tied up in making the problems then selling the solutions to them in a self fulfilment prophecy. No wonder they think they are predicting the future, as they are making the steps and tools to manifest it.

The Unholy Cabal.


The facts are well hidden by the people that write their version of world history, that they want you to believe. While they employ people from the damaged end of the spectrum of human connectivity and kindness, to get done what they need to get done. That encourage and endorse inhuman actions against the helpless, the voiceless and the downtrodden. It seems to escape the attention of these lackeys that once they have robots and cyborgs to enforce their will, they will have to exterminate the lackey level next, before they remove the inferior races. The tales of child trafficking and everything from the sacrificing of children to the cannibalism, and sex slavery are still not really sticking to them in a realistic manner. Even though they do hog the pages of all the conspiracy theories sites and mags. Even after the Jeffrey Epstein case and very dubious suicide in jail, while the camera was switched off by ‘mistake’. Now this all does not prove a thing, but in the real world no one power structure is infallible if they play by the rules, and stay within the laws of the lands they fly between all the time. As they are the highest echelon of the global power and wealth bases it leads to the conclusion that they have the power and wealth to circumvent laws that mostly never apply to them in any realistic fashion ever.

Power, wealth and the last culprit in the usual suspects line up, influence. Are arguably the most sought after attributes for a so called happy, prosperous and worthwhile life. Notably, this press release, for it does come from their own camp of owned horn blowers, all touting its benefits, over the mundane life we all possess, thanks to their unbiased advertising. For power to have a hold it has to have been built up over centuries ,of keeping the bottom of any pyramid they crowned, feeling stupid, useless, and helpless. Yet these very same people, built amazing structures, fought great wars, and managed to die heroically for their ideals, and to climb up the bottom trellis to the exclusion zone for their type. Much like it is today, just ask women, about the glass ceiling, then see how handy this hyped virus crisis really is in their hands. And you will see the limits each level has for climbing their own bit of their trelis structures.

Power Kills and Steals.


Just when you think we are beginning to get somewhere a new set of facts start to grab the headlines, usually retrospectively emerging post crisis. This set of figures it seems are glaringly too high while still in the midst of the crisis. The gallery of shame that should not just raise the question of ‘why is it happening’, the core question should be ‘how did the controllers manage to miss the facts’, or did they. Their future control mechanism design, relies on a technological platform, that the world has never seen before. It all started to be rolled out when electrification happened and the Spanish flu spread out, on the back off its deployment, at the turn of the last century technological program being rolled out. Due to a low level EMF radiation that accompanied the first introduced electricity provision on a massive scale, on the world platform of its day. This was the first of a dedicated network of low level electrification, which came with a low background radiation, being deployed in a deliberately designed structure to deliver power to households, from a power grid that employed power generation facilities away from main populated areas. To understand the significance of this we need to look at Nicola Tesla, no not the new daddy space whizz-kid. The original man that was taken down by a corporate led directive through Edison in the AC-DC wars, before the roll out of the grid method of delivering power to homes, and their making money program from the masses, even began. Nicola Tesla found out from his electrical experiments how to transfer power to outlets and devices, way before the present repackaging of his idea was stolen. The Wi-Fi charging that has been developed and deployed today is based on Tesla’s early designs for free and available power to the people. Which they stole to keep power generation as a profit making enterprise that they control.

There seems to be a concerted move at the upper echelons of power to bring about a specific future, that no one percent share holder of the planet, would agree to if they knew about it. The stealth moves that have been designed to bring about this single possible future and make it a reality for every human on the planet at this moment, are all about control not safety. That sees every single human still to be born yet, being born into electronic servitude from birth to death and then their bodies will be systematically harvested. The fact that tissue matching is a high failure testing process just to match donor to client, means that just by the numbers a huge number of corpses will be harvested with no client match being done.


There seems to be a certain collusion between the Jewish and the Christian groups at the world leadership (sorry just kidding) nation leadership levels that are showing, in their collective enterprises on the world stage today. So called western nations have members of parliament or congress that are aiding the Jewish dream of having a homeland. Well guys god freed the slave nation, took them into the desert for forty years to cull the old guard. That just led to the casting of golden effigies, gave them the covenant of the commandments and promised them the land of milk and honey. They still cant tell they have been abandoned. Fast forward to today, can they still claim to be gods chosen people. They have not had an anointed king in millennia or two, they have no prophets leading the people in their progress in the world today. So spiritual leadership is out of the question, while materialistically they have lobbyists behind Westminster’s closed corridor’s of power doors, and congressmen in the united states power houses. They also have press management groups to stir up stories of anti-Semitism when they need them. No front page news stories of these crimes against the synagogues and rabbis or the people of the Hebrew nations, in sweeping story lines, like the very public yellow jackets stories of unrest in France to substantiate these claims ever, over any decade in the last thirty to forty years. Or we would have seen them on the front pages, or in our news feeds, and yet they are glaringly absent in all our collective memories over the last three to four decades.

It is becoming clear and obvious to all that see with perception or even can just read between the lines. That there is a collusion going on between the Christian and the Jewish fellowships to ensure a future they wish to impose. The recognition by the west of the founding of the Israeli nation is but a step in the program. The former slave nation and its supporters are on a program for world domination, that stems from a belief they are the chosen people of the god of Abraham, from who’s loins the tribes of Israel are said to have sprang. As Adam the first man in their book was given dominion over the earth and every living thing on the earth. This in the Hebrew interpretation means even the gentile is theirs to own and command. They are any others that are not born of the twelve tribes. They forget to mention what happened to the rest of the Hebrew nation not sprung from Abraham’s loins are they subject also to the superior Hebrew claim to the right to rule this world. Revelation is not part of the Torah and is not in keeping with this Genesis declaration of dominion. It is a Christian book that summarises the return of the last prophet and son of God (yeah the god of Abraham) to return the planet to the heavenly fold. The Hebrews were an enslaved race to the gentiles of the time, namely the Egyptian kings. Until Moses stood up and demanded they let his people go, and the slaves eventually made it to freedom. Now the children of those slaves, seek with their Christian partners to become the masters of the world. Without the aid of a new age prophet, a messiah, with no anointed King leading their cause, or even heavenly help to overthrow the nations of the world to their cause. They have infiltrated all the major nations (the powerful and wealthy ones anyway) as members of their parliament and power bases or just built powerful lobbying bodies to inhibit or endorse the direction of travel that suits their agenda better.

All major religions have all been abandoned by their deity or have been left to their own cognisance. When you are abandoned and have no more prophets, anointed kings in your lineage, and the tenets of the faith have been instituted to a learning program to instil faith in the faithful. Is the abandonment the coming of age and that they truly no longer need his help. If that is the case then any beneficent and caring caretaker that have dominion would not be a harsh master because their race started out as slaves to tyrants. If on the other hand they are discarded because they keep making the same mistakes and committing the same transgressions, in a wilful or pride driven way. Then they are still lost and without home, or roots for a reason, that implies his will is still working on them if they are still denied what he promised he would deliver them to if they followed his will.

A Prodigals Return.

So god made the earth and all its life and systems from the dirt to the weather and the planets seasons at just the right distance from the big burny ball at the centre of this solar system. He made a perfect man, that was needy and pleaded for a companion. Which god delivered, not from dust but from a living rib from the first man, that must have the genetic morons all salivating with the thought. That man was not perfect enough to not sin and was cast out of paradise and four angels posted at its corners to never allow him or his progeny to re-enter the state of paradise. He stated he would never speak with man again, yet he left three silent voices in the being, so that he would know of their state of being, namely the father of all creation, instinct. Intuition the inspirational process that deliver insights and perceptions to the heart and the mind. The last is a holy ghost one, as it is the inspirational process that elevates mind, emotion and body to spiritual heights. This is the only way he chose to communicate with a liar, cheat and thief that was thrown out of paradise for failing miserably in his sight. So if that is true then all books that are claimed to be written by him through a human agent that is less perfect than the first failure Adam, may just be delusions of grandeur on their part. God did not ever make a house of god, man did that (Solomon I think), he never penned a book, when he can with the word manifest anything into reality he created, before he made the flawed man in that world. The statement of Adams pristine creation is further marred when one of his offspring murders his own brother for greed, out of envy, from twisted pride. So thinking that from this stock you are meant to rule the world may well be cause for incarceration rather than seeking to be the pinnacle of human kind on this spinning ball. The assumption that all life is yours to command, fits right in with the same ego faults the first man and his murderous son showed, before any book was so called written, and any prophets and anointed kings were even a concept. The real point of a god that made the prison, before placing the prisoner in it would need jailers to tend to the reformation of the errant sons and daughters of Cain. It is more likely that an all seeing, all knowing god of creation would place the seed of creation in a place where it could be salvaged and taken from its natural inclinations course in life to a higher state worthy of the initial paradise they were given a taste of at the very beginning. As it was in the beginning, then so shall it end. Once man is equal to paradise the training world will end, and character is the key to that door.