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Banking Trash-Actions.

Amazon are dealing in what on the surface at any rate looks like a ‘mad way’ where returns are concerned. But if you look at the listings from Amazon (bought a few items in the last six months) and you look a little deeper than the glossy low information and details on the items on Amazon. You will see a sense in it all when you have the final pieces of the jigsaw. A huge number of customers have found themselves (like me) finding a heavy cash transaction (over two hundred pounds) being held up in their online transactions. With Amazon a lot of people are hearing the company has been compromised (lie) and that thieves are about, that have been hacking accounts and stealing goods not cash. Well something dishonest is certainly going on as I tried to purchase a camera for £250 on Amazon and the transaction which was for £350 with other goods was held up in my online tracking and never got dispatched. The rest of the smaller items all got through but the big priced camera. This led me to go to the bank as Amazon stated the card may be stolen and that is why the transaction was pending but not released, did think surely that would have stopped all the transactions on the order. Well went to the bank after cancelling my order (the camera) and two days later the money was still not returned to my account, even though all the ‘other’ goods had arrived by then except the camera. At the bank they showed me that the money was held and it could be seven days to be released, that Amazon had put a test pound transaction in to validate the account and card. So Amazon were not the ones playing bandit here it was the bank. Waited till the money dropped out as the kind assistant at the bank said would happen and it did Monday this week. The next order was for a battery charger for the mythical camera. And a cable for it then allowed it to be dispatched before re-ordering the camera. So went into my Amazon account and placed the order for the camera and just a camera bag all under three hundred pounds. Then the bank went all pirate again and arrested the camera and let the camera bag through. Targetting the large transaction and letting the smaller one through it was £7.99 and packaging. It was failed to be delivered today and gets redelivered on Thursday. Had a phone call with Amazon as they froze my account stating possible card theft (stock reply on the script), and she got all flustered when I mentioned that two items were on the order and only the large one was arrested by the bank. I asked why I was locked out of my Amazon account and was told it was a stock reply to allegations of theft to ensure other customer safety. Me the customer, ringing them about my account, address and card details (she could not ask for this) and being able to verify prices dates and order numbers from the emails they send and my obsession with capturing my transactions in Amazon since day one in a screen grab set of photos. This prompted her to say someone would be in touch in twenty four hours, needless to say no one has. Now the card has been used again and again for small transactions every other day with no repercussions of any kind all were completed and a statement show this clearly. The bank statement did not show the first arrested transaction in the listings And the teller said it never would. So the card was not compromised and other transactions under the £200 limit for cash were all still being met. Now on the surface something was going on I was not meant to be aware of. They did not know they were dealing with an ex programmer that has worked for Royal Bank of Scotland and the Woolwich (Building Society) and knew more about banking practices than they would find comfortable as they were following their script from the ‘if asked’ section of replies and lies. Now lets get old Sherlock out to have a better look at the bigger picture here.

First there is the evidence of the decline in cash machines, as branches close and the drive to force customers to shed the chip and pin cards that drive that sector of the banking legacy products. The current application for them is that they allow up to £200 per day withdrawal and help the cashless society keep the newfangled swipe and phone payment methods on a back burner. The cashback as it stands on chip and pin allows fifty pounds a day in cash in a single transaction. This would reduce the cash available for cash only outlets and give the banks leverage to force smaller outlets and shops to get with their new program. The smaller outlets have already adopted the minimum payment of a fiver and that they also add a costing to every transaction about 30 to 40 pence or so. So you might ask what is the hold up in the banks all about, as they arrest cash transactions over the £200 normal daily cash withdrawal amount from the handy old holes in the wall, why are they treating the transactions as possible theft and holding them up for around seven days. The fact that a lot of Amazon customers on their Facebook and Twitter accounts though it was possible theft says how a well placed rumour in the news media gets around still. Thousands of Amazon customers accounts have been compromised the heading said, not hacked as the readers all read, and compromised they have been. So the use of strong arm tactics would cause a surge of tellers stating that a more secure card that is not as opent to attack as the old outdated card would be a wise investment for their future and the convenience would be worth it not happening to any future transactions. Do you see a pattern emerging here or do you need finer details on the these broad strokes. Ok lets ‘drill down’ as the morons of the new age keep ‘blue skying’ out there shall we. A credit card and not a debit card (well come back to that later) earns interest and it still gets a huge boost to the banks coffers from peoples slack ways and indifference to keeping up with topping it up to avoid it and stay in the interest free zone. A swipe card will end the need for cash machines and force every transaction to be electronic. You have to ask yourself why now, when yet another bank has had members all going on a cash run on the bank in question.

Lets look at the structure of some of the evidence, the sub prime deals that were the cause of a collapse in the US as the first of the debt based accounts and commerce took hold and a package that a debt base banking system would have done well with was sold to a credit based banking system. A what did you say the US economy runs on a debt based system and the EU has adopted the same stupidity and yes the Jewish financial backing in both is considerable hence the Israeli backing policies. This system only works well for a short time and then it implodes with no real capital backing, gold, oil, securities all the stock of credit based systems. You see if you believe there is value in debt others that do will trade in it also. The sting is when it hits a brick wall that thinks that debt is a liability and not a security. Get the picture yet, now let’s look at the British model where the Royal Bank of Scotland led the charge in snapping up the cheap sub prime real estate as it was packaged, only to find it bought defaulters debts instead. Before knowing that it was debt they were buying and they did not know how to trade in empty promises and failed payments. So you see they are oil and water and do not mix well. The tricky people that instituted this fraud about money had to meet in secret and fool congress to get it passed into state law. It has taken decades to build up a creditable base and to be effective in the world. Even wiping trillions from shares and governments losing trillions or billions would not dent a lying cheating system that just resets itself after every fall. While credit and collateral based systems have to rely on real deals by comparison. So what has this to do with anything, well let’s look at Norway with its big oil and Venezuela with its massive reserves no making as big a dent on the world markets as the debt ridden western models. The US and the UK are the most in debt countries, except for Scotland which balances its books and is a true credit based economy, like New Zealand. Next look at the tax levy that Ireland was used to alleviate in the EU and it all gets a bit murky, as credit based economies are still floating the bill for all the debt based ones and that has to escalate to everyone on board before there are no more underwriters of massive debt on a worldwide stage. Can you see the proportions of the calamity yet?

So again why now well one or two little things are driving this last big push to get the world in debt, that working your entire life will never clear your feet, never leave enough to pass on, never cover funerals or mortgages as they shift to two lifetime ones. The value of everything will fall as it gets made cheaper and the price (as we are already seeing) will rise to kill the poor and then as the rise of in work poverty proves even now before it gets a complete hold, not just the poor but as France keeps telling the world the hard pressed and hard working to try to just keep their heads above water. The push and desperation are if it stagnates and everyone takes out the bulk of their empty their account balance and leave just a months payments in. They will hold in their hands the last credit and collateral they have in real terms before the last push to squeeze us all onto the debt treadmill. Being born into it and never being able to climb out no matter how hard we work or invest even cash it in as it has no real collateral backing their coin in western countries. This brings us to the last bastion of getting idiots to believe that virtual money has any substance or worth, after a collapse what could you trade for food, virtual coin, plastic or low metal grade money. As the rich distance themselves we can see politicians heading to the continent already, their kids passports and such all lined up before it hits. Why do the middle eastern countries that do not take on western banking all end up in a series of wars and attacks by the governments that banks of debt already own. Yeah banks lend to governments and can push them around. Us they need to trick and to get us chasing debt like it will keep us alive after another economic collapse.

So from my little run in with the latest push it is obvious that they want to get Scotland, a country with no debt that is aiming to become independent country in its own right and not rely on a debt backed pound under the Westminster puppets of the Bank of England (yes they do) but to use its oil reserves as collateral for a credit based economy that a debt based on cannot trade with. There are more countries in the world not in national debt and that still evaluate their economy and trade with collateral and better trading practices that big trade war mongers and British twits with big piles of debt here with offshore piles of wealth that would make the poor weep. Scotland is in a unique position in its new found status that it has no debt of its own and the union owes a fully paid up membership when we leave some three hundred years of investments to come. So with natural resources, oil and an impressive tread goods portfolio out currency will not be like the debt based ones that will collapse with no underwriter to bolster it as they asset strip to keep the illusion of solvency up for any length of time. As the goods and collateral gets consumed to bail them out prices will sky rocket and lives will plummet into despair. As the shit that floats will hide in their bolt holes and try to bribe an armed force to keep them safe from what they deserve. The whole black hole economies need wars and to seize assets to keep up the facade that they are actually solvent. China and all it’s gold bullion and Russia still using collateral, as Spain fears losing Catalan for the same reason its the only capital that their failing economy has left. Australia is already under pressure from American infiltration for a large continent with a small population it was a key approach from the world liars book of keeping the illusion going. Once they started with their short thinking practices they could never have foreseen where it would lead or how it would cost. But having committed at the turn of the last century and having taken out most of the credit based ones even after the great depression which force the rich six to devise this plan and to sneak it past Congress, they think they have come this far with no way back and a world collapse will affect them the hardest. Just look at the manufacturing footprints of the world, gone are the big American car plants and design shops and the military is the biggest investor and developments trickle out of their purposes as the eastern magical triangle takes up the banner of the most industrial nations on the globe. India, China and if Africa can get their heads around cooperation and integration the west will see its sun is finally setting on the world platform. This last ditch all out push to change to e-money or a credit (told you wed get back to it) bank controlled world, remember the nations not allowing western banks in are at war or on the verge of it with the west. It is not so odd that credit in the sense of electronic money is actually debt and regularly gets wiped out from the books, and that debt gets cleared in a collateral base system.

So my little transaction with the war front of the latest bank phase is just the beginning of the end for the liars and the cheats that think you will swallow it as you all think it will never happen to you. Oh really how many of the bankers that caused it are in jail. How many politicians fill their portfolios and grind it harder on the plebs. Just who do you think will be left to take the brunt the privileged and the silver spoons, yeah luvvy just turn over and go back to sleep. The clever it seems are taking their cash (not all) and leaving small cover in the machine for needs must and are buying what they feel they can trade if it all goes south. Now the proof of collusion with Amazon and the banks is that they are now freezing accounts to trap the money inside and to stop you or me from cancelling the suspect orders to free the money back up.

Where does this leave me, well without a camera, I’m too old to have another cheap one. So before I die I want a good camera already have the backpack (shock and waterproof) a light tripod and a mini one, two spare batteries and two wall chargers and still no bloody camera. I will see if the bank will let up and withdraw the cash to buy one and go and shop till I get what I need, want to go on a couple of trips before its too late. Dunfermline the Abby and Glen as well as St Andrews the Church ruins and the surrounding scenery, been decades since I was last there. The fight is not mine but if it was I would take as much cash out of bank accounts as Isas and other paper driven savings and bonds will be as valueless as the paper they are no longer printed on. Either find the means to be sustainable off grid and comfortable with some sort of generator and food and water sources. Keeping just enough in the bank to cover the DD’s and standing orders and a place for the pay to go into. All savings should be transferred to a safe deposit or off nation repository, insurance policies will not do. Buy goods that can promote living and even keep you sustainably off their debt driven franchises.

The big push to get 5G in place and to further place the internet of things on a global grid is all about control and the phone is the lynchpin in this drive. Getting banks out of the picture and placing transactions on a device without a real face of a bank involved is all part of the plan. Yes that means that all swipe and smart cards will be dropped off and the cashback thing will disappear as if it never existed. The modern phones are all coming out with no battery removal from the device so it cannot be shut off and it is spying all the time. Well there is a way to defeat that and this is how to start.

Keep the smartphone or trade it in for a Blackberry and get rid of every app on the thing you can live without as they all report back to headquarters and are all tracking you every way they can. So buy a shielded pocket for the phone and stop carrying it around with you. This is where the smart dumb bit comes in, also buy a dumb phone very basic, battery detachable and basic data on the net or better still not on the internet. Set this phone to have only the contacts that are personal, no business, no government no state links to it, just family and friends. Now use the call forwarding on the home smart phone to send details to the dumb phone of texts and calls so you are still in touch if they need to get to you but they will still not have the new devices number or any of the data gathering the smart phone can do, as they are calling your smart one and its stationary at home. Now leave the smart one out of the pocket at home during the day and on charge if its a guzzler and it will be the messaging service for you. No other information, like GPS, direction, leaving cars distance travelled etc will be gathered. Yes the dumb one will but without all the GPS location going on it will be by cell towers instead. No temperature readings, no timetables and no big data from this little brother. So time to outsmart the smart phone and to let them think something is wrong but its all in use just minus the trolling they were doing up till now. Yeah course it was all for better adds to follow us about for our needs to buy all they want us to buy, including that dumb story. When you have to go some place and the prestige of the smart one is needed put it in the pocket shielded till you get there to take it out before entering and put it back when you leave the venue. The small dumb one will still record, video and audio just not great quality and yes it will need a micro SD card for storage too. You can use the smart phone at night as its got a single GPS and that stays the same till you cash it in and buy the replacement sorry rent the replacement on a monthly rip off. Once its their phone they can put anything in it they say is necessary for their business and once your rights are eroded they can ignore privacy and any other argument you still have left today to stop them in their tracks. The best recommendation for your smart device is still the Blackberry if you have to travel with it, to always use a hands free device for calls and to keep it as far from you as you can, not to the ear, not in a hip pocket outside a shielded pocket but it can’t get calls or texts in the shield. The encrypted essence of the Blackberry is its greatest advantage but it will still only comply with the state guidelines (5-15cm range) and not close quarters radiation proof.