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Blender Trials.


The main project is to update the old Magical Artyfacts videos I did on my first laptop over a decade ago or so. They were rendered out from a free application called Truespace and it is still available today. However its video output capabilities are past their best. The series (will link below if still available) was placed on an old Youtube account that I cannot remember the password for and the email address for it no longer exists (an old site I owned now gone), leaving them creaking with age. I just bought software for character animation to make a comic and to make short animated releases. A monthly poet, singer and a newsreader of both sexes leaves me with six characters to make, clothes with hair and accessories, and build sets and props for. I cannot work as fast or assured as I used to, it was only the machines development stage and software bugs that stopped me then, and now even on faster machines with better software I am on the wrong side of the development incline as I get older. So to get up to speed I will rebuild the old project to see if my capability is feasible for the intended project.

This time the models and the final video of the geometric tree will be produced in one program called Blender. This program has quirks and little problems but as it is free it just takes finding ways around the quirks. Truespace (started with ver 3) had problems up till the last releases and it still does not manage all that Blender can do. My first tries at using Blender made for a colourful environment full of loud expletives and various sounds of frustration. My condition was the root of the problem and as improvements were slow and painful lessons. It was a long week after cleaning out the hard drives to make room for projects, before I could even start. I bought the iClone suite and upgraded Character Creator 3 to the pipeline version, so I could export into Blender, finished characters and props for the news reader series. But it looks like I will now be upgrading the suite to the Indigo renderer instead and do all the character animations in iClone. Blender is for model making and scene development for the comic release. All this depends on my faculty and ability to deliver to a time line or deadline.

Now that Blender is showing little quirks that make it difficult to use. Like in ‘Edit Mode’ adding a solid object sometimes does not create a separate new instance and just attaches the new model to any model in the collection instead. So undo gets you out and then you have to force a change to ‘Object Mode’ or back into edit mode to clear the problem. Other times when you use the knife tool to cut an edge into a face the centre may drift on the dissecting line away from the middle crossover point, sometimes (see the videos below) only half the line is delivered. Maybe the keypress buffer and the show keypress info on the screen add on in conflict, I use a rechargeable mouse and keyboard and when they are running low it has a deteriorating effect on clicking and double clicking and it could affect the keypress buffer windows reads from. The final use for all the shapes is to recreate one of the Magical Artefacts tree sequences. I have left the harder shapes till last as they will need precision I am not able to command at the moment. The old project will test the render times of a finished video with a higher screen resolution from 720 for YouTube to 1K for my own site. I will continue to record each session without sound with all the mistakes and faults in to assess my progress, and post the edited versions her on the new Blender Page in my blog.


The Platonic Solids:

Stelated Dodecahedron:

Stelated Icosahedron:

Older Youtube Videos: