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Britain Died.

Britain Died.


A Poem
Chris Millar

Britain died as the coronavirus lied

Four nations now know who is really on their side

The sin condemned, was a massive sin of pride

Now the sinner transfixed, truly has no place to hide.


The Union broke when Scotland was made the joke

At last lifting the weight of the liars yolk

When each nation knows it was taken for the fool

The way was set, to never again be another’s tool.


Sides were seen as Ireland took the kings shilling

Wales was at home in the deal, by always being willing

As a few of the valleys sons, stood stout and true in the do

The final point when the machine came crashing down for you.


Fear sells a certain fate, that is best left at the beginners gate

Knowing a machine is relentless and cannot sate its state

To pick and choose the wolf you will feed, by deed

Is investments choices, for a better seed, now we must heed.


Land of their fathers, showed many had left the valleys

Lost in the mechanism earning little and counting another’s tallies

From the hills and glens and some city streets, friends held their meets

Seeing more clearly how little still hold seats, for mighty feats.


A once imperial master is reaching his dotage much faster

Driving a reliant Robin, like they are the megablaster

All sides have shown their kind, and clearly with intent in mind

Take the first steps a way to find, an inclined wolf is better kind.

Original piece composed around 04/02/2016.