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Britain Died.

Britain Died. A PoemByChris Millar Britain died as the coronavirus lied Four nations now know who is really on their side The sin condemned, was a massive sin of pride… Read More »Britain Died.

Tick Tock.

Tick Tock.   A PoemByChris Millar Impeded. Only a minute since last glance lookedPressing time feels well overbookedThe march is raising the hurried paceTo much cramming and not enough space.… Read More »Tick Tock.

Life’s Blood.

Life’s Blood.   A PoemByChris Millar Partnering. That sturdy pulse that rhythmic silent soundThat keeps the life’s blood flowing roundThat on occasions when some eyes we meetThat will sometimes skip… Read More »Life’s Blood.

Paid in Full.

Paid in Full.   A PoemByChris Millar Attention. Not a growth sector to be foundBut the man unleashes the houndDogging the benefits hits the newsOn a nation that paid its… Read More »Paid in Full.

Aquarius Rising.

Aquarius Is Rising.   A PoemByChris Millar In Pisces wake, Aquarius is risingDimensions are shifting and souls are re-sizingLegions of seers were the first to take the leapThey landed with… Read More »Aquarius Rising.

The Hero

The Hero.   A PoemByChris Millar I always loved myth and fable bestWhere a lad would begin a questSeeking a treasure of untold wealthOr magical powers over life and healthPulled… Read More »The Hero