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Current State of Affairs.

The big Brexit fiasco is taking on new dimensions of blatant diversion tactics actually managing to become more and more obvious. Just as May is being held to ransom by the people who actually have no say in the leaving process. After all if you join a club they have no say in you cancelling your membership, but here we are with a remain-er party and leader supposedly standing around looking for crumbs from the EU table and asking cap in hand for an extension. Not what the nation voted for, not what the nation needs as we face the fact that we have been trading with the EU block with a massive deficit (last year alone was 67 billion pounds) that is reflective of the mismanagement of our politicians, while also showing that the EU leadership ignores the fiscal needs of Britain in favour of its own continental border sharing nations. To the point that they demand even after that hefty loss in trading, while our world trade profit is eaten up by the EU disregard for our so called special relationship. Now the level of betrayal has to be drilled down to the bottom lines before you realise just how much they are shafting us from a fifth element within our own ranks that are ready to sell the nation into more decades of trade deficits while the nations low paid workers are facing the austerity hike eating into the pay packets of the hard pressed workers.


The minute the nation went against the assembled ranks of Westminster’s self seeking asset strippers from getting their own way. The day Cameron thought that the nation reflected the opinions of the hard pressed numbers of the remain thinker in his party and missed the mood of the nation by a channel wide gap saw the minor rift in his party more than reflected in the electorate of the nation. The sore losers that have managed to manipulate the electorate decade by decade by impressing the voter that no matter what they vote they will get what is decided for them by their betters. Yeah, the same expenses scammers that after still giving themselves a pay rise have now legislatively hidden their expenses from public scrutiny. If you have nothing to hide why do you hide this?

Now the jump in and hijack the decision to steer it back to a remain or as near a remain stance as they can is finally seeing the parties jettisoning the third Reich to work the party directive indirectly outside the restraints of those elected and held by the vote to do their sabotage of the electorates decision. The direction of travel has seen a delay of three years due to the impedance from the deserters from both parties that left the hard core members as the seat of power in the party they deserted. Why would they desert when both parties are doing the duty to crown that ties their hands to deliver the electorate’s choice. Well, the so-called independents outside the original parties (yeah they lose their vote count when they leave) can now be true to their own inclinations. This has seen MP’s elected by leave constituents, just ignore the will of their own electorate and blatantly state they are doing what they feel is right for the nation. Sorry folks but that is what the vote was all about. All they are doing is showing their self interest as they try to hijack the decision and force their own agendas on the outcome. Just as the core parties delaying tactics and fumbling the ball gives them the leeway to wrangle extensions, delays and even claim that the club we cancelled our membership with somehow has a vote on how that should be done. They claim that three years of fudging, delaying and just not negotiating is just fate, circumstances and is not a divisive plan to give the saboteurs the free ground to damage the process to the point they are holding the nation to ransom to get their own way. Against the declared will of the nation (yeah narrow margins) that the winner this time have been the loser to their diktat over the last six or seven decades. Usually their brand of yelling us what they want us to think and believe worked, but a woke, world weary population has started to ignore their manipulations to the point that the normal minority slipped past the complacent winner post for a change. Now, look at how they respect democracy from the loser enclosure. They divide the party while a core set does holding, delaying and denial practices to stop the deadlines and not do what the nations voted for. The deserters have all (yeah both parties) set about trying to keep their voters proxy to still do the active blocking and misdirection tactics from two Europhile parties. The farce is they think they can sneak it by our attention that they need to all stand again and on a clear ticket (most in leave constituencies) and be honest nation centric politicians looking after the income of this set of four countries, present income (67 billion deficit in the EU so not better in) and to turn around a forty four year decline in income from being in the EU, decline in our industrial footprint instead of seeing more export squeezing from the continent killing off what is left of our businesses.


When the spin no longer gets the nations accent, when the elected no longer serve or reflect the vote of the constituencies they were voted in by. As the nations leaders both the opposition and the so called party of Brexit clearly delay, postpone and run interference on the process they are overseeing and deliberately inhibiting from the inside. You can see why letting in a party that is actually Brexit minded and would get the job done has seen a beleaguered and harassed prime minister (the split in the party) defending from the nipping heel bitters, hang on and manage to detour the whole process, while still claiming to be doing the electorates will. The entire prospect frightens the lot of them, the business sector claiming like Dyson that its Brexit is fast showing up as a convenient lie. The ease of access to their needed materials and easy transportation to their largest market share, which is over there and so the incentives show the lie a little clearer. That and the likelihood of continental blockades (used to be port’s) but licenses and union backing (France) is also a large incentive. This is what was used to stranglehold our industrial footprint over decades. And while we have been in a profit deficit with the EU since its (probably before) change into the EU and we were the first intake as the [67 billion] link above shows. It begs the question what leadership allows (on both parties watch) the asset stripping of their own nation, effectively overseeing a non profit trade agreement while paying up to a forty billion a year membership fee for the privilege. That when the Brexit result kicked in saw them rush to detour that result and start the delaying process while paying lip service to the nation that they are doing the job. The facts deliver the truth as outcomes delegate the margins and progress. So it is time to hold the liars to task and to make them face the fact that they are no longer fooling anyone but themselves.


It is time for a change that the present state of the world demands facing the facts that parties are no longer the servants of the nation when in office, any more than they have ever been. The days of paying lip service and still carrying on doing their own party plan are fast coming to an end. The so called independence stance of the deserters still do not reflect the will of their electorate and goes against the outcomes of their constituency election directives. So when the MSM tells you its all a mystery you know you are being lied to, given the propaganda, the old do as we tell you, believe what we sell you, line of bullshit. It is still them that do not understand that we are watching in slow mo the death of an archaic system that is just simply no longer (if it ever was) fit for purpose.