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This is where site development to software programming, 3D projects and craft related projects will be outlined.

The main developments for this site will house the Talisman Suit final program (work in progress), Then there is the addition of 3D projects to the graphics section. poems, audio and video will all be included as they get freshened and added to the pages.

The original works are still all in the older blog section from the Home Page, some older audio is still usable, as are some of the original graphics. But the Magical Artyfacts series will have to be rebuilt for the HD media of today, this will take time. I will try to make lessons of them and see if I can stop myself getting bogged down in the details to deliver on a schedule.

The updates to the website will include making new menus and using a separate menu system for each topic (menu selection) header. Like this page will have a three topics or four topics menus just for this page. Posts will have articles and topics with pages to the Articles. Contacts and About will have to wait till the last part of the development.