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Dimming Views.

The global warming theories are all typically coming from the how do we make everyone guilty by their lifestyles and force a tax or earning level on them for it while we allow and facilitate big industry in still polluting the planet. The fact that it does not look like an unstable orbit theory that is behind the problem. The Sun is still the most likely culprit when you remove all the money spinner solutions. The only unstable thing in our neck of the solar woods is the sun, with volatile activity in its history and make up.

The world has warmed and cooled a few times and yet the orbit seems to have been consistent over that time. From ice ages to tropical times the only thing that has any level of fluctuation is the sun. In hyper active times the globe would warm and in settled times the world would just chill. So it is no surprise that a solution like a sun screen would eventually hit the design tables of the engineers of the world. The real problem is a static solution to a fluctuating star and its rays is not an ideal one. It would need to be flexible and controllable like a blind on a south facing window. There is no easy solution and Western money focused developments will never be ready to deal with imminent disaster solutions as there is no profit in it for them. The concerted huge build needed and the engineering as well as all those material out of the production loop is further compounded by the man hours to maintain and manage the system.

The time is coming when we all have to decide to take action and the industrial model we have will not be able to make a profit from any of it. So it will have to fall back to responsible governments to tax industry properly, and to nationalise an infra structure to cover all essential services. To take an investment profit from it just for climate issues and for cleaner developments like, clean water, power and transport. The days when a greedy headstrong industry could self govern and regulate are gone, and giving them tax benefits will no longer apply as the tax on materials that are shipped too far from source. This will force a production model on them that has to source locally for maximum build with either shipping for final builds or importing materials to finish it all on site. All this and they only get permission if they can show a reclamation and waste management design that is low to no environmental impact.

Meanwhile of course the planet isn’t safe scaremongering is bringing the doomsday treatment on fly by rocks in the solar system. Every image is a deep impact annihilation of the species image (editorial rights) and the close by is a couple of million miles and in real terms is no way close to us. But never let the truth get in the way of a good headline grabber eh.

The world attention on green issues had a caught in the glaring spotlight moment when the loudest sprayers of the jargon were revealed to be gob trotting to the point of compounding their own campaign. Then there is the case of the trolls on the back of Greta Thunberg and then the clever girl decides to steal the lead on the globe trotting climate warriors by taking a zero emissions trip across the pond. The microplastic scare is on the rise just after a schoolboy wins an award for a solution to the problem that has seen scientists tell of how rain is bringing is down in barren places on the planet after it has been evaporated into the sky and the rain deluges it back to ground. As they wail it gets everywhere man.

Meanwhile earth to Major Tom people are agog at the sight of salmon slides and it just goes to show the tourist abroad is a gogler at home.