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Dyslexic not Dystopic.

Piers Morgan the motor mouth front piece of a ladies daytime magazine blurbs, early morning program said to ‘protest by giving the tyrant more income’. The backlash from this has seen protests outside the Dorchester and booking figures have been hit with a wave of cancellations.

The Sultan of Brunei did not revoke the LGBT directive against homosexuals and the cry in the air was for Britain to sever all ties with his nation.

Piers is known for regularly when he opens his mouth about subjects he really should know better than say anything about, has to just exchange the last foot in the mouth with the latest faux pas stomper. The odd, even dyslexic thing is how a moneyed man could think that handing a rich man more money would have shaken him in a building he seldom enters. The dyslexic view was not shared by the people on the ground and affected most by the issue as they chose to cut his income and just rag the place on a daily basis, you know good old fashioned protesting style, banners, placards and bells and whistles, just to shy the patrons from entering the building. It would seem that STA Travel has put a clamp on bookings for Royal Brunei Airlines to add to the sensible boycott actions to inhibit the income of a man out of touch with the real world we live in.

Rather than thinking he is a man of the world and knows a thing or two, he really should understand he does not know the community well enough to call it out for them. As they have just proven they have minds of their own, lines they will not cross and they know well how to get attention to a tricky subject while hitting the rich man in the pockets. Still, what can you expect from a typical Brit sitting holding daytime court looking for openers and sensationalism things to spin up the ratings.