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Opportunity Knocks.

Far Reaching.

Well here we are at day 180 of the lockdown. The escapees from the G20 and the UN, that all signed agreements on climate. All to a man nation went home and did not get their changes as history can attest. They were all stymied by commerce and national interest that saw not a concerted acceptance from their delivery of a wind of change. That blew through the earth after the MAYAN big count ended. Now the good excuse is about to be exposed and taken to task for their impudence. There is still no sign of the new resistance except on a curios four nation set of Islands in the north east of the Atlantic sea.

Well not strictly true the Americans were all up in arms, the French were getting shirty, while the Germans fell foul of a thing they unleashed. Greece was sending boat trips back from overcrowding. Governments all got above their station and will now have to pay the price. Mechanistic plans are getting the treatment by folk, just getting in the human way of things. Those that want you to rise and seize power, know we are about to inherit it anyway, and they have no excuse to blame, but their own pride before their fall.


New Bones.

No not reading but contending like subsequences. Take actions started for investment say, like in the world with cut back traffic, empty trains except London Underground, where the corporate rats will tunnel to work. Certain oil companies are about to invest in drilling and extending the fields productions. Which flies in the face of reduced traffic on roads, rail and even air is selling off the jumbo’s. Do they anticipate a new market from the 3D printing drive as it expands. Seems a bit short sighted though, as more eco resourced materials are being found hell even Africa has a bamboo bike for conscience’s sake. Plastic plates and single use conveniences are being replaced with banana leaves in wrapping and such. While marine shipping is being cut back from all the toing and froing of raw materials from continent to continent several times before they claim the small sales price from the finished good on sale. As kelp and other sources are now being sourced for biodegradable bags and wrapping of all kinds. It is eventual that another source instead of oil will win that battle, given the history oil has in its autobiography so far. That and a few spills recently as well as the Standing Rock, attempted to backtrack on the White man’s word to the indigenous yet again. Meanwhile off course (yeah I know) are all the, ‘look what they are doing, isn’t it shocking’ responses from the half awake watching the media distractions and still trying to form groups on the snoops communications devices. When all they have to do to end the 5G towers is switch off their Wi-Fi and put all calls straight to answerphone so the beast is left talking to itself when you never listen to them as your real pals all know better. Time to ignore Mab and to disengage from all her logic wheels, just to watch them fade into the oblivion of never realised dreams. So the sleeping are watching actions, dispatches and have not even got started to research for the facts. The greedy and the petty still make it look like they own the machine, but we all know they do not. The green vision of tomorrow is needed today. The investment and the delivery must produce what it says it can and sell it as that. No hype, no bull and no more buyer beware tactics from the sellers of lies and deceptions.


Unrealised Potential.

Imagine a magical child dreamed of a world to be realised, that it reached a point to the young creators mind that it was seeking to self destruct and would need to be stopped. Would there be a fail-safe pause button till better thinking and planning could take hold to change the course. Meanwhile the fat controllers have lost their remote and can no longer just command and it would become. Now it looks like it is doing the bidding and yet the results are still missing, is that just media hype to brainwash the half awake. So as far as the young creator could see man’s nature had not been diverted from the course set by Cain as all his children seek destruction over growth, as they euphemistically call their planet wide deforestation investment for the green oil plastic provider for the world’s expected future needs, for bio oil products, and call their destruction progress, and as we know that has nearly run its course. So all the state heads even in the one country that had it licked have all fallen pray to the soul stealer’s chant and mantra media sessions, effectively all singing the same song from the same hymn book. While trying to establish a technological trap to ensure the realisation of their own collective investments. Now with all the not spent yet cash of ‘the laid off’ or ‘furloughed’ are they investing in a better future to rival the dystopian one. That thinks it owns everyone and can use their rights against their collective best interests. To suit making sure we arrive at a destination not of our own choosing. It is not even as if Joe public can just selectively invest in the oil barons companies just for the development of a biodiverse plastic solution that can franchise finding the right source for each country according to its resources and development. With Gold being brought back in to underwrite the monetary system, to eradicate the damage to the debt economic driven advances of the last fifty years or so. As no positive economy with actual resources and products of worth, can trade with a debt driven model as it will always be feeling it is being stolen from. A bit like feeling they are getting the British baubles for the native approach to stealing their candy with worthless money, or electronic credit. As we see that model does not answer to anyone it considers itself sacred and sanctified in its deeds and actions, even though it never delivers. The tech, the software is all geared towards tracking and holding people that do not devise it or endorse it for their failure to make something not meant to work, work. The rigged game has shut everything down, shut all people away yet their rich, famous and privileged all still fly here there and everywhere and the great unwashed are self incarcerated in their cells without a reasonable exercise break without proving the right to have one. In as system that allows no dissing ‘them’ or speaking out against ‘them’, or worse yet telling the truth about ‘them’. Showing that the King is indeed laid naked and now, is known to be a fool.