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Fluctuating Frequencies.

There used to be stories of crazy people with Aluminium hats and tin foil robes and they said that the emanations were screwing with their minds, killing them and was responsible for driving them mad. They claimed it was radio masts, antennas and even the sockets on the wall man. The doses of medication were all sedative based to suppress the sensitivity and it was just called schizophrenia for a convenient term and to give it a label.

Well some people are tolerant it seems and they will last longer, but with healthier lifestyles in the outside world, as doctors refuse treatments and death is allowed back into the day to day mix. The big problem was death was random, and certain random deaths were causing holes in the system coverage, people are living longer and certain youths are not joining the fold. What if the sonic testing for youth-related hearing frequencies was all part of this device. And having a ready clone to hand has a tendency to come unstuck as the twin factor clearly shows. No two people even walking the same path have the same set of experiences not does their nature develops in the same fashion and as history shows, near enough is never good enough in the exacting environment of daily life.

Imagine you could selectively run 5G all over at reduced frequencies, and only need to raise it to concentrate to clear areas you know hurry death up and target it to specifics. Age range, area or just pay bracket or lack of it to clear places to move people in that will replace and be up and running in no time. Wow, whit was in that banana split min. But you do get the idea. The man says the frequencies are known and have been known for some time. He also said that continued exposure reduces resistance even in the most insensitive people over time.

Almost (must be the writer in me) as if there are aliens ‘off planet’ that are not sensitive to EMF and are just waiting to have land cleared to take over and be part of the privileged set that you and I know we will never belong to. Why are leaders all scared, why is May hanging on like hell to remain in Europe when we are losing five to six billion pounds increase each year and have done over the last forty years in trade with them. That makes no economic sense. A large proportion of people are privileged and they have free travel, they seem to be able to afford what they want when they want it and never run short. Take Trump the man is an investment nightmare from his hotels to his golf club here. Yet he still manages to float above the shit. A random death can have catastrophic effects on a well oiled machine. Why will we not all be wiped out is the real big question because no matter how good machines get the truth about simplicity will always undermine how far it can go. Some tasks take human judgement and always will, AI will always be as stupid as the idiot that wrote it abstractly for a real world situation. The big misdirection about the weather is the resources are going into something else and a whole host of essential life preservation problems are not being addressed and we all feel the impact of that in our daily lives. You also have to look at why is stealth being used instead of strength and power as they are so advanced. And if the tech cannot bring about interstellar flight and AI is just a toll to be switched on and off when not needed and does not ever get contemplative powers. That is why we will never be completely wiped out.

Let’s say ‘Arnie’ is the key, sorry ‘The Terminator’ is, in that no tech can fly like that. Faster than light travel is beyond our scientific reality as is time travel. Yet remote viewing, even future memories (precognition) does have a strike rate that cannot be ignored. If all you could do was send a consciousness across space into a non sensitive life and host as unconscious in another’s body. You would bring all the technological and intellectual knowledge but to a backwater where certain materials would not exist or may not ever exist and so the creation of new materials would be needed. What if unconscious coercion was a trait of an advanced consciousness, influence and a stronger will that can subjugate the weak willed. A non sensitive is more pragmatic, would hold out longer before deteriorating. So hosts would be required for a mass exodus to arrive here. But without getting too bogged down in science fiction stories and theories, the disregard of life and the suppression of certain types of people is happening. As they are left to die and are given the least support they can give, instead of turning them around and finding ways to include or re-educate them.

The logic heads of the last seventy years (1950’ish) have always dealt with emotional, and even superstition as if it was a disease. Asylums were full of the irrational, but some unhinged people had to just be discredited and locked away so no one could hear their ‘ravings’ but the word of their abilities did circulate. The emotional state is always represented as a less than perfect thing, outbursts and impulses as well as being difficult to those that like order and control. Just stops the smooth running machine they like to think they live in, we of course all know better as we live at the sharp end of that emotional drive to be, have, express, experience, share and relate to others. Which the phat controllers would wish that we would keep that area to ourselves. Emotional people have an unconscious part (non mind conditioned) that weighs up the probabilities and does make very good leaps of insight. The problems occur when we misinterpret them or our state driven conditioning undermines any level of faith in that unquantifiable are of experience, and it all just confuses or frightens us as it goes against the state norm in our conditioning. This is enough to gaslight yourself into a mental condition, from an emotional schism, yeah that definition suits somebody else and does not address the reality of what is going on. This is off course to the more aware the first signs of intuition developing and breaking out of the self indulged feelings and emotions. The solution the machine uses is to drug, suppress and get you back in the fold as soon as possible. The development path only if you are ready to take it, takes learning to centre, breath and to listen with interpretation to try to get subject, from message, then intention and involvement to better understand the insight it brings. This also need you to stop being a sponsor and messenger for the machine message. You know, do not question, do as your told and wait to be directed. Nice if emotions could be controlled in such a fashion this just suppresses them to the point of denial or structured moments of indulgence. The body will mature in a faster curve than the emotional nature will reach maturation from the instinctive drives and impulses that teach the ways to safe life. When experience tell the gut that it may not look safe (previous understanding) but it evaluates how many time it was wrong and evaluates if this situation meets the criteria for safety and then gives the impulse. All assumed to come from the so called unconscious, yet its an imperative in an impulse (comes with motivation and energy) that are the release of the suppressed waiting for the fear reflex to let go as instinct took hold to silence, wait, hide and blend. The purely physical man (yep the insensitive) and the emotional state in development first of all must on the single life turn of the wheel develop survival skills or die out. The next development from the emotional platform that grows out of sensation leads to the rise in the development of intuition. This is the part that makes decisions without all of the constituent parts to fill in all the logic gaps and is pushing to just know, hence the teacher within In Tuition. When this integrates and becomes as they say second nature, then it will lead to the final part of the development of spiritual insights and perceptions and poetry, writing and song will aid the process some or just become the medium of its expression called performing artists or self indulgent stars.

You can see why a pragmatic base that has to keep a system in place must clear the decks and not destabilise the machine is a great concern for the robotic insensitive robust mechanisms of base man. As systems prove to fail like the Chinese single child policy, that highlighted the ageing population problems to the rest of the worlds nations. We can see that a finite lifespan would be gnawing away at their need to stabilise things and maintain a core off effectiveness. Hence AI for like the Chinese (well more the Mongol) those that do not innovate and design, thug and rule and pillage as they accumulate inventions that eventually they forget (if they ever knew) how to even repair the marvels they accumulate, much less improve them or develop them further, usually the end of a bloodline period or complacency having its eventual predictable outcome. The development of the spiritual is on the last lap of the journey of the solar man and the first steps towards the godhood of divine being. Still a long way away from the very nature of the beast we have before us today.

So lets say that everything in science that indicates all atoms vibrate, that will mean they all have a frequency, usually measured in hertz. No imagine that the ratio of vibration is meant to displace those of a sensitive emotional state out of the midst of the brain alive, heart dead or soulless camp. And say it was in the 5Ghz range to kill at full power, but what if it was the same range but lower power to keep up a degree of constant barrage of discomfort. That would force people to feel things have changed, that it does not feel the same and connections (others like yourself in instinctive hide or flight mode) are cut as others withdraw in the same fashion from what they do not know is causing it. Musical chairs move the undesirable out, with an influx of insensitive, obedience trained (oh my god, day of the triffids man) people moving in into affordable homes the emotionally fluctuating could not stabilise their income power for always having to deal with their invasive conditions, stopping them from reaching a stable fiscal platform. The infiltrators then can just do what the Israeli’s are doing in Gaza, without 5G to drive them off they have to resort to old fashioned murder and mayhem to steal another’s land. So maybe the old crazy house nutjobs may well have been ahead of their time, are you heading out to buy Aluminium foil yet, and please remember that if you wallpaper it remember to cover it with real flock to hide the lunacy that does not affect those friends you never had and are told you are lacking for not having, see it. Off course it will just be the powers that be that are invading more and more and are intruding in our homes and stealing our rights left right and centre that are building a measure that we are all assumed to have signed up to, to make us more obedient and controllable even mailable to suggestion. As we are driven from our homes and their own are replacing us in a low 5G setting to live as long as their masters like and be a ready button click away from cancellation when they eventually become affected by the years of EMF bombardment.

So where do you start to get a higher percentage that are on the higher functioning Asperger’s spectrum. Imagine if you will the desensitisation program that helps to suppress emotions gets vented in outbursts and heavy conditional needs having to be met to feel safe. Yet with suppressant medicines the logic yield is about what we are seeing in the development arenas of our sciences today. So lets call that a vaccination process that kills off the undesirables (small numbers) and produces eighty percent guaranteed logic heads that will not destabilise for decades under 5G. The rest of the in-betweens are good for manual and hard work and the meds will keep them pacified and in place as long as the relevant information is not available to wake them up completely. Now the logic heads will see it as a spontaneous or sporadic case eruption as it will not be regional, age, gender, maturity or even lifestyle related. So looking for a sequential model to follow will see them stubbing out the incidental lights that show up in true (Jumper, film reference) paladin fashion, no single person should have this much power except god. But that is the point, when it is an awakening around the globe it is the season of man’s third age and no single man or woman will ever be that but the species will evolve at its season to. So logic which is the bones (scaffolding) of life brings life to the flesh of being but never experiences it itself. Life is to be lived, experienced and to evolve and the machine has nearly outlived its usefulness. Take a look at politics, financial houses, Tech failing more than it delivers and peoples dissatisfaction growing, just where do you see that going and how will it end up.

Just as an example I have an old (six seven years old) HP laptop, that came out on the back of the plug and play platform that they said was the big thing, plug in and the machine poles the entire PC hardware and knows, adds drivers and makes the thing ready to use. Well it did not, it occasionally found the jack plugged in, some USB devices (card readers) just never even got attention. Now leap forward to my brand new Dell and it does not recognise a jack going in, a headphone from a mic and I had to buy an external sound card as all the so called fixes did not address the problem while claiming to be fixes. The USB sound card gets picked up the first time but take it out and put it back in and it never gets refreshed. The system still sees the first read and assumes it never got pulled and replaced. The same with USB external drives still showing up in explorer. But say this is not an error for the first level of plug and play did work. So say it is being saved for the expensive all cash purchasers and all we get are the borderline quality test passes as sold as new, all with minor defects. After all we see non deliveries of goods, we see the facts that cashless will not work for all but all that is being punted and dressed up as the next generation will suit a certain minority. Now the plug and play drop off as another more sinister side if that one is too wide of the mark. The pooling or Poling (used to be a hardware programmer fro sensors in fabs) of sensors is a continuous process of checking and placing the state in a series of readable addresses for checking or switching between states (on off) in a fashion that also registers empty slots and connections to see when they are loaded or plugged in. The internet is also a heavy demand on continuous checking and so with the WWW supercomputer most likely a set of unified dlls running as active processes using slack processor times to link and compute over the net, all under the guise of viruses and other smoke screens to sheer attention away from the process. No matter how much you are told machines are getting faster and more capable theirs are but yours (ours) are not. The morons cant even lad a scout ship on the next planet with more modern computers and modelling programs than the ship that first landed on the moon. No wonder the idiots want AI their brains must hurt the poor little luvvies.

The present ageing workforce had one thing that made them want to achieve and gave them the necessary emotional state and mental attitude to get on and get ahead from base starts. They were the children of hard times, they knew what it was to do without (no fake austerity there) post war and rationing kids and a generation of them and their kids bringing up the next swell in the ranks. The next generations from that point were indulged, spoils and given what their parents felt they had missed out on. The well trained first generation and the fact that they were hungry from deprivation always meant that they would milk it till they dropped or in a grip like reflex die in the traces rather than make way. Made sure that the ageing workforce would be a reality, as each generation of kids coming through got faced with being drafted and killed on foreign soil, now just how do you keep the numbers down till you need them and only have to replace a popped clog or two as needed. Now the need for unrest was stimulated with the arrival of terrorists, we all saw that in the modern info speed age as news spread around the world in an instant, that they are at worst anarchists or just mentally unstable glory hounds claiming any convenient confusion cover or flag to cause mayhem behind, the rise of the unconscionable psychopaths and homicidal headline grabbers was what was behind the most if not all of them. The wasted youth the generations have always been trimmed down to manageable numbers with wars, hard pressed areas of conflict, you know like London is starting to become with knives being broadcast in the MSM stories almost every day like a patter is being set or set up. So if you cant make wars and none will go while enforced conscription is against your human rights and no government has managed to erode those on an international scale yet. Even though the Government that is asking the Chinese to help with 5G is looking into rolling that one out as soon as you let them steal more of your rights for convenience. More are waking and more are seeing and more and more are getting involved. They can only ever do to us what we let them, they cannot step over the fine lines of demarcation, but they think they can keep fooling you that they can. Wakey wakey rise and shine, the devil gets busy if you give him the time.