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Hard Realities.

Spirit Rises.

The hard facts are always a bit worrying, in the cold light of day, but ignore media blaring as most of what you need to know, is in the headlines they use to pitch it, as that is the attention getter. Most stories are all much watered down once you actually dive in and read the spreads. Most social media browsing, is getting to the point of reading the comments on stories, to gauge real thinking, and to see other takes on the issue being flashed at our collective subconscious, in a clockwork orange fashion. They were building a model based on infinite growth and progress that does not reflect the real world. They were artificially moving raw materials and finished goods around the world at massive oil consumption rates that would have used up the oil reserves inside sixty years. They encouraged and then made it easy for a people who do not tidy as they go, clean up after themselves, to fly everywhere, knowing beforehand what that would do. Beauty spots the world over were polluted to the point of being turned into trash heaps, and waste dumps. Arable land which is a premium resource is under threat from modern factory farming that relies on chemical assistance to stay in production. Yet greater yields are being harvested using older rotation practices that do not habitually degrade the land to a desert status, with just a topped up top soil to harvest from. That deserted land is only a half a decade away from becoming derelict spoiled wastelands, when no longer cultivated. Large depopulated areas, that were cash starved to move them to industrialised centres, have since become derelict lands, and a mission creep of desertion and dereliction is consuming that land by the year. Even the EU has paid cultivators to abandon crop harvest and pays some to leave the land fallow, but with no incentive to nurture the land for when it may become needed later, it ends up as desert or waste land. Water recycling and management programs, are returning some derelict acres to the fold and are producing sustainable oasis’s in local areas that were having their residents forced off rural lands, so that all land will belong to a global diktat and only be used at their permission and under their factory farming model on a global scale. That is then only a matter of time before that program/directive/plan produces the future world, of ravage and ruin they are so called predicting, sorry warning us of right now. But are actually heading for in their planning and intentions.

A collateral based economy that is actually based on materials you have, crop potentials you can guarantee, goods you own, did not suit the global control mechanism they were all trying to get to. So cash, under their regime has to become a disposable level of credit over a lifetime expectancy, and that means ensuring a death rate in a growing populace that has no chance of happening naturally. Nipping in the bud, the demographic profiles you want or need to is part of that program and planning.

As with older civilisations that tested this mechanism before, with the disconnected and isolated people without support, or people to care for them, or even to speak out on their behalf, are the ones, that a fear isolated populace in their future world, will never bat an eyelid about disappearing, and just harvested into mass graves in their clean up exercises, as their propaganda machine will never report them, to not scare the natives. Usually all done historically, under cover of a crisis, or manufactured critical point, to salve or ease the consciences of the masses. Now with the elderly in residential homes and their properties all asset stripped back into the machine to cover services, the real lack of care stories are still filtering out. If we had not taken the jobs thinking they will keep the wolf from the door, and to do that work in their machine, we farm out our children to strangers to train and educate, and give them our elderly to look after. Segregation by age group demographics. As we deposit our elderly to be cared for by others. That is not a quirk of the times, this is not an accident of fate, this is an agenda for future management, that was a cornerstone of the infinite growth plan, they were all following right up to the end of the last millennia.

Anyone that has ever seen a police attended function, knows that their invite is always for their outcomes. So politically charged events, socially outrages drives are all heavily policed with transported in heavily armed guards dressed as law enforcement officers. That your local cops will have been on traffic duty to filter them through to those events and will be in normal police dress just for the occasion. The elite armed response teams will be war kitted against civilians, laced with beaters to stir up the wildlife (what you get when animal breeders become leaders) and drive them onto the bayonets of the heavily over armed, tactical teams in training. Meanwhile in every town just look at the actual numbers of police per capita and you will see they can easily be overwhelmed by the locals without any real effort. If every person on the island got out on the street and just stopped (when there was some to stop) traffic. Every captain would have to turn up to talk people down. Selected tactical teams would be trafficked into key high profile media covered areas, to give the media ‘a look how we keep the peace and have it all under control’ story to release. A good tactician would have lookouts on roads and junctions to warn of an influx, and then they arrive to a non event. But that is just real life potential, we are talking about scripted political events, and incidents to force power changing legislation through. Yet this lot think they have already achieved that under the hype of a false flag operation. So the reactionary (their term) and necessary opposition has to get invited along, just peaceful protesting and with happy little placards to show to the cameras. Then when some dark element in their midst turns nasty the heavily armed start to appear in force and they take no prisoners. Now the crowd that formed round a policeman’s house, who was just a little insensitive to a woman and her children to just get the job done. Is the strength that they fear, yes they fear. They know ours and play on them, they rig big public events and stage situations to gain control and to place themselves at the cream teats, to keep sucking dry the good life into one single worthless existence. We all used to rotate it and share it, using worth to qualify for it, even in the halcyon days of yore. So they rig the global eye events to look worthy, yet they never deliver, they rig media events to claim, the good they are doing and the worth that that is due. Yet they have never and will never actively kick themselves from the cream of the crop. That they feel is too good for the likes of us. They claim to cure and to heal yet they put a middle management level in to stop just that and to hamstrung our healers from doing just that. Well that’s working fine, they just need the mass to believe, that it is them that are the power, and not that we all lend them that power and control, over us, and yet they still fail. It gets exposed and that reflects what we really believe about them. Every lie gets show in revelations, every deception is being exposed in research and free distribution, as the media blares the one song, day and night to stop us seeing the dispatches just under the programming that is still passing information between them, just out of our hearing from the 24/7 pandemic crisis blaring song, that is meant to do just that.

This is a script and was never the way to change the dialogue or the agenda but to reinforce control, and their need for it. As with their beaters making sure in staged events that the police element (military dressed?) present were provoked, when they just planted the beaters and led the dance, to their tune. All so that they come out as peacekeepers, that need heavy armaments and equipment. Adding to that much sought after status of appearing as real peace keepers and good guys. Now we have to ask the dumb question why do they need our permission, is it that we manifest on mass what we believe to be true, in either a conscious and even an unconscious fashion, just like the Krell did in Forbidden Planet. And they are trying to place themselves at the centre of that co created reality, to keep cherry picking the ideal life from the bones of it. Royalty, spiritual leaders and even celebrity all drank from that eternal pool and drained it to what we are seeing today.

Something spooked them, and they moved too soon, this has had that half dusk light effect of showing their real agenda, and the cards they are holding so fervently close to their chests are now marked. This is a revelation, and it will show the naked invisible clothed people up, for what they are, and their plans for the hollow exercises of ego, will be seen for what they are. They not only moved before they have a robotic enforcement arm in place, they also went far passed what the ‘clockwork orange’ effect could actually achieve as subliminal control, that can only work if you do not know you are being programmed by it. Once you know it no longer has as deep an effect on healthier and more stable people. The unbalanced, the infirm and the less programmable are more affected, just look at the Trump supporters. The mass used to live at a near certainty, for producing expected results, and would just believe what they heard, saw or were ‘reliably’ told. Now as we see when you are force fed the same shit at every meal, we all tend to gag, and then question the meal ‘handed on a plate’, and look at the supplier a little deeper. Once you are force fed on a monotonous loop, the same message over and over, it starts to grate on the nerves, but instinct wants to rebel, yet strapped to a chair with your eyes forced open, intuition whispers ‘play along to survive’.

The gullible egos that think they are mastering something, and that the jailer can’t see the effect and the changes, is kinda sweet, if not massively naive. The academic mindsets behind the scientific method is all that escaped the German empire, they had a dream of a world domination program since before the dark ages and have had to wait till the present day to get the technological base to start to make it a reality. They whispered in the ears, of the elected domineer’s, playing on their fears. Indecision, is the one thing that plagues the elected ruler of nations and yet when a system is ticking over, if not humming, it just needs little nudges and adjustments to stay on track. So, they sow a fear of something unknown in the road ahead, that will take planning and organisation (not the strong suit of the leader types) to avert, and the leader needs to plan for it with strategies, to be implemented now, for to ensure a tomorrow, and guess who will help with that. But as it is a dream view of a potential future and will never be realised, the excuses start, they need more money, they need more time, and the last lie, they need authority to enforce it. Then like the Alchemist they do not deliver and things do not materialise, it’s just a miscalculation, a blip in the road, unforeseen events, from future sellers even. That failures down the centuries has clouded their perceptions, and expectations that are realised in their predictions. And yet somehow these future predictors, and white coated soothsayers, never saw them coming. But a world experience human, without a global domination vision they want to realise, would have, given time, environment, direction of travel, and the one ingredient an alien, that looks like us, but is not off us, would never get, it must serve us all, and not selectively pick on the defenceless. It has to be inclusive for us all and not exclusive in a divide to conquer fashion that does not prey on the defenceless and infirm. The real time human element in that equation for they are not human, and are on a scale more inclined towards inhumanity. The inhuman’s are not us, they are not able to divine us, comprehend us or to figure us out, and so they are by that fact alone doomed to fail. So they moved too soon, they went too far and like anybody that has ever done that, they try to complete all they can as fast as possible to cover up the disparity. Now how well do you think that one is going.