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Headless Leadership.

This lot have learned nothing, they caused the problem that the first whiff of a sniffle has brought their mechanistic, top down electronic handcuff solution to progress to the state it is in today. Who will bail these tight fisted money grabbing Dickensian dictators out. Us we will chip in, spread the weight, and they will not fund us they will keep the corporate stranglehold alive, and ready to handcuff us as soon as we bail them out yet again. The lesson from the Icelandic stance on Bankers has shown us the nations that are still sovereign as the rest all gather round and protect their own devices and mechanisms and make us pay to bail them out.

Went to Rutherglen this morning for two or three things for the weekend. On the bus The Royal Bank of Scotland was closed with a growing queue, as it also was with the frozen food store Iceland. The Bank of Scotland was all business as usual. Aldi had no toilet rolls and paper towels the morons had stripped them bare (about ten-ish) and all the meats that could be frozen had been reduced too Baltic and old Russian levels of stocks. Bars and places still have people at reduced numbers and the night time venues it seems or so we are told are Millennial packed to the gunnel’s. Most people do not trust the government and as we have seen from just the short time this selfish one has been in place, they will do all that it takes for them to remain in power, and they will blacken any real contenders with all the weapons at their disposal and that is not just in this country. Most other nations are all starting to get back to people centric governance, yet this corporate hostile management team like the US one are intent on driving us into the electronic handcuff.

The truth about the Corona strain of viruses is easily seen when they are first of all getting people tested to see if they have ever had it? Odd since the lie is its all new species jumping strain from China laddie boy. The panic from the constant wall of news and media and radio punting, reminding and non reporting the blow by blows. The panic shopping levels of the ‘ah we have time lets spend on holidays, expensive pampering’ has jumped via the media propaganda to another message for the must haves, ‘oh fuck lets stock up’. Well that is not helping you brain dead, media followers, cant tell the truth from the lie morons. The hard pressed are in the midst of the panic bandwidth doing what it takes to stop idiots like them from killing the vulnerable so that they can still have. Without the constant barrage from the media spin and the propaganda machine there would be no panic. The corona virus has been around for decades and some have antibodies already in their blood stream to prove the point and to highlight the lie. They choose to close things down, why? To kill off a ‘cash society’, to bring fear to the fore for control, that the ‘keep them panicking messengers’ are drumming out in a daily barrage with no let up to their rant from the pillocks play book of ‘we will prevail’ stance of a one sided story. The device suits the super computer AI design set, that says an orderly future must be enforced, and it is wrong. This point can be one of two things coming out of the breaks. They can keep using fear and spin to control against a resistance that is all belligerence and distrust, based on the previous history of these small numbers of big thinkers that want to preserve a world they envision, and we will be enslaved by. Or we can wake the hell up and realise we can make a world where every life that comes into it has a good and worthwhile life. With real care and support for the groups entire populations health and well being. Or it will only ever be available to those that can pay.

Still buying the hype well look at the obvious and stop listening to the pumped out propaganda messages from the inheritors of the Lord Haw Haw devices. This government went about slating and undermining all its enemies as you can see from the Corbynite attacks and hate bombs, helped by the fifth element of traitors that have filled the party over the last two decades to do just that, even as they play down their own sexual deviants, they go after and tar other leaders with their own crimes. They do not admit to and suppress all press about their own bad seeds. They systematically went about getting rid of all the union minded workers in every rank and file front line positions. By reducing the workforces in the armed forces, all dissidents and possible sympathisers were routed out. Next was the mainline police, the hospitals, teachers and even into the blue collar levels of the land. This is an excellent strategy when combined with corporate endorsed management and upper middle management replacements to ensure their rational for filtering out the unwanted was kept on program. New management teams, health and safety all used to pressurise those not seen as fit for their purpose out to the point they jump, take early retirement, accept the golden handshakes, as with all Tories, only those they ‘had’ to buy out got bought out. The resistant were hard pressed and made to jump or just crumbled under the pressure. Now they want them to all volunteer under new management rules the ones that brought this rank situation into being in the first place and the conscripts will be dumped when they are all bailed out. Well as with every propaganda mechanism if all you hear is one sided, you know there is another side to the sorry tale.

The fact that a hard core of people do not scare easily, and they are informing by deed and action from word and the truth, the lie will crumble. This is what scares the little future light idealists the most, they sell ideals of a world without disease, and yet they keep you fearful and dependent on medications. They undermine the body’s ability to heal itself, and yet they are harvesting antibodies from the new flu that just turned up and yet people have the antibodies and have not yet (oh you had it and didn’t realise yeah right mate) had this version of corona. A con man can only play you against your knowledge of the truth of the real situation of the ploy he plays, if you are buying into their version of things. The game becomes a boggy, when the mask slips, the play fumbles and the sham seen, or the message sounds wrong. We have heard every type of lie this shower of shit have ever spread, and we do not buy it. They do not care about us, and they are finding the money they said was not available when needs were driving. Yet now ‘they’ need to keep their lie alive and hold nations in check to finally makes slaves of us all, There is a magic money tree after all its called borrow more. Well do not be so stupid, stock up an extra few long term foodstuffs at a time, softly softly catchy monkey. This herd rush shows just how many morons are still listening because they cannot think for themselves, and they all follow pavlov’s instructions to the letter, when the mass does the same thing out of instinct and reaction they are not thinking and are more likely to be programmed to react to stimulus.

The converse hyped con has a side effect, and that is we have a chance to see the truth of man made pollution and modern lifestyle effects on the environment. It is a unique chance that will never be replicated weather we win, or we are tied into servitude to the shit that need a machine to think for them.

The story is being hyped, and the mechanisms to save people are not being brought into play (a universal payment) because it will take control out of their hands. The Virus has been around enough times since the flu started, and the breakdown from 5G to resistance to strains that exist and the species barrier are under threat from the electronic disruptors they are using, for just that effect. The majority that do not buy the con will be the proving ground as we learn to drop the Wi-Fi and all get back to hard wired fibre optic, so only the lazy, the stupid and the hard pressed (to keep the job) will still be in its clutches. A few strains of the corona-virus have been around for over a decade and with the reduction and suppression of diseases that seem smaller by comparison,  has accidentally taken away the Mongoose to the snake, the spider killing snake out of the picture. The unintended consequences of going for a chemical cosh will have the same effect as taking out Saddam Hussain did, all the shit he was keeping in check will explode. When they went for a one world control mechanism run by the big banks, big pharma and all the league of illicit G20 nations, they got these unintended consequences. The American constitution and the bill of rights (the first chapter of it) was brought into being by people that understood you never give total power to a government as absolute power corrupts absolutely. And yet the Magna Carta once did that for this nation as it brought a king to heel for the betterment of all not just an elite group that dream of total power and control.