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Life’s Blood.

Life’s Blood.


A Poem
Chris Millar


That sturdy pulse that rhythmic silent sound
That keeps the life’s blood flowing round
That on occasions when some eyes we meet
That will sometimes skip it’s steady beat.

This quickening of the beat once steady
This blood rush makes a few quite heady
This is the life blood singing for the soul
This is the duet that makes two halves whole.

Then when the rhythm sets the pace anew
Then when awakened this quickening will renew
Then eyes meet again and the charge is passed
Then hand outstretched a dance is asked.

When the look says yes and hands are joined
When the moment is set and time purloined
When time calls the tune to a faster beat
When head and heart will glide the feet.

How poise and bearing strike the stance
How this rare moment is not just chance
How time is measured by the others bearing
How being is wrapped up in the sharing.

We beat, we pulse, we seek, we strive
We thirst for what makes us feel alive
We lost ourselves in the musics by and by
We now stand no longer just you and I.

Where once there was just a single need
Where the dance changed that in it’s deed
Where a tune chimed magic into the jingle
Where a couple now stand, that once were single.

Original piece composed around 04/02/2016.