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Logic gone Crazy.


Self Rigteous

Self Righteous

When the madness of King George took the cinemas by storm (so the reviews said anyway) it was easy to see what irrational fear looked like and the portrayal did indicate what the effect on a powerful person would be. Fast forward to today, and we see entire nations all claiming a new world order, yet they have lost the rational to rule well in the blind progress they are making at establishing. The new Simon Says diktat machine. Like they could not rationalise why the delay is built into the ability to make nationwide changes too quickly. People have been insulated from the price reality for changes, they have been inoculated from seeing dues being levelled for mistakes and rash actions. The growth of the debt markets and the demise of collateral based economies under the relentless march of the borrow now and just keep taking out more debt, then loans to consolidate your debts. Fitted right in with the philosophy of take and never give that the richest established houses all used to live by.

The world has truths that cannot be dropped, they have in some cases been shelved but the accumulation of a lack of balancing the debts, and not balancing the karma have a similar shelf life on a back burner. Four to six decades that saw the Thatcher children all jump on the good ship take all you can, as you pay lip service to fitting in and getting along. Saw the first large scale buy it to asset strip it generation of cannibalising something rather than spend on its regeneration that brought it to a quick time scale decision process. That is still in the fiscal kit bag of salves used for the lame players left on the field. Madness and fear do not start out that way, as my OCD clearly taught me, an irrational idea or lynch pin never starts out as that. It is wrapped in a greater ignorance that when the drivel that surrounds the process that has inhibited, decisions and behaviour to the point of immobile stagnation. You begin to realise that the irrational core is all that you feel safe with even though your rational mind is rebelling against the irrational lynch pin stopping action and inhibiting the liberty to act.

Official FiguresThe real contagion here stems from the reactions to the ‘pandemic‘ label. Our rational minds all say it is not an irrational fear of getting an illness, but just good sense in the face of the conflicting details we keep hearing. We are just keeping ourselves and others safe while we get all the facts and get to the point of knowing better. The media campaign to keep up the fear factor (no it was not coincidental) on the one hand while dishing out conflicting information and stories during the upheaval, has had a particular effect on keeping the water muddy all the while. When you take away the stability of a core of dependency on a way of seeing things, superstition and half formed impressions start to have a field day in the process. The urge to return to a stable normality builds a pressure under the daily uncertainties and irrational actions of not just others, but the people that claim to be able to deal with the problem, as the evidence mounts, that they ‘clearly’ are not, by the accumulation of their failures and results never managing to reflect any form of good management, in this self inflicted crisis. The death figures are as low on the scale of causes for death as the annual flu. The new cases declared are coming from ignorant assessments and a drive to sustain the controlling hand in all things covid related. Eventually to even the best educated minds logic will follow the irrational if it seems to produce results when good sense fails to deliver.

Death RatesMasks in the open air on healthy people is a clear sign of things getting out of hand, when the death toll is just not worse than rabies (official disclaimer) on the scale of death tolls for the human race. The human condition when it tips into the realms of the irrational is the slippery slope to hell. Now that the figure can be analysed with a clear logical head the discourse is again being hijacked by irrelevant smoke screens. A vaccine is a waste of time as the viral agent will still, and is mutating. The vaccine that takes even half a year to get out is obsolete before it has left the warehouses. Test kits will become obsolete in the same process as more money is wasted chasing the holy grail. Good sense is starting to filter in from the peripheral accumulation of facts that we are getting through all this deliberate misinformation that is kept in place to give the feel of panic and uncertainty from all the major information sources in the west.

The truth about how things actually work in real life will filter in from the periphery of perception, and it will be like a floodgate opening when it reaches a collective point of comprehension. Prisons only ever worked because the inmates went along and played their part. Society is the same, it works because we uphold the rules, the laws and the methods to keep it ticking over. That is still true and has only been sidelined in their one world global new order drive for extending the corporate control of every living being on the planet. The reasons it failed in history to finally establish state control, stems from the facts that we are all human, and that includes the people in uniforms. When they no longer blindly follow the idiotic quick fixes that their incompetent leaders are handing out in the new game of Simon Says. It will start to reform in an established resistance directly because of their mistakes and lack of true leadership.

When the people at the top are so hamstrung by their own self interest in a crisis. That is taking the eye off the ball, as is happening now. Advisors, expert advice and worst of all half cocked impressions of what is really happening make it only a matter of time before their eye on their portfolio and deals for their palls will deliver the inevitable, and even expected and to this fallacy that control is an imposed order, instead of a shared cooperative process from all the people involved in it.