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Mapping Dictators.

Now that all the dust has settled and all the media pundits have divined the tea leaves or coffee grounds, with insights and stupidities flowing off the page from their vaunted positions in the gods (theatre seating reference) time to see what a rune reader can see from before and in conclusion in the aftermath.


This image claims that Scotland is different and the SNP read permission from these results to sell the nation for a few grubby careers to the EU in exchange for a dictator led handover of our nation, its people and resources to a high end user and nation absorbing bacterial growth.

It clearly shows the golden carrot and the turquoise stick. The incentive is still the same to drag us into the EU at the earliest convenience. Yet no one asks why the hurry. While a new independent country needs to get its act together first you know like setting up its own parliament of the people for the people by the people sort of thing. Hold an election to elect a non Westminster elected party into power for the first time. Lay down the constitution and secure the sovereignty to stop big players thinking they can shove the little guy around. What do you think this is a world cup game between the US and Thailand, not knowing when enough is enough, that is always ‘big bully’ thinking, ask any woman that has stood between two squaring up bucks. If you need to see how American attitudes to other nations really is you need to see the disregard for others at the negotiating table brings out the ‘we are big you are small’ line off attack. This is the typical behaviour a bully has that has no compromise, no care and no inclination for inclusion only dominance. Not knowing when you have won, or when your opponent is outmatched is an elite stance that any psychologist will tell you is borderline or mainstream sociopathic. This is a disqualifying profile for a world policing candidate and being the biggest and most armed is a worrying compounding feature, not an asset. Like Westminster they rig the game to win, they annihilate their opposition to destruction (Israel) and justify their thuggery as they please. They have stopped asking for permission (opt in policies) for just apologising if they have to. This is the first step to making sure there is no accountability and that you always get your way. So this is the basis of their special relationship, and neither can be trusted to serve the needs of the world over their own vested ones. In a world where being too big leads to trying to get away with anything without any accountability it even affects charities as we are hearing from Oxfam’s latest bout of having to come clean or lose the donations.


As you are beginning to see there are more than a few ways to look at any picture. There are also the prescribed ways that suit particular interests, the long term planners that manipulate to generate particular outcomes and ensure their expected returns from the time invested. Needless to say but for the point scoring that ‘it never works out well’ for the entitled, any more than it does for the owners and possessors of the envied prize they seek. As Venezuela and Catalan or even Palestine can attest in any world court. The objects of their desire like Iran, Iraq and other Baltic nations will like Scotland find themselves on the wrong side of a thugs view of their possessions and rights to self determination, if they do not side with or capitulate to their dominant aggressive tactics.


Let’s look at a few maps of the results of elections in reverse order shall we to get a clearer picture of world driven intent over small and seemingly powerless peoples rights and sovereignty. Here we have the election results for the period 2010 to see the decline in Westminster’s drive under an austerity program to fill their own pockets with other nations wealth and property.

As you can see Scotland has a fair infestation of Westminster clones all with the greater British project in mind as they seek to divide and conquer to maintain their superiority over a subjugated nation. As you can see the SNP was as obscure as the Brexit part was before its corporation inception. Now we will leap forward after five years of austerity and a worldwide economic collapse due to the negative economies being bought into by the credit based economies and found themselves coming up short with subprime discards instead of genuine collateral to trade on. It seems that Scotland is getting the message and is showing its true colours at last. The rise in numbers for the SNP clearly show that Westminster has been a disservice to its own not just south of the border but up here too. The vote was a headcount exercise that gave a mandate to the SNP that they took to sitting on it as it was so unexpected it shook the little party to the core. This shows the two party divide starting in real earnest, as all the smear blame and shame campaigns started their mud chucking exercises in an attempt to get one over each other. The tactics of lieutenants left to manage the battle after the king gets one in the eye on the field. Never a pretty sight and the casualties started piling up from this point.

Next comes a small leap to 2017 after a single abdication and a stalking horse vote in of a substitute leader to the position of leader of the nation. No elected leader always gives a great deal of lassitude to the lucky person. This also shows the Westminster fight back that also saw the dirty tricks department target key figures to discredit them and undermine the progress they had made at their expense up here. Those that could have their hope that the Westminster solutions would help also had another drive in their voting purpose. Suddenly it became clear to not hand the SNP a pat hand and clear majority as they were showing signs of distrust. The named person program showed their dictatorial tendencies, then the drinks price fixing drive that came on the back of the smoking ban Westminster drive clearly showed the contempt they hold for people to self regulate. This was further compounded when they went after papa state powers to deny you the right to decide for your own body and they choose to assume the power of consent over your right to your own organs. Expedience, as usual, is the culprit here, on the surface this seems like a little price to pay for saving lives. In a land where waiting lists are getting longer, doctors are deserting the profession and the only ones that want the job, are the EU (workers hired into our system) and the US model that bills the poor to death as they price squeeze pain relief out of the hemisphere of the low paid and the mid range incomes as well as the poor and on benefits. Not a pretty picture in any one’s books. First this nation regulated the doctors doctorate to squeeze the qualifying numbers to a trickle, while extending the testing to further reduce the qualifying numbers to fit the influx market they need to transition a state built franchise for sale, after introducing a private health system to piggyback the state one that would with more pay, better hours just leach the hard pressed out of the national one. At the same time, they parcel up the service sector and buy up the medical franchises as they hike big pharma programs for treatments. Can you see the cake being cut yet, in their big slice and dice tactics? So what was left of the swing vote was given the tired and fading Westminster program and a fair few bought it. With no real Scottish opposition party to not vote for a Westminster traitor to this nation, they were hard pressed to reduce the SNP from dictatorial strength to a managed majority of just 35 seats.

The nation used the EU elections to get another headcount and with just 1.2 million voters they gave the SNP another resounding victory. That the nation sellouts could guarantee a few choice career moves and to so called have a say in the EU, but really what good id six seats but to just deny the nation with the most seats having a commanding lead and be subject to even more dictatorial practices from Westminster.


You can begin to see the numbers do not actually stack up to the claims the election drives proposed in the run up to the election. Westminster’s two party system during their tenure with the EEC and the EU have between them overseen the asset stripping of the four nations. Our coal industry was closed down and the EU began a smokeless and alternative heating conversion drive for us with little hand outs of a couple of hundred million. As the nation was suffering from its membership fees not bringing enough into the countries of Britain to safeguard our remaining industries as they were resource and export licensed out of existence. They had to jump to the European base to stay alive effectively killing off our industrial base. Incidentally, the Westminster side bet earners stopped owning British based concerns and started buying up Medicare and medical companies and insurers and supply mechanisms to the state franchise they all had their eye on. Effectively strangling the state arm of the mechanism as they bought into the private practice model they had set up as a parasite on its back. Can you just see the wagons circling and the doors closing as supplies and pharma price hikes are used to kill of care and treatment programs by price hiking? Hence waiting lists and declines in doctors qualifying. This was further hampered by the intrusion of stricter controls and feedback to kill the healers and the heart driven out of the industry to leave us with the uncaring machine minds of selfish interest over providing a needed service. Now if you think that there is no goal in mind lets look at the projected outcomes from their prediction device for 2022.

Are you seeing a pattern yet? Well, let’s look a bit deeper at the affordable homes drive in Scotland that has a price range outside the indigenous people purses, just as medical care and treatment is priced outside their ability to pay. Murder and attacking the populace is still a no-no and would just make them look like the invaders and dictators they are and would ruin the façade they like to hide behind of being fair and reasonable.


The blue area up at Aberdeen and the Tory stronghold in the land based heartland of the Perth just shows how long they have been squeezing Scots out of their homes. Since the eighties, the young conservatives have been busing into the region for conventions and the young farmers were mostly from Westminster focussed backgrounds grant aided into the vacant exodus heartlands where milk and beef, as well as produce farmers, were squeezed out of hearth and home as well as property. The drive saw the get on yer bike and be more mobile drives fleece the jump before you are pushed elements from the land and into England, that saw the workforce being denied investments up her to further facilitate that drive as they closed industries, like the shipping, steel and coal. This influx had a longer drive bringing Westminster dependent workers into the Engineering and oil industry up north and has an established core of their generations now second and third generation embedded. Glasgow and Edinburgh have a strong influx over longer periods from the old coal and shipping as well as financial services start ups of their day. So you see as they ignore the SNP in Westminster and having 56 or 35 seats held the same level of contempt for that power base from their stronghold south of the border. EVEL and shouts of ‘go home’ have seen the level of that contempt for this nation by the once empire building invader of over 90% of the world’s nations. That has asset stripped every economy they ever invaded and still, there is no money in the nation’s coffers, but plenty in private investment portfolios of the Westminster elite.


The voter’s contempt of the Westminster base has been seen in successive votes and each nation used the EU vote to get a ‘sounding off’ or headcount of their real numbers. As every political party read it to suit their own drives and missed the point the people used it for. The big SNP push to sell us into the EU without a say as the big bad Westmonster was coming and asset stripping our powers and just about every scary story they could muster was used to keep us thinking they have the right of the read. Is just further proof of how all political parties and even the contemptuous Brexit party (actually a corporation not a political party) have not won the nation’s minds and can weigh up that they never had our hearts interests in their fixed dreams of avarice and success planning.


The real fly in the Westminster ointment, of course, is the AUOB drives that sprung up in the wake of the keep the SNP below dictatorial power numbers vote. Has set the cat among the pigeons not just here but in the EU as well. The two main figures for Scottish Independence have never attended the people’s walks and demonstrations, not once since the people spoke and divested themselves of the rule of political parties. This has shown the SNP up in an odd light as the EU MSP traitors to democracy all voted to strip the people of their right to self determination in a dictatorial exercise that only holds water under a Westminster and EU rule. After all an Independent Scotland that is not playing Westminster politics and is not a member of the EU as only Britain is, will leave us in the position of bringing all Scottish parties into a truly democratic situation and will end all dictatorial practices as unconstitutional as the sovereignty of the people asserts itself, can you see why no SNP turnout at AUOB meets. They want to belong and they want to tie us into a dictatorship if not in Westminster terms then under an EU banner. They do not want to be held to account by the people any more than the Westminster and EU model does. They just want to dictate terms. A resource and income poor nation could not do this but an emerging nation with resources, oil reserves and an impressive income facility can. Remember that the SNP vote in the EU casting saw them win with nearly 1.3 million votes. When you consider they started with less than twenty five thousand members in 2011 and the independence movement then inflated their numbers in 2015 by nearly 100,000 you can see why they fear the AUOB stealing their dictatorial thunder. The savvy that used them for its purposes is the only thing that can now use the time delay they put in place to fund raise and place representatives in each Scottish region to make sure that a Scottish vote is a Scottish win and not a dictators platform to do as they please, with a power they do not know what to do with.


As you can see there are always more than one way to read the signs and those that can’t predict their own drives, aspirations and even just their wish lists into the mainstream media to stay present and seem effective even if they are not. The so called leadership contests down south are still managing to leave a sour taste in the mouths of all those that dip in for a sip of news. As every one of them is as weak in popularity as the opposition is. As the media driven got no case to answer the smear campaign of antisemitic lies gets to stirring up the silt and making smoke screens as they deliver no prof. It shows just how strategic the Westminster machine is when its back is to the wall as they enlist their real alliance partners to aid a world domination program with a strong military base in the middle east, by aiding the Israeli cause.


It is time for an audit Britain program to bring a legal case against the mismanagement of the nation’s wealth and resources under the watch of both the centrist parties over the last half century as their own incomes have swollen to distasteful proportions as the nation’s coffers have been emptied into them steadily. Close is no cigar as we know we filled the Queen’s coffers, invested in industries and were asset stripped by the European nations that used a stranglehold on our export industries first with ferries being blockaded at Calais, as import duties froze out our exports nation by nation. Yet if you lead and know they have you over a barrel and your only drive is to do well for yourself what do you think they all did to the cost to this nation as they sold out to the European block and its tactics.


Arrogance comes before a fall as surely as a desperate push to finalise a wrong action will come unstuck. The end does not justify the means in an unjust action and comeuppance is a karmic bitch. When someone moves too soon it is desperation or impatience, when they cut corners its because it was unworkable in its original format. When it does not serve but seeks to serve itself it is a thief in every sense of the word. The justice for theft is always you can never steal from another just misappropriate property, the real theft is, of course, you steal from yourself the future you could have had. There is time to place candidates for an independent Scottish Freedom Fighters party (not an FFS rendition) and with the 1 million leave voters and the 1.3 million stay voters we can ensure the number to get the freedom to hold an election and then a referendum and if the nation chooses to go into the EU then the nation will have chosen and our sovereignty will be restored. This will revoke the opt out and other undemocratic actions the SNP and their friends have tried to sneak in under the indecision bar. This will hold all parties to the constitution to uphold the sovereign right of the nation and its people, in effect making parties serve their country in a way they have all tried to never have to do, in the US (NRA backing), the EU (dictatorial rule) and Westminster (elite top down management). The future is what we make it and if the opportunities are there the usual lacks are money and the will to complete the deeds to make it happen. For all the opportunities that Scotland has ever had now is the best time to consolidate the drive to replace all dictatorial rule from either the Westminster master mindset, the EU dictatorial base and the obvious SNP inclinations to join them. So as our star rises and fate lends a hand can we all just keep sitting back and playing safe or take a lesson from the times and take the initiative and the fight to the theatre of conflict with a plan to succeed and the will to adapt quickly and to not lose sight of the goals. Hell aye.


If you can keep your head while those around you fall apart and lose their way, assurance delivers success, from faith imagination and steel highlander.