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Media Perceptions.

The new version of the same old story still gets media attention with every incarnation and lick of paint that is used from the revamp book of presentation follies. Meanwhile, we are being served the media propaganda from the warmonger’s version of events right out of the largest military weapons manufacturers and distributors on the planets playbook. These two nations still manage to be involved in theatres of war around the globe more than any other nations on the planet. Russia the historic bad should all be afraid of, and China the red perils core of the dragon behind the axis of evil and murder are by comparison part time dippers into warfare. America has been involved in world scale wars for over a hundred year, yet they hung back and prevaricated about getting into a conflict with the German nation in the second world war until they had the final stages of a nuclear offensive in place. Britain and the allies all went toe to toe for the duration and were losing and the decisive ending the nuclear Manhattan project is as they say all just history now. This course, is just off, its the mainstream take on of the day and how it’s been verified and repeated since that time. The same two protagonists, the so called heroes and of course the much needed baddies to be fought against.

The media rhetoric has always looked to spice up stories to grab attention (grain of truth basics) and they have traditionally used the devices of entertainment, book plots, film style sensationalism and mini series familiarity to keep the needy hooked buying their drivel. In the last half decade, the terrorist attack statements have fallen by the wayside in the western hemisphere just as they have in the wider world. This has seen stories of the so called terrorists (not saying they ain’t mass murders, they are) getting the full support of the MSM right behind them. But dressing up in a flag and repeating some lines as you kill is no indication that they are who they claim to be, but is consistent with anarchistic homicidal tendencies. Who does it suit? Every faithful son or daughter of gods children, know in their hearts that you cannot lie, cheat, steal or murder your way into gods haven or paradise. So much so now they have to stay away from western cities as the lie shows up in a media recording savvy setting out in the backwoods of the emotionally superstitious peoples of the third world. So the vital question is did they move because we see through them or is it starting to look like one big media con so let’s ask the big question about events of the day as no media coverage is accompanying the big hushed up 5G rollout that is going on. Just Who wants global control and would push illegal 5G military grade tech for crowd control, targeting, suppression and dispersal (youth audio inhibiting outside shops) and getting past all the legal restrictions to them being in placed in public proximity when they are clearly labelled and tested in war theatres as microwave weapons. Why are insurance companies walking away from telecoms companies with great haste? Who has led in presenting the state line and has been used so effectively, in the past, at any rate, suppress other takes on core policy issues to keep the state powers that say grant licensing powers to certain old broadcast retainers leading the story narratives of their choice right into our homes at regular intervals throughout the day. Why have we grown more sceptical over the decades, why have they ‘no clue’ as to how ‘we’ think and how ‘we’ behave or even how ‘we’ live never mind who ‘we’ are as a people. Why has this not sounded louder alarms until now? Is the myth factor of the delivered news losing its veil qualities that it is no longer delivering facts that can be trusted, and the trust is breaking down, so much so it is about to be dismissed or lose all credibility. If that is true it would take another strong measure to keep us under control and being obedient to the market forces they want us to follow. The largest hint is that the power over them is the pound, dollar, yen, mark in your pocket that it is becoming obvious they would not like us to know this. After all, if we stopped buying state goods (like Israel or US goods) and just let them rot on the shelves the investments and returns chaos would seriously stop their development programs that are trying to overrule state and national laws to remain established and effective. This was done with great effect on the Apartheid regime. This sort of action would cause chaos and so ‘you do not just stop’ buying their promotions you still spend on an alternative to the bad buy on the shelves, the money must still circulate and this is what scares the bejesus out of them, so find a viable alternative to substitute their product with and they will be more ethical and more like us. And if they get their way, after all, once 5G is in place it will require a ramping up of power production to just meet its needs and that would force everyone else to generate their own power as they would steal the grid for themselves. The threat of nuclear generation and the withdrawal of support for renewable energy production was one of their targets, that was on a longer timeline that the rise in global warming has forced a shift in timeline deadlines. Big industry and our governments would not collude like that, Oh no! well look at Netley’s theft of water rights for corporate needs over the right to life. When will the majority get the message, well it seems we are slowly getting the point so read on. First, let’s look at some of the breakdowns in reported and some later found out pieces, even the left unknown have a value as well.

Let’s look at the 911 conspiracy theories this first video shows the reported 7 facts that are enough to cause a pause in any logic patriots heads for long enough to see a crack in the accepted stories. Now the use of a live broadcast has been ruled out as it was presented as an in situ ‘live’ recording or on the ground report. The next one devotes itself to the glaring lie in the state answer to the fact that an air defence system with the strength and capability of the US military manage to not intercept, not one, but four planes on the day are just too incredible a coincidence for a permanently on call home defence system to just miss, not four coordinating planes anyway and not by accident. Official excuse goes like ‘Sort of today it was just switched off’ like sort of excuse. Suits who sir, suits who? As this takes planning and no amount of escalated strings of random unpredictable events could culminate into a collective, non answer to this indictment. Against the most sophisticated systems in the world for their day at that time, this indicates more than anything that collusion and foreknowledge make it almost a certainty no matter how difficult to prove Sherlock, me old bean. There are many cases where cover-ups have been established after the state facts have been driven through the press first. Take the case of Willie McRay the SNP activist and his supposed suicide. Too far back how about the Kelly report that was used to validate the Iraq war that so called committed suicide before he could be asked to clarify further his statement.

You may like to think that media manipulation and state cover ups are the things of dramas and you would be wrong, by an order of magnitude. The word is getting around European countries and France seems to be getting a head start as to who is to blame and soon they will decide who is to pay, and how for this program that has seen billions of pounds disappear in the west and trillions of dollars in America get covered up in neat little press releases of having just gone up in smoke. Imagine who needs trillions of dollars, and where do billions of pounds and trillions of dollars get salted away to anyway. The biggest theory is that some of them are making a bunker, or escape ships or even underwater (would not fancy that one) cities to make sure the greedy and the grubby elites all get to have a chance of surviving something imminent, which they are suppressing from getting to our reactionary and sensitive ears.

If there is no great media protector and honest reporter out there, is that how the big China human control program is not getting the airtime exposure that it deserves from our press, as our so called leaders all line up to suck Chinese dick. When they are said to be capable of using weapons of single person annihilation power demonstrating a sophistication that seems to be beyond our capability to produce. With Huawei still pressuring our government to proceed with their version of a better world connectivity solution, as insurance firms over here desert the telecoms sector in their droves with the looming liability cases that this will have from the backlash after the demise of the current government in the next elections. Now it does not take a massive leap to understand why the nation that has the most camera surveillance in the world, almost right up our butts from dawn to dusk would want to force through a surveillance program from Huawei and to have their nuclear power stations programs built in another deal for the new 5G they are illegally trying to push into place before they are taken out of power completely. Can you see connections yet? Grants for Nuclear developments and programs on the rise, support for green power and sustainable production stopping or being undercut, we already have the cameras and their phones are selling like cheap hotcakes over here. Need a new one myself but it will never be a Chinese one for this reason, they are just simply less trustful than our own home bred liars, cheats and thieves.

In a world where government structures have been invaded by corporate levels of backers and see more and more cases of the fox being used to defend the henhouse just in America and their replacement dream of ‘only those that can pay, can play’ delusion of a better world, sees Medicare morphing into care for the average hard working themselves into greater poverty for the average Joe’s and Jane’s of America. And yet there is proof that that is only one side of a story that has potential greater results if lower profits for the industries that are backing and funding certain politicians or parties, how is that sustainable. As the old saying goes there are two sides to every story and the more complex the players in the partnerships the more sides to the story. If you ever have a problem and you do not identify the discipline that should be used to resolve the issue like if you ask a carpenter for a solution you will get a wooden take on the outcome. Likewise, if you ask a lawyer (why you would beyond me, but let’s just say so) for a solution you will get a tomb of litigation that has as a final clause ‘I get paid in any event’ and a disclaimer to any fault you later find in their argument. A scientist will give you a scientific overview, a breakdown of constituent parts and advise on the best test procedures to use to test the theory. All indicating you need to start looking at more than one source of so called information and all the mainstream fact checkers will be on the outside, to begin with as they gain credit for their nature suggests find themselves being encroached on and even undermined by the sites that came before like, punting the top payers first in kickbacks, so it is advisable to not rely on the shooting barrel solutions we are sold on small screens by so many adverts as fit for our purposes. And to just keep moving around and using all the new start-outs over the established mainstream ones.

It has become clear that over the decades the lie that there is a reliable source of data and facts is dying, with each successive take on their handouts drifting collective attention to the areas of interest in a first hand exposing of the glaring discrepancies in the reality of the situations as opposed to the mainstream take as released in their propaganda releases, sorry newscasts. The recent move to put a cash wall between us and a subscription barrier where online news outlets are concerned, to try to make us think the truth will no longer get out of the confines of their editorial angles is just laughable as the subscription rates prove. No one buys that, the media segregating the people they want to influence will still reach the masses as the social distribution they have only reached their own little collective and miss the mainstream which is where the big money is. Still, the money is still in the mainstream and is the top target for the state modus operandi targeting programs. The filtering out of information is still getting the reality checking and the ‘oh really brother’ treatment before it gets a hiding on the media platforms. You would have thought that the media savvy would have seen that one coming from a long ways away. This brings us rather neatly to the facts of why are they testing and watching all consumer patterns if we are all the same, they like us should just know or be in the know, yet they research and map with every means at their disposal. Why do they have to use psychological tricks to sell in supermarkets, why do the cattle-market style shops with their ‘in’ and ‘out’ doorways work so well, showing how well trained we are. If sales were really all about choice, why the brainwashing in every media outlet in the world. Would we really stop buying the latest unnecessary thing if we all just switched off, would we all just spend wisely and only on things we want or things we indulge in instead? How come papers that have no longer got great circulation numbers to only  have a limited online appeal, still get rehashed and resurface to keep up the influencing and market research as they ain’t selling well for advertisement revenue are they. The peculiar nature of the group bubble does seem to mean that they are made up in circulation numbers almost solely populated by their own ranks and are no longer spreading their wares, as a result, they are just preaching to the converted. Is it that ‘they’ are not now or ever have been us and that is why they have to vet and assess us to such lengths and yet they still get things so glaringly wrong. See any connections yet, no well you should be.