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Micro Solutions.


Odd how everyone is being taken in by the ploys of the control freaks, from rumours about mutations, to it can spread by getting in your eyes. In a nation where the public claimed the parks and beaches back, a weak and ineffectual man thinks he is asserting authority, never have so many, been deluded by the inactions and failures by the few. They do not even see that they have no real power or credibility left. While their leader is still trying to manage the media to make himself look strong in the face of very public revelations, of his, and his parties litany of failures and bad decisions, that are all so glaringly fresh in the public’s minds.

Work place restrictions, are again a micro solution that will not transplant to the larger population, without costs, in movement, work and production targets, while some of the mo rons all think that we all need apps (their tool of choice for control) to get transportation, access lifts at work and in our own buildings, and still worse is to come, out of this level of stupidity. This is the short sighted measures they are already famous for, every time they try to scale small population models and measures, up to be used with larger denser populations.

The mythical tales that are doing the media rounds, about tests, testing kits and vaccines mostly in the lead media attention slots, to inform the fear driven populace of their intentions, is just misleading them to disclose nothing about their own agenda. As with when a new vaccine is needed for every new strain of fear inducing flu related microbes, they are part of plans that are extending into the future, from this point. The main drivers for those agendas are the money men, and Billy-Goat Gates as they try to realise their future incomes from the agenda point of choice. Investing in vaccines, world health programs and from an IT background will create a Méndez hellish solution from only one possible future. That he and they envision, for all of us to become enslaved in.

Then there is the thorny issue of creating a valid testing solution for a 14 day incubation period virus, this testing phase is being hyped as a saviour that will magically enable movement, and work and some semblance of past freedoms. That is in reality bringing a fascist style stop and search and people validation excuse for control, into being. That will only make a state device to create a greater divide in the populace, as essential people will be used to screen out non essential lives, as a result. A fourteen day incubation virus only needs two test points, one to validate the virus, an incubation isolation period, to see if symptoms develop, and then, if they do not it is a residual coronavirus strain that needs no more than notification, as it is harmless. As about ninety percent of us have a residual strain of it in us anyway, a full population testing kit has to be able to isolate the cov-19 strain and not just kick of at any old corona germ. Then if the person develops symptoms in the incubation isolation period, then they remain isolated till they get the all clear. That brings up the problem of vaccinating against a single disease as no existing vaccine can protect against a new disease or virus, it is a one time shot in the arm solution, for a changing playing field problem. That Billy-Goat Gates, and friends are investing in making a killing from, for the duration of life on the planet, wet dream of self fulfilment prophecies.

Contact tracing will only ever work well, in less population dense nations, and only so well when used with other measures, like social distancing, washing hands and shielding the vulnerable. Like New Zealand for instance, as contact tracing on a small island set, seems to be a working strategy for them, that they think added to their arsenal, that brought them such great results. Cherry picking some results to suit agenda purposes, is not an accident with the agenda driven controllers. It is a strategy to ensure they have the excuses they need and want, to use to aid in enforcing their controls regimes on the global populations. A larger population, like Britain where one of its police chiefs just claimed it would be impossible to quarantine all air flight travellers, and to manage contact tracing, this just shows how much these are reliant on manageable numbers. The fault of course is that passengers will be expected to self quarantine here, and not be placed, as some other countries do, in a prepared quarantine facility, or reserved locations for the fourteen days. This situation here is further complicated by the French back door clause. With the Channel Tunnel being a fast flowing thoroughfare, with traffic in a constant two way flow, it looks like the larger numbers of deaths may have some link with the open door movement of workers between those nations, in the movement of essential worker across open borders. They will have to admit, that policing the movement of workers, with a 14 day quarantine period each way, and testing would be nigh on impossible, so a mutual exclusion will be in place till both nations naturalise the numbers in a matched lockdown and relinquishing program. That also has a bearing on the extraordinarily high death rates. On both sides of this open door, showing a very EU style free movement attitude, from the newly Brexit-ed Britain, that still appears to have with its old ally, post Brexit deadline. The daily migrating commutes between European essential workers travelling across borders, has nothing at all to do with the extraordinarily high death rates those countries are still suffering from, we will hear in the next few days. How did other smaller nations get a hold on it, how many of them have large commuting workforces, that are in essential services. Will the future mean we only man essential services from our own populace. That will kill the use Johnny foreigner to play the baddie, to our own people as we do not like to stick it to our own people, to get the hard necessary stuff done, as it comes down the pipeline, from on high, all the way from our ‘faulty towers’ leadership ‘HQ’.

So you see why our airports were open so long, was for so called ‘essential workers’ (agenda specific essential of course) to enter the country to keep up the 5G construction plans that most nationals would never do to their own. I wonder if that itinerant workforce knows, that another set like them are now in their country, doing to theirs what they are doing to others. Is there that much conscience when hunger drives, and we know the same or worse applies when greed is employed.

Imagine for a minute that someone’s writing, and they are a bit ahead of the curve, they use notes to set their topics for their articles and have a history of making fools of their intended targets. To the point that they take the stance to read the notes and try and extrapolate a line that would make them look bad, they would try and release a disclaimer or a counter argument against any possible slights they think they can now anticipate. Now what if the writer knew and left pieces to be spied on to be written up to release put downs before they can be raised, that would also force the spy to take a stance and pursue a line in their rebuttal. Knowing it would make it easier to knock the legs from the new stance before it has found its footing. Especially against an indecisive and hap hazard group of people that cannot make good decisions. Well look at the spooked stance the government is now taking, with the pre-emptive stance of staying ahead of the curve. Then look at their failure rates and it looks like they are spooked and are being erratic even tripping over their own feet and contradicting each other on major issues. It almost looks like their cage has been rattled and that they are spooked. For a control and outcome group that used to play their cards close to their chest and just take advantage of the fall out. They are now the laughing stock of the world response to a crisis by having changed horses mid stream. And long may it continue as they are doing more damage to their own credibility that any outside or fifth element in their ranks could ever have done, irreparable is the word that springs to mind at this moment in time.