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Misdirecting Disclaimers.


The airwaves were full of it this morning as the heavily invested in a media tool all climbed on the dismiss all conspiracy theories bandwagon. The problem for the presenters was they had in a previous piece aired another psychologist, not your average psychologist but a professor of psychology, for insights into the success of social distancing here on the four nation Isles, of the sinking ship Britannia. In his considered opinion, it is because we are all keeping our distance and more importantly keeping the lockdown rule because we are keeping others safe (projection), that we are heroically or just simply disregarding our selves in the process, to safeguard others (what no clap). Well who wants under the new dictators laws to be accused of killing someone. But wait is that not the highest form of selfishness, rather than the selfless claim he was proposing. But back to the point about the disclaimer and the blatant attempt at damage limitation from the people that follow a script, and have a vested career interest in 5G and its next generations for their privileged kids of the future dystopian world. So they took the tack of show us your proof, its all speculation, and they alluded that all conspiracies come from people that wear silver foil hats and believe in werewolves, zombies and vampires. So from the fringes of lunacy and without evidence to back up a single claim, is the modern media heralds cry, for whoever it is they think, think of themselves or see themselves as ‘Conspiracy Theorists’. The meander they took did not present any statistics against the claims, they never produced any studies to discount the lack of facts with. No they just started in on undermining, belittling and trying to add a false interpretation about the 5G connection. Even though not one of the conspiracy theories out there claims that 5G spreads disease, it does not and cannot. They have no testing to prove its safety record and industry standards it has been classified as. But hey ho why let a little thing like the truth get in the way of a good public put down with no possibility of come back. But before we delve right in lets take a little detour down the rabbit hole, follow me if you dare.


Not Paranoid.



As you can see from just the meanings of the two words, that they are speculative words that by definition do not return facts or proof, nor do they suggest any either. Though theory does point to the use of facts that have no substantiation, that are in contradiction to the known facts being presented. The problem word is of course conspiracy as it alludes to a group having an agenda that the person targeted is unaware of, to the point that they are ignorant of its existence. That in this case does not quite fit the bill for their media propaganda dismissal of the stories that are abounding.

First point:


EMF or electro magnetic frequencies is a known science founded and backed discipline, that has at its core a mass of investigative results as to its damage, its known safety ranges and harmful effects. From the lowest part of the spectrum, wiring and cabling that need to be shielded because of crosstalk and interference to its function. The very fact that it needs to be shielded says that it bleeds and is subject to corruption to both the signal strength and data or power level integrity, over distances. This brings us to the wifi end of that spectrum, that is not shielded and in the old format of 4G is an open broadcast medium with no inherent shielding from the EMF output. The signal is low band and can be blocked by obstructions, like trees and walls for instance. These are all known facts, there is little documentation about safety testing for this low bandwidth delivery mechanism. Except when you view the subject from the direction of frequency damage and effects for the broadcast range it uses to establish a full duplex connection (two way, send and receive),. There are no studies or testing for long term exposure to these radiation levels outside of military testing and that is not as publicly available as to be open information. The effects of targetted frequencies was used by shopping malls to focus higher frequencies only the young could here. The military used microwave testing and directional frequencies for crowd dispersal and control. To affect effective thinking and rational reasoning, in effect bringing confusion to the enemy. The discrepancy exists for the theorists in the fact that there is a wall of secrecy around this and a heavy media denial. None of which is used outside of sensitive areas they need to keep under black bag or black opp status. They never use this heavy a program on anything that can be dismissed and will not reflect badly on them or worse till reveal their real planning. So as they claim the conspiracy theorists are talking without foundation of proof. The very same is true about the 5G EMF, cell effects from a concentrated military grade weapon out in the general public areas. They claim it is safe and yet cannot provide testing data, or scientific health effects research. So the pot and the kettle still boil water as they blacken each others character. The onus is not on the theorists, it is on the people that are rolling it out without any for of testing and a grim determination to not have to, with no disclosure and no testing. Hence the term conspiracy.

Second Point:

The word conspiracy clearly identifies an unknown, or undisclosed person or group. Acting on a program under the awareness of others to bring about certain outcomes. That by definition implies that if the unaware person were to become aware of it it would lead to a conflict of interest, and probably violent reactions. For every conspiracy there are the usual suspects in the line ups. For the evidence of duplicity to stick, a deceiver is hiding their true purpose, the means by which they are trying to bring that puspose about, as they distract or dupe the intended target below their awareness to escape detection and discovery of intent.



The activity of a duplicitous person often can be just hiding a surprise for a loved one like organising a secret birthday party or outing. But this would not fall under the conspiracy theorists radar. The real proof of a duplicity is in the definition, saying one thing and doing another is a clear indication of a likely candidate for conspiracies, and duplicitous actions. For duplicitous activities to not raise suspicion and alert awareness to their existence. A ploy and play on the beliefs and passive acceptances of the individual or group is necessary, to divert attention and to allay fears or suspicions, the classic con artist ruse to fleece the mark is the most notable of the genre. We do not need the astute observations of a Sherlock Holmes, nor do we need the massive intellects of an Einstein to deduce the obvious from the obscured. We simply just need to stop following the directives to divert attention from the device they are using against us.


So we are looking for in our line up of usual suspects, a group of people that are known to say one thing publicly, and for their actions to consistently produce the opposite or divergent outcomes to their claimed intent. Usually while it becomes a very big earning program for their own and friends incomes. It is worth mentioning at this point that when we do not see the ploy right out of our immediate attention, we all tend to default to trust, but that trust has to have a basis of acceptance for our collective. So if someone claims all the time to be working in our best interests, and with no suspicion we accept that stance they claim. It is only ever a matter of time before their consistent results can no longer be written off as mere bad practice, running out of cash, circumstances beyond their control, and even bad luck or the weather. That for experts, and the better educated and informed to consistently miss the mark, eventually has to be flagged as realising intent of another undisclosed agenda or purpose. Back to the line up of the usual suspects. No political party has ever delivered on any manifesto they have pitched at our idealistic naivety since they started promising a better world for all. They have consistently managed to not deliver a better world, and have been angling towards developments of greater control and power over the populace. Which in the hands of a dictator is not in our collective best interests in any fictional manifesto they have rolled out since the start of governments. Business has consistently advertised their wares as good for you, your profile and image as well as your income, to get us into their schemes. They can only do this successfully because we are kept to busy to do everything for ourselves, making goods, time with the kids, and earning a crust. Now that the fast paced lie has been shown up for what it always was (lockdown), in nations that can just print their own money and not go down the tubes. While they continue to raise state and industry borrowing to limits we have never seen before in the history of the world.


The records of achievements say more about groups than any misleading press release, about what they want us to think they are. No professional financially astute and organised body can ever keep claiming the better interests of others is their actual agenda in their press releases and disclaimers. When their consistent results state otherwise, and that record can be traced back to their inception, based on their known outcomes. That does not in any way constitute a state of ‘Conspiracy Theory’ as they are trying to debunk any investigation into their actual results. The cracks in the agenda and the divergence of purposes. That can now be seen between the claims they make and the results they achieve are gaining momentum. To the point that anything they choose to say from now on will be met with even more scepticism, as people start to investigate their actions and release information about their dealings on a broader social media platform that they can ever hope to control. The damage limitation exercise has already surpassed control and containment to the point of a spreading disbelief in their stated intentions as we all start to focus on their outcomes. The agenda is becoming clearer and it is a secret that will no longer go back in the box, as more of the truth about their motives, and intentions are tied to their investment structures, and links to people in the halls of power. Oz the curtain has slipped and the people are not willing to become slaves to a dystopian possible fear future for mankind, when we all know the future is not set, there is no destiny bar the one we make for ourselves and your collective ideal is not going to be a dream future but a nightmare one. As this percolates round the social media platforms the truth is waking up enough people to change that outcome and to stop the people in power using us to control us. When we all agree to rejoin the human race again, their future nightmare will never be able to be realised in this world. As this lockdown has now reached a two month period and has had the effect on the elderly, children, the vulnerable that it has. With every story of failures and fall outs pouring out onto the front pages. The hard facts are beginning to be realised on all of the social media platforms, in tandem with the declarations and revleations that so far have come to light. This is having unintended consequences that will shatter the illusion they have been using to delude us that they are doing things for our greater good. To the point now that any release they make is now being pounced on to the effect that it does not spread and does not take hold as they used to. The blaring repeat till you submit propaganda mechanism is no longer having the effect that they need. The most programmed people that still do not understand are starting to pick on each other rather than see that they are being lied to. Fights in markets and in open spaces. They are the last vestages of the old programming methods to be woken up and they need our help. For they still want to believe it will all go away and return to normal if they just stick with the program.


As theory in this case is a process of deduction from results, where the information given does not correlate with the facts that are coming to light. The theory part becomes a speculation device to divine intent based on the succession of result as they are presented or revealed from research and study. The primary intent is to identify who would wish these outcomes, why would they be in place and what would be the likely destination from the direction of travel that is revealed from the facts as they are revealed. To stop it becoming a watched monologue or narrative it requires looking ahead to probable goals and targets of the collective. Then staging a rivalry to those intents and to provide an alternative to their desires being realised. It will need the alternative to have viable and provable methods to actually achieve the goals they set out. As just attacking the opposition diverts from action to make another path possible. That is why the goad and provoke to keep us still engaged in the diversion from the fact that actions talk louder and they are prepared to goad and contain if we just keep turning up at their managed events. Do not waste time fighting them, do not invest in their projects and leave the goods on the shelves that finance their aims and give them the resources to use against us. A con need passive consent, or active input to work. They need us to buy into their structure to keep it going towards their own goals. When we stop it is retracting consent and means they have to try something else. We need to organise and to put alternatives in place to make sure of a better world for all nations. So for future refernce it should be noted whenever they use the term ‘Conspiracy Theory’ they are actually avoiding calling it what it is in reality. It is really a results investigation from the publics right to know and be kept appraised of results from actions taken by parliament and industry that conflicts with their own and their nations interests.