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The Mystic Maiden.


A Poem
Chris Millar

The Priestess sits on lofty throne
Between two pillars all alone
An open scroll in her hand
Contains all knowledge of our land

Silent is her knowing voice
Is this mistress of your choice
This lady of secret knowing
Maintains how you are as your going

On swift wings she does fly
To return the answer to you’re why
No matter what the quests about
She has the answer to your doubt

Regally throned between two poles
Vestal Maiden of your goals
This Mystic Maiden deep inside
Is the Universal bride

Between a dark pillar and a white
Silver is her gentle might
Balancing out her twins of Chi
Is her secret and hidden Key

The Magus when he weds this Miss
They radiates as a solar kiss
Bound in the Universal ring
The Magician is then crowned King

Three parts to this plan
To Free the Solar man
Logic is the bones as reason is the flesh
A heart of understanding lets them both mesh

As young lovers they now fly
From the world into the sky
Entwined around Hermes rod
Never needing a path to trod

This priestess full of grace
Is Mother to the human race
Like the lovers you will find
Her doorway is in your mind

Original work final revision completed in 18/01/2007 original composition first posted around 22/03/2006.