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New Breeds, Old Spots.

Lyra McKee

The recent murder of a journalist in Ireland by the so called new breed of modern day ‘kill to change’ tactics that are in reality still just the old breeds set of claws out of the failed ways of the past and not the new doctrines of the tool sets that actually bring change, but are the failed tool set of a subset of inhuman beings. Lyra Mckee had her life taken and the murderers claimed it was just collateral damage, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and was incidentally in the line of fire. So a non-marksman took aim at the real enemy and managed to miss by several yards. Ask any sharpshooter if that is a likely scenario to any self respecting sharpshooter or member of any gun club anywhere in the world. Something as usual when their actions are dissected in the aftermath just simply does not add up. The fact that people in NI in the resultant generations since the troubles have all moved on and its not just the new generations duty the older ones that have too as their children reflect the changes in them more than the dialogue of hate from the past of a set of murderous people that seek in their actions to make statements and prove points written in the blood of innocents. This attack comes from people that say they are fighting (no battlefield only defenceless innocents) for freedom over peace. The rest of the Island wants peace and men of violence say they want freedom, surely freedom comes after peace in contentious situations. As ever something does not add up either in their actions, the timing of them or the outcome they actually achieved. What sort of gunman can get recruited that could not show firearms range practice to the point of managing to actually hit your target, especially with a small arms (handgun) weapon? How does someone manage to not get their distance right, to shoot from an exposed position and to miss their claimed target by a matter of over five feet? How is your adding up, are your sums not totalling yet either? The last and most telling point, of course, is the timing of it all, as this action will not bring peace or freedom and is a divisive way to stir not settle and who would that advantage at this time. In chess, there is a black character called the poison pawn a sacrificial play to force an action and to take the king, rook, bishop or even queen through hasty ill conceived actions. Both sides of the old divide are dying off and settling down and accepting of peace over freedom as a first step after all if you cannot lie, steal, cheat or murder your way to freedom or peace, or into paradise or heaven, that is the tactics that suit chaos over reason. Both sides did have deep cover agents in each other’s camps or turned (guilty crimes, secrets) by pressure or just money to inform on their own or to lay down their own lives to keep the fight going or risk exposure. This smacks of stirring when the process is heading in the right direction for over twenty years. This suits those that sell guns and are fighting in more places on the globe than any other, not people that managed to join hands across the walls and fences.

The rest of the world is aspiring to raise their political game to a more enlightened platform for the move into a new millennium, at this end to the second decade of the first century of the new digital age of man. While some backwaters are regressing into old violent and intolerant practices that are not in keeping with a progressive development taking shape. There is a spread in the world of a particular element. India and the advances in male gang rape and murder of children. A weakened Westminster government and a divide and conquer media program up here in Scotland may seem on the surface to not be connected. As ever if all we do is listen to the blurbs on media propaganda outlets that need government grants, funding, licences and you can see they are not impartial and will promote (that is the influencers business) their investor’s programs are their earnings related policies. Like the idiot trying to stir up the divide (doesn’t exist these days) between the elderly and the young. If ever there was a dubious set of groupings this is it. The rich that give themselves and their ‘husbands companies’ to not name someone, in particular, get tax avoidance help from accountants. The same people that took the housing stock that our generation the elder generations built, maintained and kept in good running order. Somehow got legislated into selling off to people (first time buyers) who would not be the generation that built them, that bought the yuppy dream of its an investment delusion and sold for profit. Where is that profit now, but even worse look at the amount of legislators that are now property (housing stock premium discounts) and are now rigging legislation to not even keep the property to human habitable conditions? Tell me the long term prognosis of that as properties lie empty today, why is there a program to guarantee property destruction in obsolescence and just being not fit for purpose. Can it be land is the missing factor here? So landowners that rig legislation to their own benefits, reducing the national wealth as their own portfolio’s fill with state cash and national income money. Tax grants, property loopholes and all using animal husbandry rules to control a population. These same people are in charge of one of the weakest governments this country has ever had at the helm. Every time they are their old holding find themselves in strife by a scandalous division just as they get to that precarious position. When a nation’s actions do not reflect their statements it is an audit imbalance, when a political party that favours with incentives some things and condemns with punitive laws or prohibits others. You always have to stop listening and look at outcomes to see what is really going on. There are more profits for people that do not upkeep property in owning the land and destroying the old property at regular intervals to hand on income to the next generations of trough feeders. They say they earned their money and have a right o do ass they please with it as they claim our generation of house builders, local authority workers are not entitled to their earned respite in their old age and should have it taken from them to give to the young as the young are so hard pressed. So how are they entitled to a tax free retirement of opulence and yet the hard-pressed should be forced into an earlier decline like old property on prime land. They strip the cash out of the common-wealth or nations pot, they do not pay for services they can legislate themselves as managers, investors and owners of support services out of liabilities for. Paying for the youth is the nation’s concern, and the nation’s rulers just put the nation into 1.7 trillion pounds of debt, as they eye moving out of the nation just before its fiscal collapse while we are all at each other’s throats to cover their escapes. Nigel Farage and his kids and quite a few others that have lived high off the national hog are all doing the same thing.

Any time exposure is about to happen, the rats start to desert the ship, the last few that owe stay behind to hold the empty fort, and chaos in the streets and fighting is the best cover to escape the hangman or the mob ready to lynch. Can you tell the times you live in yet? After all which war machine nations will profit from uprisings selling to both side that they take a hand in stirring up the troubles between. No must just be time for the meds again, move along there, nothing to see hear.