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Nuclear Clouds.

The nuclear concept was originally a German development that began just prior to the invasion of Poland in 1939. The early days of this development saw the best scientific minds on the project from its inception that were after the invasion of Poland drafted into the Wehrmacht as the German might decided it needed all hands to the wheel with the effect that it impaired the development of the three primary drives to establish nuclear power as a military weapon to speed the war process and try and guarantee an early victory to reduce the cost in lives and resources to secure that win. The next mistake they made that almost ensured the arresting of the program development was that the discovery of nuclear fusion in 1938 saw the war machine come to the decision that nuclear power would not necessarily contribute significantly to the outcome of the war. So much for superior thinking from the might of the German war machines commanders and planners. The three-stage development of nuclear reactors, heavy water production and the uranium isotope separation for the fuel were severely hampered with the drain on resources being spread too thinly over the drive to war. The results of history attest to the American Canadian collusion of the now infamous Manhattan Project, the second condition was met on 9 October 1941 or shortly thereafter. Germany for a long time was thought to have fallen short of what was required to make an atomic bomb.


The program was built under the American, British and Canadian directives from 1941 to 1946 and this led to the then President Theodor Roosevelt authorising the atomic bomb project in 1942 that set the pace for the final development of the Hiroshima cluster of bombs that devastated Japan and broke the spirit of war with their destruction and subsequent fallout. The critical time’s developments are.


  • ‘July 26: Potsdam Declaration is issued, threatening Japan with “prompt and utter destruction”.
  • August 6: B-29 Enola Gay drops Little Boy, a gun-type uranium-235 weapon, on the city of Hiroshima, the primary target.
  • August 9: B-29 Bockscar drops a Fat Man implosion-type plutonium weapon on the city of Nagasaki, the secondary target, as the primary target.’

This brought about the end of the war and saw the nuclear program split into the arms race as well as into power generation through reactor developments for grid distribution for the industry as well as for domestic use.


The other major developments that Germany made were seen to great effect from the first deployment of The V-2 rocket in 1944 and the subsequent bombing raids of the blitz in the final year of the war. This would lead towards the development of jet propulsion aircraft over the traditional propeller driven craft. This was yet another failure of the top down traditional war minded rulers thinking and planning overruling the need to have the tools to win and not just the feeling of right by superiority over substance. This is a common oversight in the kind of people that believe in something like an ideal (non physically or evidentially rooted beliefs) or even a religious certainty clouding the pragmatic logic needed to ground ideas and establish a working provable and repeatable format. The next stage developments arrived as the British development of fuselage mounted guns that could be timed to fire through the propeller without any damage. This helped in building the reputation of British and then American air superiority into the legendary status of supremacy over Germany’s growing war machine developments. The really interesting thing about this development in the V2 was its ability to maintain a high altitude velocity (space and atmosphere travel basics) and still remain on target over great distances with little deviation to the original targeting programs. This in itself would become the forerunner to the next decade’s space race drives and affect the funding of such ambitious projects and developments. This, of course, gave a lot of credence to vast sums of money being ploughed into both projects in the west after the war.


The big delusion of a better world through technology, first germinated in the heartlands of America on the back of the new industrial drive towards the make a better home delusion, of a more comfortable and prosperous life for all from its sacred texts, that is still to be realised to this day. As the modern nuclear family dispersals from the face of the earth. The modern family now requires a two wage income, the couples are more disconnected than they ever were in the days when a single earner was the model for home life. The invasion of tech in the home has eaten into downtime that used to be known as personal time to the point that a nag and spy in your pocket details all you do to people that will exploit that information to further take from you your remaining freedoms and rights till you (we) are all commodities they push around as they need and use as they see fit to keep their privileged status well above the trials and tribulations of the herd they manipulate. Interests were hijacked then price inhibited and permit strangle-held out of our right to time to ourselves as we seek to earn a living in a so called world of opportunity for all. You might as so what is the point of this big preamble and when will it reach a point. So, its time then to join the dots and make comparisons before we draw the conclusions.


First point is that the top down thinking of the might of the German war machines failure to know people and to get the essentials right before making moves, is still with us as the envy of the west gobbled up the mechanisms of bureaucratic methods the planning of the German machine produced to great effect were all adopted with just as stupid a short term fix thinking as the Germans did. Well, when you look at livestock breeders taking up government positions the bottom line thinking was always going to be people are just a commodity, that needs resources and without them, Pavlov could ring their bell when trained to do as needed on demand. Now as we can see with all the unrest in the west this form of top down thinking is about to meet the groundswell of the kind that saw organisation, and integration formulates the means to derail this ‘overlord overview’ for mankind get its much deserved comeuppance. The very thing that stopped the great thinking of the German ideal is the very bureaucracy that inhibited the well oiled war machine. As ever efficiency from a race of being that make mistakes on a regular basis, where oversight, misinterpretation and the neurological need to check every detail is the final result. Then we are looking at the nature of this point being the most evident in today’s progress charts.


So let’s look at the mid belts delusion of a better world to see how far their inception point has drifted to the present reluctant and hesitant state of man’s progress as they realise ideals assumes the perpetual state of ready materials and a complicit if not active input from every individual. Well, the better life never appeared as downtime has been asset stripped from us. Home life is more of an empty emotionless shell for all the aspirants of the ideal delusion of a better world. Children’s character development has been shifted from the nanny TV and entertainment systems to the new tech handheld devices of the day. Dependency has been insinuated by work, environment and lastly by social platform inclusion to the point that people genuinely think they would be lost without it. Now that is a great propaganda achievement in itself no matter how much of a lie it is. With all the developments in influencing falling onto the shoulders of a legion of fake or false characterisations of influencers to inform the next generations, of the ways of the world and reflect how this illusion of connectivity is just another device for control was shown up this week when a social influencer was said to quote I am nothing without my following. So this clearly shows that it is not showing signs of having the Carlsberg effect on people. The one thing they seem to not get is that the bloodlines hand down a certain amount of reserve (hence the training) also called healthy scepticism for the pat hand they deal because they do not know us. So the gut feeling or instinct can hear, feel or just plain see the lie and it still gets the body swerve it deserves for all the right reasons. Look if it was harmless why do Zuckerberg and his ilk not allow their children to be influenced, and why do they themselves stay off the insidious grid they make for the sheep of the world to follow. All while industry pays fortunes to influence your choices, or to asses your trends and put your weaknesses (adds, search results promotions) right under your noses on their devices. But let’s not get too bogged down in how much they are missing the mark and that it like the German model will ultimately fail let’s see what their overview dream is all about. To understand where their dream comes from we have had to go back to the last century because each generation has only managed to show up their own brand of stupidity in their planning and so it is still necessary to stifle media reporting, but social media is making a mockery of that and the dream influencer will inhibit and use fake bots and less than convincing dialogues to convince us we are in real relationships making real connections. Yet our gut is unfailing in seeing through that lie. So the very mechanism will be the undoing of their means as they start to do the bureaucratic error of micromanaging, just like Rift (online game) did a few years ago. Where sales and game interactions even computer generated players with live managers leading the play and bolstering the sense of connection for the distracted involved and immersed players began to fade as the Warcraft leavers all began to sense the micromanagement behind the play and it spilled into the general conversations as the YouTube players following began to peek, so the crumble of decay to their delivery mechanism took a big hit then.


Now their dream came from the promise or potential that nearly unlimited power production from nuclear showed in early design and progressive assessments suggested at that time. The Tony Stark ideal of the arc reactor for the following age, if you like for the times with nuclear being linked to space flight, after all, any problems on earth would leave a ‘Chernobyl’ stain on not just the land but the mission protocols, for future investment and its still needed development to a stable productive product. So as ever the Japanese miniaturisation processes (Bonsai of the day) of the eighties reinvigorated the great promise to the idea of that intergalactic if not universal exploration model of the thirties and forties last century even last millennia. The idea from the outset gave the notion of miniaturisation of nuclear to the point of placing an engine in every car and not just that but to design an engine small enough to cover all forms of transportation. The one big drawback as we are missing is the waste disposal from the greedy world polluters of industry being faced with a bank of ex-service submarines they cannot decommission as they had never thought the process all the way through in their rush to just keep making money without any responsibility to clean up their manufacturing and their waste product bi-products and redundant goods at the breaking point of their short development life-cycles. Now more than ever the worldwide waking message is connecting people on the device of choice to bring them to bear for their crimes and misdemeanours. With no place to hide the growing voice of a rising ecologically minded set of generations that were not distracted in selfish personal pursuits and self indulgences with no idle time but online, having been nanny trained by TV serials that migrated to social platforms are getting organised and active enough to bring the last vestiges of the delusion to a grinding halt, as they (we all) start to use the dollar, pound in our pockets to strangle the incomes of those left that still destroy for profits in an environment that is affected by the decades of their greedy pursuits.


The need to keep themselves in power and in charge has seen the last vestiges all join a club called the G20, that has seen the failure of the UN and the old chestnut that good old toothless tiger the NATO groups fail to deliver or even earn the prestige by the workload that would have done just that. Their aim is to consolidate themselves over the rise of international money and investment firms having gained country specific tax exemption to put their industries in their countries. So not paying taxes will, of course, have a knock on effect on the nations poorest while squeezing the workforce into longer hours, two family incomes where children’s home life sufferers even more under their international delusion of a better world. The dram has been built around the large workforce engaged in the activity of profitable activities from waking to sleeping from the cradle to the grave. This is the life they envision is better for us, the operative word is us, the ‘us’ they refer to is themselves. They are nothing like ‘us’ as we are just a commodity to them or a product to be manipulated or exploited to their good. Norway broke the mould when it prosecuted and jailed bankers and is getting all legislative on big or more specifically international businesses, a model the rest of the world will have to eventually follow as their delusion starts to crumble even more obvious as it is already crumbling from the insubstantial core of its deception centres. The rise in the understanding of the way they are again putting ‘like Trump’ their weight behind heavy manual processes, like coal and steel and the good old polluters of old, as the new better world model did kill off most of the core industries as they followed the will-o’-the-wisp fanlight towards a better world so called for ‘all’. The need to have a labour intense workforce will they think keep us too busy to notice their shortfalls, but like the German high command and their timing for the V2 in the last stages of the war, it is all a lot to little and far too late to ever pull the wool back over the waking masses, who were all daydreaming their way through life in their delusion of work and downtime, with an ego needed breadwinner model for the two-point four and spouse to drift off into retirement oblivion under was destroyed by the greedy controllers for that better world they still have not delivered. Change always demands a sacrifice just as liberation for an emerging nation will always force the indigenous nation to take up the mantle of the oppressors who ran their country as a resource for their own nation before, for their own profits and towards realising their own dreams. The cost is as ever the demand to pick up the reigns and take your destiny into your own hands or just let yourself be bled dry to another nation’s benefit to their own state of wealth.


The rise in all of the suppressed technologies out from under the oil industries bin it policies has seen the renewal of interest in hydrogen production for powering small vehicles and the most recent development of water filtration materials for seagoing vehicles to just take on water and process it in a just in time batch quantity production to power clean vehicles on and under water. Also has the potential to take domestic power production back into the hands of the people themselves and out of the cash cow status of the greedy money grabbers that never deliver and still place machines in your domiciles that use your electricity to run for the purpose of billing you for their product. This, of course, is theft and the standing charge they rent the machine to the user for denies their need for the machines in the first place to bill you with. So nuclear has shown with the twenty nuclear subs in Britain they cannot decommission the real problem with a dirty power source that cannot be miniaturised and will never likely make it into space no matter how much they try to sell the idea.


The first social models all considered that thirty percent of income from the entire working populace would be enough to maintain infrastructures, deliver utilities and social housing needs as well as the societal norms, police, law and order, schools and further education. But as we are seeing the rats are jumping on that bandwagon to the point that we are seeing taxation at fifty percent, over two incomes still get compounded with stealth taxes to keep the burgeoning ranks of the career politicians and developers with no real life experience keep themselves in charge of nations cash-flows. Now that the unworkability of the original model has shown up the bloated ranks of the unworthy giving themselves the lions share as they devise more and more invasive ways to take cash from the real earners of the world and give as little as they can get away with in return. This is the same destructive model that saw the might of the German ideal, come crashing down around their ears. The rise in eco-aware children absconding from school to protest adult disregard of the finite and delicate systems of a world already out of balance from the abuse of imposed order over naturally working with the world’s ecosystems for our mutual benefit and eventual longevity of life on the spinning globe. As the fractious idle time of people that can now see intensive manufacturing is a way to just keep them occupied for a pittance, as they fill the greedy, tax avoiders pockets and bolster someone else’s wealth status instead of enriching their own lives. As we see how invasive the tech is at tracking us and we see how enormous the global population is and just how limited their numbers are by comparison, the clock is ticking till the tipping point is reached and where can those that are not like us successfully hide in our ranks at the fall of their delusional daydream.


Nuclear never delivered, and power production using fossil fuels is only going to destroy the last natural habitats on the world, as oil is fast becoming as dirty a word as the by-product is. Space is still a vacuum away from being established with the drive to save oil for space flight as hidden research into anti-gravity flight development is only now being brought out of the buy it to bin it repositories of large oil companies and corporate income hogger’s secret vaults. Hydrogen can now be used as a clean source and is still getting no policy backing, no large investment and with the drive to add battery tech to the green power production model because of the discrepancy in providing a consistent stream of production from water and air. We are at a fresh start point that could make the difference of saving the world from having to go through a few centuries of recovery from the abuse that industry has conflicted and still inflicts on the planet. More people are sussing the lie in the manipulation of media and social platform so called influencers as being constructs for programming bots to learn to fool us and if the test didn’t work they still think they can fool us as they keep trying. Even on a global scale, the second hand market has taken a large chunk of the straight to landfill manufacturers sales. The throwaway fashion industry will see the intelligent spender kill that little bubble off, all these are the clean up but the cost is industry and occupation will drop to the point of more people on idle time and the natural sources of resentment and targets for suppressed justice at realising we only ever lived to make someone else’s life better to the cost of our own.


Trump has started the long trip back into the hard pressed getting work, but with the influence of the next generation that can only ever come out one of two ways for the future. Britain and its mad escape from the clutches of the EU are having a disastrous effect on the stability of the four nations that make it up. It is doing more to Break the British Empire apart than any invading army ever could. The realisation in Scotland of not just its worth as an independent nation on the world stage is still at the faltering stages of disbelief being replaced with a new found sense of freedom, Just as Ireland takes a good look at what the British model has become as its old empire prestige fast fades into the pages of an invasive and destructive history for other nations it took by force and asset stripped to only end up a broke and penny pinching nation that turns against its own vulnerable and less fortunate to keep the greedy core of the overlord in a false sense of power and pride at the helm of a ship on the crashing rocks of change that comes to all empires in the end.