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Paid in Full.

Paid in Full.


A Poem
Chris Millar


Not a growth sector to be found
But the man unleashes the hound
Dogging the benefits hits the news
On a nation that paid its dues.

No words of fealty or profound
Now the austerity horsemen come round
They strip our rights with their micro bites
They want to arm police in case of fights.

If jobs were growing and industry stable
Would they hound the infirm and discriminate the unable
This will not be a Grimm fairy tail
If we shine our light on how they all fail.

They opened the borders they now close in a rush
The same old order using the old sweep new brush
Austerity concentration camps are the center
Abandon hope all ye who enter.

Work as they tell us will set us all free
To let one and all be all that we can be
We will die in the traces and rot in the field
The pen is now mightier than any sword they did wield.

Shut down the hospitals and price out the care
We paid in our dues and the cupboard is now bare
Generations paid for this with their life blood
Is anyone else tired of chewing this old cud.

Money is stripped and assets taken
Yet they insist they are not mistaken
No SS signs, or arm bands on show
We all know how this song should go.

Original work, composed on 01/02/2016