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Parabellum Testing.

A Reaping.

Those that want peace must prepare for war or so we are led to believe. Well the hyped virus nearly spooked a world if you just look at the media rubbish as it spews 24/7 on all available real life channels and other dinky little groups pretending to be what they fake they are. And being frozen with fear has ground the world to a halt, a hiatus the likes of which the world has not know since pre industrial days. The pandemic was never a reality but it was a live test on the back of a harmless virus with no greater killing power than the flu, except in the UK and that means something else went on here. The test has run its course in the safety of a low threat and has failed to make the grade, a test that the entire world failed. From being advised by secular think tanks with no real world experience, to ministers that cant seem to separate their career wangling from doing the necessary, to just taking justifiable actions where needed, or effective precautions being vetted. That and not knowing what to do in a crisis, is no excuse as no one knows what to do on new territory, all led to that failure. New territory demands a methodology that does not hinge on known facts and figures. It requires the ability to stick to tracks and mark terrain, find water and avoid difficult trails. No world leader calibres have been found at this time and all appear to be bogged down with uprisings from their failures.

This secular enclave of observational planners the governments are using as advisors, all seem to be using unreal models in their considerations. They always escalate past what life’s reactions, diseases effects and potential reach or spread will actually become, or underestimate it and even dismiss what they think is irrelevant in their deliberations. And using understanding not from a real world model but taken from a laboratory testing situation instead, where the sterile environment has no impediments, unlike the real world and that produces all the folly we have had to witness on a global and in nation scale results. They have no clue as to how people will react, or what forms it will actually take. Their models for disease in a real world is flawed as it is taken from a perspective with no insight, taken from impaired models as the basis of their thinking. As they lack the full comprehension and ability to model from reality, because they are too removed from reality, they will continue to produce bad results. They lack good psychological profiling, by demographic and background. They have no real world insights into disease, or enough data or actual spread patterns and all their extents, by type. The lack of real world experience is affecting the output to the point someone wants their flawed perspective as it suits their agenda. Their approach is taken from we know what we are doing and informing you is not what we do, we just tell you what to do and trust us to get it right. Well how does it feel with all that egg on your faces. The world has moved on, and the old guard are stuck in a colonial past. Defending street ornaments and decorations of historic figures, while not understanding no one that walks by them will even know who they were or care what they did or did not do. The time to treat people like adults. is upon them while they still fiddle and twirl their thumbs as they procrastinate and prevaricate. An informed people are more capable of doing what needs to be done if they see the point and understand the risks and the probable outcomes involved.


The SAGE heads should have known better than to have aligned their collective under a banner for ‘wisdom’, from a vanity reference. They have been wrong on almost every count so far, yet they must be the best that the leaders that are failing miserably, can’t do without. An impotent government being driven by a set of speculators (just like the banks and their gamblers) that are delivering information on things that they are still so wrong about. We have mothballed hospitals that if the two meter rule is not dropped soon, that will have to be used as open plan schools. The numbers they predicted for this test were not realised. The war footing of the nation is as bad as the rest of the world. If an alien did arrive to take the planet, we would all bristle to death in the biological haze of their clean the planet of vermin solutions. While the eggheads with money all want to make viruses and then sell the vaccines, they have no compunction in killing inferior races or just using them to develop treatments and cures as they cull their numbers to suit their ideologies. The extension that IT will bring to the world has unforeseen conclusions that will devastate the world resources at some point in the future, to the point of inhibiting life in any fashion to thrive on the planet. A societal structure has to have a development arm that is not incentivised by policy, ideologies or any other overview than protect the species and the world. It has to have a defensive capability that defends life and has the tools to deal with unknown invaders, and biological measures to safeguard the populace and themselves in conflict situations. If people are told to use the exercises for a period every year, say a month that is slow for trades and commerce and all forms of expenditure exchanges. Social distancing, shielding the vulnerable and training the kids in the process and informing all that if a biological event, or a real pandemic hits, these actions are necessary to give survival a chance. This will require an early warning system in place for the entire globe that will give enough of an advance to make the change from first gear to moving up to fifth.

As nations and people start carping and bitching and when after a lock down and are let out for breaks, they still trail their trash in one direction only, and leave a mountain for mum to clean up after them. We may have to face the fact we do not have high survival chances in a real crisis. This parabellum exercise is a global failure. This includes China because if they are the only race left to fight a superior foe they will just be the last to survive as they never work well with others. Mexico and their renowned brutal ways may manage to survive as a ground resistance as long as China would on all fronts, But it is time to understand a clean up crew will be small and deadly and the armada will arrive at leisure to a cleaned and depopulated world ready for inhabiting.


The test has brought to light the worst elements of human nature and the stupidity of individual stances being used in a global situation. While soft nations that do not understand that life is risk and that nothing is safe or guaranteed will not fare well in another world conflict. Compounding the injuries was the scientific response, which was to sell vaccines that can only help with a single virus and then become redundant. The man set about strangling control and conscription from the masses, as they believe they are the superiors and the grunts just need to follow orders. Not with an alien aggressor, that will overpower the troops and take the forces heads all in the same day. The delay between order and reaction from another head cannot be overridden even with virtual armies and single controllers at the virtual helms. A probable future is not a certainty, but to have no provisions for every eventuality that might or may occur is as foolish as letting the kids go for walks in bear infested woods with no protection or chaperones.

As the world nations started to all social distanced (Brexit,Trade wars etc,) before the test run. The suppressed intolerances and greed and spite began to ooze out of the unconscious (ID) human psyche. This was before the viral run was given the go ahead. It has not had the right outcome and again for all the unintended reasons their thinking never gets to. From their ‘find me a way to do this’ directives they get from their masters. Oil is back to 1970s consumption levels. Pollution is cut to a reasonable level. There is less need for medication from social distancing as spread is down for all transmittable and communicable ailments. Just leaving actual injuries to be dealt with, and surgical solutions were all forced out of the picture in their triage approach to making changes. If an alien with superior understanding of biowarfare had arrived in December of last year. Then this planet would be picked clean by now.

Living in full preparedness for war is impossible given that life is meant to be lived and not feared. All life has to adapt to risk, and risk demands an understanding of input and outcome, or cost and returns if you are the machine. Risk assessment has to develop past its present clunky ‘suck it and see’ directives. Before risk management is taught and taught well, fear management has to be in place, the imagination is its ally and it magnifies reason into an unreasonable stance in the process. The one thing that is clear from the exercise is that fear is imagined, while danger is real or just suggested. A conscripted and directed population without the wit to think evaluate and make decisions will see the end of the race at some point in the future if we hit a bad point in the road. There is no IT solution as we know the labour saving devices have all failed to deliver and are just tools to be used. A complete tech society is not within the planets resource capabilities now nor at any time in any probable future. So selective developments for the It will be needed instead of global distributions. The phone in the pocket, and the computer at home are essential for instant WW reports and updates. While things like mandatory vaccines are a non starter, as single purpose redundant treatments. Absolute control is an illusion and not knowing people is compounding the problem that has undermined every conflict crisis since the dawn of time. Children need to be able to mix from an early age, and be able to pass about the normal childhood illnesses, that a living social distanced world will stop in its tracks. When the cure does more harm than the illness, the doctor may well be a resurrected Dr Crippen or Mengele, so lets not allow a Hitler or Mussolini in to compound that mix.


The rise of the BLM is obviously a grass roots thing as it is lacking cohesive leadership. They attack public remnants of a history, neither they nor their immediate forefathers lived or suffered from. While there is real slavery going on in other countries in the world. Their focus (deliberate?) is directed at pissing in their own back yard, the one that educated them, housed them and gives them the liberty to protest. They need to take that to the countries that do not do that much for their own people or a subjugated race they use for workers. The manacled slave is nearly gone from the modern mindsets. Yet the wage slave is a reality and it affects people of all races, colours and faiths in every country in the world. But that keeps getting misdirected out of the collective attentions, to serve only one agenda. The looting and the threats of violence all add fuel to the fire for that agenda and does not now, nor did it ever serve the people stirred up into similar stances down the present timeline. A statue is not the enemy but a piece of history from a time when they were placed in public as credit to the nation, and art in public was considered frippery and indulging the arts over the sciences. While real inhuman atrocities are still going on in the world today in the name of progress, to cover up the greed behind it all. That greed unmasked is still the usual suspects of money and power and all the trappings that go with them. A free person will put in their all to the best of their capabilities, while a slave will fight the chains at every turn and deliver only a percentage of what will be needed when required, you would think that the powers that be would know this as certainly as we do, but they appear to not have a clue given their performance so far. In every human conflict in history it has taken monsters to defeat monsters, as the good guy never wins against an unscrupulous opponent. A trained fighter can learn the skills to defeat an unorthodox opponent, but training will only take them so far, as under pressure the will to see it through will be needed in an endurance match, to win the fight.