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Parity for Parody.

Was at a wee social gathering and an old friend asked me to explain parity, and my first response was two things sharing a common thread. But as I had been drinking for a few hours my mind latched onto the concept of parody but not the name it was still associated with Parity. It took to the next day (clearer head) to realise the concept was mixed up with Parody and it took a while to get the point at where they joined in my recall. So I started to see the comparative a lot easier. Because parody is to lampoon a comparator in the object being parodied, or mocked in ridicule, that it was its relation to the object with the humorous twist to the presentation. This brought the realisation that parity is a positive reflection of a shared thread, while parody is almost usually the opposite. So on a spectrum that has parody as the most negative swing to it, that would set parity at the most positive end of the spectrum. That should leave the centre ground between them as yet not known, but then mirroring started to be a thing about five six years or so ago. This led me to look at what does not take from the object, and also does not add to the object, that would just leave realisation in recognition as the most likely candidate for the post.

A good deal has been happening of late, the battle lines are drawn in the house of ruin in Westminster. The infighting the name calling the harsh tones and all the lies and blame that gets thrown when that starts. Feeling may get hurt and resentments stoked accordingly. The SNP are getting ready to hold hands with Labour but I hope they do not think the Scottish electorate that is starting to wipe our Westminster strongholds one after the other till they are a diminishing minority in the land, hopes to get back in the nations good books. The fear mechanism is being levelled at Jeremy Corbin, to try and stir his own camp against him. Suits who sir? and you have to recognise the parity, sorry the parody of that parity. We have long known backwater problem cells did not have the money or resources for state of the art weapons and infiltration teams all organised against us all. But who does? and who have a reputation of false flagging history at certain flash points in our time line. Then of course there is the peachy view coming from the US as threats, accusations and allegations are tearing up the fabric of the nations world standing. They have gone from the most influential and powerful nation on the globe to almost second place to the new kid on the world stage platform block, China. After threats of a tit for tat trade war was the gauntlet thrown by the chief buffoon himself. A house divided against itself is a ruin and no mistake, we are seeing it with all the dirty tricks they can muster. China of course is like yeah whatever for they could not care less about a divisive tactic like baiting and challenging so they can coin of it. China just did not see the bait to ignore it, they just have eyes on their own methods which are by the way earning a bob or two. There are rumours of some new alliances and old ones being brushed off, while at the same time there are some military tactics being brought onto the field of play as they take a leaf out of the west’s, book of just sit on their doorstep to see how they react. This shows they clearly lack what the west has and has had for decades alliances that China needs to work on, but threats and bribery are the only tools they are showing so far.

The west has long established alliances and the UN and NATO may be a bit neglected of late but they do have all the connections and the support of quite a body of the worlds nations behind them. This is still to start to form in the eastern block, as Russia is still a lone wolf state and will not dance to any other tune. Meanwhile the breakdown in the west is not showing as an orchestrated series of events, but it having the effect that one would have if you see my parity here.

Meanwhile the Get Greta campaign got shot in the sails early on, first the boat ride and the crew having to fly home, as she will be there for a bit as it could take some time to get over a trip like that and all that time it took up for planning, scheduling and making sure of your places of interest. Then up jump the out of the closet Trolls, that just levelled at her and it all blew back in their faces man like a bad whitey. Clarkson was pit stopped on the first lap. Then the Morganite was playing both ends against the middle piercing the veil and still no greater clarity. His feverish need did spout that if things had been different he and and Susana would have been like, at it all the time so they would. Wonder what her take was on that she was a wee bit quiet about the whole thing, just letting it slide or waiting to see what came out of it. Now other kids are standing their ground after Greta’s lead and they could make up her tribe after all she has found her followers, but they could be her tribe you know where she belongs and can fit in with the like minded, or shared parity of belief, action and planning, or just on the same wavelength even.

On a final word about parity and parody. Do you think that Boris is the parody of Trump because of the bumbling way he is interpreting parity, the clown to the straight man in a transatlantic comedy duo, so to speak. The man has a certain reputation in some areas and he has denied any wrongdoing as he side steps the ladies insistence. No smoke they do say without a spark happening first to fire it all up. And we all know he needs a smoke screen about now as the last ditch attempt at Brexiting the EU as the nations decision indicated, with his new shiny plans all of a flutter newly on the table.