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Pipeline Trials.


This is an update on the progress of the 3D software suite I bought a while back. I had to buy the pipeline version of Character Creator 3 so that I could export my DAZ collection into iClone. For a while with my disabilities it was looking like I might have to upgrade 3DXchange to the pipeline version as well, but these videos show that as long as I export DAZ Genesis characters (iClone suite has a profile for them) I can with a little jiggling and poking get them into Character Creator (CC3) to store them for use in iClone in animations or art. 

The whole point of the suite is that 3DXchange is supposed to make importing into iClone a simple thing to rig and fix characters (DAZ and others to) and then to port them straight into iClone. But as you will see in the 3DXchange video that does not always work out well. CC3 is meant to be a character creation and repository part of the suit. To create new characters and then to rig and to store them, before sending them to iClone for inclusion in animated projects or art one.

The videos were all recorded without audio and were sped up past the long boring bits, then played while the audio was recorded. Then the videos were rendered with the audio file to the finished videos seen here. There is an audio driver problem that I need to fix as some of the sound is tinny.

The videos start with exporting a DAZ rigged character in FBX format for testing the pipeline functionality. Then there is a video showing the import into CC3 to see how it handles Characters, clothes and props as well as hair. Then the third video is importing into iClone From 3DXchange and it fails to separate character and clothes making it useless. This may be the DAZ export format as it already has problems flattening the feet of high heeled characters. I will experiment more with it later. The final video is showing taking the DAZ FBX file into Blender and the mess that results. This is fixed by using CC3 to export the imported DAZ FBX out as an FBX for Blender, and this imports well. So I can now get back to work and I have a record of how to do it in case of future memory problems. As I reread these blogs as notes to myself and as a form of diary of where I am in the projects.