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Playing Both Sides.

Playing Both Sides.


A Poem
Chris Millar

Set Up.

When you play the game of middle for diddle
Its as bad as what Nero did with his fiddle
Both sides lack a piece and see a riddle
If the answer isn’t in the outsiders its in the middle.

Both sides are defending their friend
And loyalty assured will never end
While mutual signals they both send
Without treatment it cannot mend.

Someone is lying in the pack
Stabbing both Spartans in the back
Playing the old game I’m alright Jack
Landing blindsiders with unerring tack.

The morally depleted with a sappers dog
Sparking fires to ignite the slumbering log
Hiding close quartered in disbelief’s fog
From under a blanket with a winter tog.

Giggling as both sides call each other names
Easy against two that don’t play these games
Standing back while each other blames
Two cancel out and then just one remains.

Original piece composed around 29/02/2016.