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Signs of the Times.



Rigged voting was used on a global scale by the global elites. Every nation from/or including the G20 that had historic balanced opposition parliaments (the democratic ones anyway) are all now in a huddle and clinch of self congratulation as their group now have a collective block of power on what they feel is the global political stage. The main reason for forcing voting results all at once across the globe was their original test results said it struck beneath the radar of the people. They can only operate a con if you are unaware you are the mark and that you are being worked to achieve a goal for them and not for yourself. Greed is a great glimmer to distract as is fear and hunger to suppress, for power/more or even the feeling of movement over prolonged periods of stagnation. People were not signing up to the blood donation drives, the organ donation drives. The standardisation of medical practices around the globe was chaotic and sporadic on the uptake of advancements. Yet the WHO and their schemes to take not just the power but the control of lives through owning their nations imports and exports on a health scam say like a flue virus to justify grabbing the reins. It is not enough to now see that conspiracy theorists had the full brunt of it in an act of silencing the truth, not lies as they claim as now the joining up is showing the planning. The shift from a majority decision making model to an opt out is handing power and control to minority bodies. You can see the underbelly in the trans dialogues and the attacks on domain rights of the two sexes that make up the life affirming groups of the human race. They lay claim to bodies with a catch all you are assumed in or out if its in our database, yet my family has at the point in hospital the right to interject. But handy old covid is stopping family from being there at the point of demise as all the ghouls keep them away so they can harvest as they please. The only hole in the plan is die at home have your family stage a 5 day wake and keep the body at tissue destroying temperatures so the organs cannot be harvested. This also raises the Island question (Film Ewan McGregor, Scarlet Johansson) just who needs access to tissue and blood typed donors all running around in the world in hard to locate places, mid destinations and on detours. When some rich buyer needs their organs because of their lavish lifestyles.

This sort of organ harvesting on a global scale is unprecedented. And from the likely matches in our old system the matching of skin (tissue rejection) and blood types has held it all down to a snails pace with long waiting and often never filled shopping lists, hearts, lungs, kidneys, liver and eyes. Now it was never critical and the uptake said more about good common sense, about handing control to morons who’s 100 year old globalisation plan was killing the planet. Raping its resources for a future that there just are not the materials on the spinning ball to even make one percent of it ever be realised. But did that stop them, no they had to have the truth rammed down their throats. And yes the conspiracy theorists proved to be the only disproportionate discrimination factor in their attack plans. Undermining, shaming, false fact checking any measure to silence it. From the herd that is stupid as we generally see the sense behind it and know the liars that are dissing it in the media to the point it cannot be being kept from us if we all know it. So some secular little group in their own makeup may be under delusions aimed at keeping the program on target, like China’s walled of information centres hidden in thick layers of overwriting and denials to the point it is becoming obvious. As the old transparency directive starts to take root in the larger collective, it is a huge threat to the new world orders need to keep everyone only hearing their program and propaganda. Take Korea and you can see Chinas largest test subject for the ability to filter out the truth from the rest of the world. To keep its own message as the only one to be heard. Odd how many western leaders are all quick to jump into China’s bed for financial and industrial reasons just ask Biden’s son and see what answer you get. They used to look out junkies and sexual deviants in well to do oppositions ranks as they turn quick when pressure is applied.

So the west had to have a hand in destroying the democratic model and dismantling it from the inside is the plan. Take over key operational services especially law and security, keep up disinformation in key opposition members constituents, start social actions and root out people that can be bought and stay bought. Keep up a web infiltration and disinformation program say like a self appointed fact checkers notice to anything they disagree with. Keeping all open exchanges of sensitive insights into their methods actions and evidence trail is just kept off feeds, it is just that easy for a machine that is all about the logic.

Rigged voting to break the hung parliament deadlock (unconscious resistance?) to force through opt out schemes (basically fringe numbers overruling majorities, breaking democracy for rule?) to strip human rites and still they are not getting the numbers. At the next realisation point their momentum will stall be ready and know your targets. 5G, opt out, Wi-Fi money and cryptocurrency (by short and sell quick till then, and yeah some will get burned). Internet of things on the materials side and the ecological impacts. This is the new ad campaign aimed at inciting interest and commitment, give them neither. Someone is artificially floating crypto currencies and they do not have unlimited supplies of real cash to keep it so artificially high in trading, unless its the old cash favourites crime and no punishment crews. So when they get the wind up like another scare in the same vein as the short sellers recent nightmare. Then a lot will get burned in the stampede, there is a high end filter mechanism in place now of cash being pulled out slowly and carefully to not cause a stampede, but how orderly is it when the fire alarm goes and your in the room with the blaze. All the failed campaigns are now sending key information by post to the present occupier. Trying to dismiss the personal in the personal information and rights part of their doomed drives. Not in my name, not without my consent, and my family have the last say as they do now and your databases will not have the numbers to claim the clout of numbers (yes and no information counts at that level as in the scheme) so inform your family make a live will, a piece of video stating you do not give governments the right to steal your rights, over organs, speech, access and social as well as family and friends acceptable practices. So thank you for your advice but we will set up our own alternatives to your assumption of soul rights in the matters for human beings.

Repel all boarders politely and firmly, and bring the dog to the door to get the point across. Thank you but no, thank you is the clap in the face for the presumption. Funny they never mention your right to refuse as they lay pressure on where there is no tolerance, left for pressure. Bribery is the tool of choice for them as force will bring down the precariously balanced delusion of control right around their ears. But with so much of the truth being exposed on a daily basis, all the G20 countries that are no longer hung parliaments with right wing globalist elected parties is not a natural disposition for the world we actually live in. So it is manufactured and goes against the grain at all levels of humanity. Time to bring the tech to heal, time to do for a second time what the German might tried with violence. They stopped the wealth of the Hebrews from starting a world control mechanism and delayed it long enough to be dragged 20 years past the millennium mark. That would have given them the auspicious event of time clichés, a logical start at the new millennium at the start of the year 2000. Time to strip investment in a tech handcuff for all life, a state ownership of people when in fact the truth is we are the state and the power behind it and by not endorsing it, actively impeding it, it will run out of steam. They need a media propaganda machine to keep blaring out the message they say that is the real facts, from the people that rig votes, make up statistics and put a moving target area at middle management so there were no heads to roll. So do not expect a fair fight, but you can expect a win as they keep proving by sticking to a failed set of ideals, that cannot ever deliver. That they are incapable of making changes and are devoid of innovation and the spark of creativity. They must use a script, tie everything into logic and drive from a top down minority position to remain the tale wagging the slap happy dog.