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Subliminal Leaks.


Some of the largest stubborn fan bases induced to want certain products from subliminal advertising, include campaigns from coke, all cigarette manufacturers and of course the early car industry. The softer campaigns that use social structures with no subliminal influence mechanisms have all fared poorly because of how deep rooted the industry backed ones have had in effect, on people’s aspirations and expectations for themselves and has influenced life decisions accordingly. Healthy eating has failed in a marked way even though the reasoning for it is clear and the evidence is indisputable. Stop smoking campaigns and other life course and health course direction changers have all faired as poorly against the might of media manipulation for product placement in film, styles and behaviour in TV series, as well as style and aspiration has been influenced in magazines.

The old myth that embedding a graphic, or text image into a film sequence is laughable when you know that at the old film speeds in frames per second was, it would be highly visible in the playback to an alert and attentive viewer in critical mode. The history of the subject has raised more questions than it has answered, but one question remains does it actually work. If you look at the stubborn support and high voluntary affirmation from Trump supporters you have to ask is it poster placement at eye level over longer durations of time as opposed to the single frame in 15-25 frames a second incidental film or presentation. Taking a look at modern speech writing and even just breaking down ministerial or even government party presentations on a global scale. They all appear to use the key noting, bullet pointing and high repetition of key words and phrasing, that the early Greeks used to influence thinking way back in the early days of subliminal being courted, by greedy people wanting more for themselves to be given freely by a preprogrammed public right into their pockets.

The modern approach to use high repetition and reinforcement of either key words ‘Brexit’, or ‘Pandemic’, in media reporting as well as in keynote political speeches is not new. The placing of words and the structuring of sentences in particular presentation styles does have an effect. Pavlov’s dog gets trained with a bell to anticipate the delivery of food, to the point over repetition that the dog will salivate to the sound of the bell in anticipation of the expected even assured food delivery. Food consumption rates in the west are disproportionately higher per head of population than it is in the rest of the world. The underlying causes are not fear of starvation or even shortages, and yet the drive to consume is a neurotic one. Bad eating conditions like bulimia, and anorexia, in a neurotic volume controlled intake lifestyle, have been at the top of eating disorders lists for decades now.

From this lockdown we can all see that the old ways had an artificially induced state of uncertainty overlaid into our daily lives. Worry about safety, was wrapped up in demand for to hit schedules, and meet targets. This as we can now see was artificially induced to add to a suppressed layer of neurological response to the day to day world. Fear is a driving force, it is not a passive one and will impel people at the impulse level into action at low levels or to inaction at higher levels. Then add the social uncertainty strata, of not being able to determine character, or nature well in other people, from just observation and incidental contact, like with work mates and teachers or even carers and professionals. This stretches the fear of the unknown to a point where circumstances or just daily demands make us just accept face value and history of behaviour to not stagnate, and to keep moving ahead in life. Then the real worries also lie in the background media related noise we listen to on a daily basis. Crime, child trafficking, unpredictable people and spontaneous emotional carnage by strangers. To the point we are suspicious of nearly everything and everyone in our casual knowing and dealings. And all the while in this suppressed fear state we are being bombarded, with directives to buy more stuff.

Now if it did not work and had no effect why has it migrated to social media video playback, having enforced adverts injected into most social platform shared videos. If it did not have an effect, then why has Facebook started injecting an enforced advertisement into shared videos on our private feed on our personal pages, if it does not work. YouTube has an advertisement marker where you can choose to skip the thing with the four or five second cancel, which has been removed or ignored in Facebook’s direct tap into our subconscious, and we are now subject to a full thirty or twenty seconds of corporate invasion in our visual spaces. This shows by intent that they have a strategy with their directed product placement tactics intruding at specific times.

To understand this we need to go back to how modern advertisement strategies all began. The initial visual platform was the cinema. The adverts were placed before the publics eyes at the beginning of a feature, and at the end between the matinée serials that were in the format for early film showings. This did not have the desired effect and as cash was a big problem, spending power was still limited, and so no big results were had. Take the ‘Clockwork Orange’ solution to reprogramming that was coined in the film, a forced attention point and a litany of images and programming overlays to inhibit behaviour and to encourage alternate behaviour. Now it all seems a little bit far fetched and too unrealistic to even be taken seriously. They never, at that time crossed the line of injecting adverts into the show reels play time, unlike when television arrived after the first few years and also had such disappointing returns as the cinema program did. So what did they learn and what were their targets and goals. First to get people in a receptive state as the enforced attention one just build resentment, and resistance to the programming over the duration of the exercise. Our dismissive and avoidance reactions get set in belligerent mode in that environment, and the whole thing becomes a moot point very quickly. So the goals for them are to engage our anticipation level like the bell did for Pavlov and his dogs, to bypass our resistance levels, and to be open to dismissing it from the conscious right into the unconscious. Nice trick if they could do it, but the trick did not arrive till television replaced the cinema as the method of delivery. I will come back to the cinema delivery method later to show how effective it has become, and how it is now used to instruct social behaviour that the program wants instilled in us.


So early advertising had to get maximum attention and focus to bury the message, in a large screen format, in the dark (no distractions) and with willing recipients, paying for the privilege to be programmed by big industry. When people are viewing subject matter to be entertained, attention is focused in the film and its characters and storylines. So why place an ad in the middle of a film and not at the end or beginning. Before we are restless and forced to wait to build anticipation, not a good time to deliver a message you want to implant. At the end we are dismissing and refocusing, to get ready to leave at the cinema and at home in front of the box we get back to schedule stuff, making the tea, putting a wash on etc. So the television gave them a way to get ads into our attention level where our impatience and dismissal levels, after anticipation building, will start to ignore the message to the point we convince ourselves we never really see them. We claim to not remember them and yet if asked we could repeat the message slogans, or the tune that went with it, as some market testing already showed. Which we found out in those stop and ask in the streets questionnaires, so common a couple of decades ago. So to recap they need to have our willing attention or face the Clockwork Orange effect, they need to get us to anticipate to engage impatience and dismissal of the message, as denial is a key tool in the process of embedding the message. Hence placing ads in the middle of programs, so what stopped that from having the same effect over time, to the point that they did not ever anticipate a decline in its effectiveness. They like industry, science and even politics all had the infinite growth syndrome going in their planning levels that dismissed the finite universe reality, of the real world model we all live in. Now another key element in the programming design, is credibility and endorsement from key or noted people, or celebrities in common parlance. As from the early days of film as stars of big screen got the press, tabloid and early magazine status of demigods they influenced masses of people, using just the big screen model. Children’s names reflected that in their heyday, goods they bought, property they owned and the list goes on, even in this age of anti-celebrity. Yeah you read it right, celebrity is not what it used to be and to be honest it will never be the same ever again. Influencers have large followings in social media platforms and they still have elements in their ranks that use bots to rig the figures, while some are legit, so nothing new there. The lockdown will damage and undermine a lot of the preprogramming that went on for decades, and as we know the modern celebrities are all trying to show just how normal and human they are, less flaunting it and more disclosing their realities. Now without a credible celebrity, and a good pitch point to deliver it the whole thing is struggling with our attention not being as ardent as it was in the past. The modern viewers are critical of any little thing and the message is getting lost at the pitch because anticipation is waning in a more contented daily life populace. It all worked so well in the past because of the lacks in the lives of the poor, as we only aspire to what we do not have, or cannot get. We all take what we have for granted and dismiss ostentatious greed and avarice, as it would just reflect badly on us.

When anticipation of a good series is in circulation like GOT had, Witcher and the Mandalorian are aiming at, and even Killing Eve managed to attract. The urge of the last century for companies to sponsor shows in the past is still a high drive mechanism in the present age. To the point companies and product related makers sponsored and paid for series for the small screen. The smart money knows better, but you cannot convince someone of something they do not want to believe, as much as you cannot sell something people do not aspire to, or need on a daily basis in their lives. Like hypnosis you cannot make someone act against their own sense of moral propriety, or against their own beliefs, under this type of influence. That is the last stumbling block for them in their controlled, and direction driven IT straight jacket dystopian nightmare future scenarios. A large percentage of the populace are genuinely not affected by advertisements, are not driven by popular life courses, or career decisions and life choices from social diktats. So what is so different about these people, that are not effected by the programming, and still make up their own minds, and base their decisions on their own needs, as they recognise them, as opposed to the easily influenced. Some numbers and results have parallels in other finding, that seem to relate almost directly to others, and some that should relate do not. The placebo effect, is a definer of the levels of belief, in the people tested, that in no way reflects the whole of mankind, but for samplers and market researchers, that use these sample sections to reflect the whole, will in that process dismiss the small numbers and anomalies they find, as they concentrate on the finding they want. The placebo effect has a relatable figure of about a third of people that can heal themselves, when they believe they are being treated with something that can heal, or they are being given a real treatment. For the last numbers about two thirds in each study it does not matter what you give them it does not work. These stats and others from other studies, give smaller number similarities, for different directives and tests, that will appear to reflect the findings in related studies, in their final numbers. The truth is as we all now know, that rigging numbers brings a programme implied suggestion that is used where the numbers do not reflect exact outcomes that are required, so numbers are rigged to reflect the needed outcome by suggestion. They scale the results from small test samples, just like the targets they need, just like they do for advertisements. As they choose to ignore the fixed attention results not reflecting expected outcomes, and just dismiss what they do not want to recognise, or whatever will not get the results they want. As that affects the ability to sell the results they need to make a buck. The placebo effect has a real world outcome that is not being addressed, and that is that one third when they give themselves the permission to heal (the red pill Neo, swallow the pill man) do heal. One third of the second real deal pill takers will heal themselves. So one third of people have an active immune system that responds to treatments and two thirds do not, and have to rely on natural healing. One third need to and can empower the process, by taking the pill, using the cream or having the alternative therapy. And two thirds do not have an engaged and working immune system that can be directed to speeding the healing process and so effectively do not respond to treatments. One third of the placebo test healed. One third of the ‘real deal’ pills healed, and that shows that one third of all have active immune systems, that can be affected by treatments, real or imagined. A pill has to engage the immune response, and some tranquilizers just induce a relaxed state, to heal like with sleep and bed rest, an induced comma does the same thing in a more dedicated fashion for serious injuries. Expectations are met when we think we are doing something actively to heal ourselves, and this has been true, since well before big pharma wanted to dominate an industry from it, for income for their own pleasure. This raises the question of suggestion, as we are seeing from the political directives coming over the daily media releases, under this enforced (suggested?) lockdown, they think they have reached the point of suggested rules, overruling the need to live by laws, and be informed from legislative changes. Remember their directive is to reach control over the masses.

The use of building expectation mechanisms, can be seen in the long delay, that was tested in restaurants to build anticipation, that would overlook the mediocre meal when it arrives, because you will be more hungry, and ready for the long awaited meal, as well as more appreciative of it when it hits the table in front of you. It was done with plays, vaudeville acts and other live shows. Anticipation builds expectation with impatience, to overrule critical thinking and it works to good effect. Has anyone tried to get your attention when you are engrossed in something, how well did you remember the message, the phone call or the number they delivered to you at that point. This is the thinking behind the adds, in the middle of a series or program. Irritation will delegate the interruption to the unconscious without an immediate need attached. Like the intrusion demanding a refocusing of your attention, to a detail that will require action later, being consigned to the unconscious. So the dismissal process, actively relegates the intrusion to the subconscious, and we feel superior at dismissing the intrusion. We even convince ourselves that we are masters of our own minds. We will remember the sequence, use a signal, or a situation to build anticipation, waiting is key, as it builds a determination to see it through, to stick it out, and to see it finalised. Even in just queuing in a restaurant, in line in a bank, waiting for a bus, train or a lift. Relief when it moves forward is a key point in the building process, how many can hear themselves confirm they are second or third in line to just get into a shop these days, oh yes you do, you know you do. Why is after an anticipation building action, that the focus and attention set is then engaged in a relaxed, comfy place, home or the modern day recline in a big comfy chair in the dark situation at the cinema, necessary. So that brings to mind the point is you should never know you are being programmed, you have to convince yourself it is your idea.

Well I did say earlier I would come back to the cinema and show you how effective it all is on you. You go to the cinema, you load up before hand with sweets and treats, again not with healthy choices that have low advertising status. While some people bring with them their own treats or intend to have a meal after ot drink to round the night off. You sit eating them all the way through the trailers and into the advertisement slots. As the patronising voice tells you to be a good citizen (shut off your phones for other people’s comfort) and adjusts your behaviour, just so you will dismiss it into your subconscious. Timing and placement is key. Pavlov had the dogs anticipate the meal delivery. You voluntarily load up with the goods from the adds that you smugly state was your idea to buy as you are sitting there with them at that point as the ad comes on the screen, just in time to convince you it was your choice and you are ahead of the programming. So it was free choice, yeah, I’m listening, tell me about how that was your choice again. Next time in the cinema look around at those that do not queue up for large drinks, full popcorn boxes and instead have a sweet of choice in their pockets, some kids are known to take fruit, or even home made snacks, but tell me again what you are queuing up for and have in anticipation of the ad in your hands, or on the new modern reclining tables in a cinema, was all about free will and making your own choices again.

That takes us to the point of visual confirmation processes as we see them in life. The friend or neighbour that has the same type of desirable object as yourself, prompting mention and a slight feeling of gratification. So magazines and movies, all dictated manner, means, social behaviour and acceptable practices. Why is advertisements still being used and especially in the new fashion Facebook is slipping them into our attention dismissive interruption free level of awareness. Games is the answer, as the new boredom starts to raise impatience without a payoff, distraction will head into games. The modern games platforms, online are commercial enterprises of enormous reach, and the exploitation within their structures is staggering. The fact that a high proportion of them were filled with company players placed for micromanaging a predetermined payoff, and outcomes for the newbies. Which was first piloted in online games like Rift, after is was exposed they laid off lots of workers. Warhammer was the ground breaker it has made fortunes, from specialist weapons for character, armour, and trading up powers and skills. Second life the same with its virtual platforms for selling and buying nothing but the figments of other people’s imaginations, all dressed up in a full, interpersonal connected environment, that the real world does not allow. This safe space has focussed attention, a heavy dismissal to stay focussed on mission is encouraged, with little tells, and visual clues all around. That when your puny free weapon is trashed by a bought super-weapon forces certain realisations, as your drab guild clothes are outmatched by some fashion designed slick kit, and this starts a realisation process. From this little notion starts a process to be better, and to look finer in a virtual space where none of that actually exists, yet people will go straight to the online shop for avatar purchasing products. In effect spending money on nothing as they will not actually realise a profit from any resale, when the value is in the bespoke realms of ownership. Yet they make fortunes from the industry and not everyone plays them yet. They allow social interactions, group or team memberships, and even guilds and houses to encourage a feeling of real inclusion, with people who you have not, and probably, in a non transport world, post lockdown ever meet. Most modern bots or NCP (non character players) are clever enough to fool most unaware people that they are real. So try to remember, you are playing in an industry device, that is there to make money. Where they will use all the means at their disposal, to tie you into a regular income level for themselves, with addition add hock income from prestige sales, available from their handy online shops.


What you might add, do games have to do with subliminal programming, that has moved on from pre lockdown, to getting complete (thirty seconds) adverts dismissed to the unconscious of the person lounging in the dark waiting for the program to restart. Those messages were effectively placed into the unconscious in thirty second slices, with a directive for the impulse level to be triggered by. Ever had that restless do not know what you want, prowl to the fridge or cupboards to try to ease the state of dis-ease you feel. An imperative is pushing at the impulse level with no directive and no solution, it was triggered by a state of unrest, a sense of loss, maybe disappointment, that was dismissed recently at a busy point in the day, and surfacing later as an impulse, that has no direction and solution. This mechanism is the unconscious programmers intended place to affect us all. They usually have in that ‘thirty second’ attached their product to aspiration, a character in a group situation and all are happy, so being at a loss and unhappy the impulse to get something that reflects your unconscious image of happy has no focus. Where in life does this actually exists, so unrequited aspirations have a consolation product, also buried in there from the add, for you to buy, and not a bell in sight, just how Pavlov feeds the dog. Aspiration at the unconscious level is tagged to cars, and prestigious stuff and is aimed at the haves, the have nots might scrimp and save to get there, but will hardly be likely to live at that level of income, and be able to buy the whole set of goods that are associated with them at the unconscious level. While the rising new money will, be able to afford and have so are the real targets of the add campaign. Holidays and going abroad is sold with golden sunsets, great beaches all snapped at their once in a wee while best, and even retouched to add some envy attractor’s. The real test for this is after the lockdown lifts, how much of the programming will still have effects now our perceptions have shifted. After all there are a lot of old programming points still in nature to witness. The dog circling on a carpet pressing imaginary grass down to lay on it, is but one. Imagine the first scientists that got all excited at the prospect of programming their captive audiences to that level of impulse controlled behaviour. This brings us to the advent of the VR headset, which has never taken off as well as they would like, as the video conference tools are now showing us why they do not satisfy the user experience. The new directive for them comes from the program to control level of thinking that was hinted at in the Clockwork Orange film. A blinkered voluntary attention focussed concentrated awareness dismissing irrelevancies at lightning speeds. This engrossing, and immersive experience, is an ‘add man’ and ‘unconscious programmers’ wet dream device, as attention and focus are heightened, and the dismissal process is almost an instinct that hardly registers on the conscious level.

So to recap, anticipation must be built, before attention is focussed that has a level of suspended disbelief in place without any props, so that dismissal deflect to the unconscious to not distract from the conscious flow and experience. The ‘add man’s’ wet dream moment, in a self endorsing pliable target, as the message is filtered into the unconscious unnoticed. The single point or message relayed, is in itself nothing. Remember that politicians repeat key words till they are dismissed as repeats, and you begin to see its no single add that is effective, rather it is the process repeated over time, with no resistance that is the real tool. The real bady from the ‘Clockwork Orange’ scenario was the resistance level, which with VR is now being circumvented, by free choice. Now imagine that, not on a wide big attention grabbing screen, now that the big screen is about to become a thing of the past, but instead in a self isolated and relaxed but focussed moment with a suspended state of disbelief riding mental shotgun, to give the illusion of a continuous stream in a Zen moment or flow. Add to that headphones on top to further limit distractions, a VR headset that cuts out visual distractions, and all this in a product placement environment like no other the world has ever seen. Still think you are not programmed, well follow me down the rabbit hole for a minute.

Brexit was blared 24/7, on all channels, on all media pages, and all other topics were linked to it, from economy to education and business news or investments, work and health issues the same. The virus has had a similar hype, after the Brexit test worked so well. A referendum is not a legal election and is only an advisory device, and yet we left the EU, under a mere suggestions paltry powers. Brexit is detrimental to most people’s welfare, income and life expectations, and yet a resolute stance was reinforced to make it so by a government that led the proceedings. In comparison the virus is a common strain, from colds and flu’s and it can be found and tested for in nearly everyone that has ever had one of the strains. Now that is a genius cover story to start from. The normal death rates can be seen in the countries that dealt with it better, and are making great strides in combating it. The nations that have not are the most programmed in the western world, that want nano precision control over their people without the use of force. Which they do not have the manpower to do anyway, and science is still getting money, resources and more powers to control us, for their little white coated observational record keepers to deliver a robotic, web connected, and easy deployment controlled, and target-able enforcement arm. In either a police or military force model. Power consumption for robotics is a problem at the moment, and recharge times being the big stumbling block to an old world roll out of that solution has now been lockdown bypassed. This power and charging times as well as lifespans for batteries problem as we are seeing with the mobiles we carry for them to track us with. Had to get a new workaround solution to the problems that stemmed from the old (pre lockdown) big lie, about central power generation being necessary to deliver power at point of use, needing to be blown apart for progress. That has been known since as far back as Nicola Tesla, before they killed him and stole the idea. Which we are now see it in essence creep into products, with the newfangled Wi-Fi recharging products coming out in small hand held device market places. This newly discovered (Tesla’s design) radiated power delivery, to be successful, has to have a 5G solution as the old 4G does not have large enough antenna power, delivered to them unlike 5G does. Now as electric cars and other forms of transport will be aided, in their power needs by the inner city local distribution from the becoming plentiful 5G antenna’s, allowing cars, robots, delivery devices, drones and you’re ‘in pocket’ tracking and control devices, to all charge on the go. They will extend their working capacity for distance with no down time in a recharge mode. This will have an overall effect on the ware and tear of the machines running all the time with no down time. The unintended consequences of this directive have still of course to be realised, but they are being tested now. As we are forced indoors and made to limit shopping so deliveries will take over non essential deliveries. In already established 5G areas, the health problems and side effects are being ignored or suppressed as they conflict with the world domination plans the western nations all have for their vision of a future world they control.