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Talisman Suite VI.


This page will have all the links to Talisman specific articles, tutorials and software advances and updates. At present the Talisman Suite is still at revision 7. The development stopped when my condition kicked off and I could no longer concentrate and program effectively. The links to the old revision will be here and all the YouTube links to tutorials are also included. The program was developed in VB6 and has had many incarnations in its development cycle. It was developed for use on an XP computer, but also runs on the Win7 platform. Currently it is running on my HP with Win10 with no problems, but you need to allow MS databases to have access. Try it and if it does not connect I will try and find a YouTube link to get you up and running.

The next revision will be a simplified update that will address all the know issues with the software. The current development has a spell checker included, and has a record keeping function that includes saving readings to load later for a client, but without an email function to send them direct instead. So you need to save them and then attach them to an email and do it manually.

The next development will clear up the errors in the last development and after the update is released. The next stage is to incorporate the emailler, that uses the contact email addresses from the client information (select from list) to add to a batch emailer to send them automatically at the end of the session. The art work is not finished yet but will be for the emailler release.