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The Charioteer of Life.


A Poem
Chris Millar

As a charioteer of life, I fight
To control the black horse and the white
Forging them into a willing team
A simple task this might seem
The secret of its success is very simple
As obvious as a maidens dimple

If this key to life you would employ
This same secret for girl and boy
No one simply ends the muddle
For mastery and control, never struggle
Faith when stirred deep inside
No doubt must ever override

Life’s rewards are never found
They grow where application and will abound
Instinct whispers in the gut
Telling intuition how to end the rut
Elevated by feelings growing higher
Ascending on the inner spire

If life’s rewards you would gain
Don’t view this world with disdain
If nothing you venture then nothing you gain
Beware! No promise of immunity to pain
The guardian for your finest hour
Vigilance each conscious hour

Don’t choose a path, just a destination
You’ve no time to get lost in hesitation
The important things aren’t just where you’re going
It’s not just the knowledge it’s more the knowing
Gain your balance, keep your goals in sight
Obstacles and distractions don’t stop to fight

Success is found in joyful bliss
For both the  ‘Mr’ and the ‘Miss’
The road indeed can seem too long
At the times when you’re less strong
And when you pause don’t hesitate
You’ll know much better when you meditate.

Original work final revision completed in 18/01/2007 original composition first posted around 22/03/2006