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The Curious Facts, Don’t Figure.


Well Mr Cummings is not well liked, or so it seems, yet cant fit in and be like the rest of us, if the media is to be believed. But the whole thing kinda stinks a bit. In a country run by the rule of law, not public pillory, and hysterical reactions.

The world, a short time ago just before the collapse of capitalism, sorry a hyped virus was released, no a media pandemic was whipped up in the front pages, sorry I meant to say the lockdown happened. Had just agreed right round the spinning ball that we were all behind the rule of law. Fast forward to today and media lynching mobs (sorry need the meds) are hounding a culprit for breaking a rule. As the reporters all broke the social distancing rule themselves, as they hounded him to his front gate. No, I do not like the man, and am not defending ‘him’, but this may just show up some facts we have all been unaware of. With all the convenient ‘titling’ and ‘labelling’ that has been going on in the media at the moment. They still seem unable to coin ‘phrases’ and create ‘buzz words’ to galvanise flagging interests, with jingoistic slogans and sayings, to promote an articles circulation into global stories. They still seem to be missing the viral effect from the exercise by a big margin, as people refuse to pay online for news. Take the last biggie they had with, the woman that got the nation to clap for the NHS, then after some time it ended up giving the nation ‘The’ Clap. Not by conscious intent but because of how people take things in either bad or good humour, or just get offended at things, and how that alters the first spread of a phrase, saying or even slogans. For an industry that needs circulation it is like having the philosophers stone without any of the magic that should go with it. Now back to the rules and the rule of law, to see just how bad they are at reporting, researching and being able to make a story a splash (viral) as they are still dependent on catching public interest to manage it. Usually it happens on its own, and has been a surprise in the past when they have happened spontaneously on more than a few occasions. As more and more reporting takes to digging a little deeper, to be more accurate, they are still managing to stick very well to editorial directives that stop short of delivering, all the facts, and they even misdirect away from salient points of pertinent interest. To not give all of the facts ,and then to pursue a perpetrator with such intent, has an agenda that suits their own political purposes, more than any dedication to delivering the facts, or even any pretence of delivering the truth, for public consumption.

At Odds.

The man, whether you, me or anyone else likes it, did not break the law of the land, that any law enforcement officer could make an arrest by. When no law is broken, there can be no punitive action. No crime, no, fine, no time, no legal ground to stand on. A law enforcement officer, cannot arrest you me or the tooth fairy, for not breaking the law, they cannot legally fine you for not breaking the law, they cannot detain you or incarcerate you for not breaking the law. So if one claims to be fining you, just ask ‘ok on what charge’ and what law did I break. The PM said it loud and clear no law was broken, so something else has been going on here. Rules are guidelines we all choose to live by, we adhere to them out of self interest and for the good of the group. The government made statements about advice for dealing with the virus outbreak, while not stopping cross border and international travel even from hard hit nations from the virus, effectively making the situation worse, while leaving a back door they needed for their own agenda as gaping as the proverbial bolted horses stable door. It is not a good set of decisions while in the middle of a hyped viral crisis situation. It could even be gross negligence and a dereliction of duty to protect its own people. The facts are there for all to see if they follow the results that are being achieved and ignore the propaganda releases of the MSM, take this little graphic for instance.

Daily Death Rates.

The death rate is a world average as certain countries have unusually large daily death figures from the same virus, but their methods do not get the same results. With deaths in this country still hovering over 1 and a half hundred to date, that would put Britain on a par with Rabies on the chart (official data release), hardly global pandemic figures in anyone’s imaginings. So they have been conveniently ignored and the papers have all concentrated on making flu level numbers seem like the pestilence levels of an Armageddon instead. Odd or just a coincidence, an anomaly even, or is there another objective and another agenda hidden in the actions of a few of the affected nations in the west. The facts do not add up about this so called pandemic, when it is weighed up against real disease deaths around the globe. Which at this time are not being treated in the empty hospitals in this, and in some of the other western nations health facilities in the western hemisphere. The government here has managed to stop, the intended use of the NHS for valid health reasons and ended treatments for other life threatening conditions with a rule, to get round their inabilities to make laws to do just that. The new middle management levels of the NHS were galvanised to make changes, give orders and enforce the advice while not giving the front line staff the PPE to do the job safely. The governments solution, was to build external non NHS buildings to treat the afflicted, that would be nearer a global world health structures level of management and control, fit to be included in any new international trade deal models they have in mind. Yet despite the projected death numbers from the scientific advisory level that were never realised in the case of this virus crisis. To the point they built treatment centres that never saw the volumes they predicted, that the government used as an excuse to make draconian and directorial new laws, that break the constitutional understanding between the state and these four nations peoples.

Ask any judge that has ever sat at the bench about the stories people concoct, that flies in the face of the evidence of their actions, that they ever had to sit through without laughing at the concoctions and the staggering ignorance of the perps before the bench. Well as Cummings bleats and the PM tweets. ‘I was innocent guv honest’, the facts are still, no law was broken, no lives were lost. It does call only one thing into question, their actions and results are the indictment that clearly indicates that neither is working in or for, the best interest of the people of this four nation union. If they can selfishly look out for their own interests over the needs of the nation in a crisis. Without any pretence at claiming good planning for their actions, that just use their positions to self serve. In positions of trust in a government that is elected to serve its people and the nation, not international directives, not other nations needs, but our own collective self interest. Not breaking a law is one thing, but to blatantly and unrepentantly break the covenant between the government and the four nations it is supposed to serve, is another matter entirely.


The mothballed facilities here, are being kept to give a footprint to a possible trade deal to circumvent the NHS and is clearly aimed at facilitating the international big pharma model, of destroying a nations own health services to rig them to big pharma treatment models that do not cure. They are content to keep earning by salving symptoms and to never kill the golden goose by being as stupid as to actually cure the bloody diseases. Good thing the middle management levels in the NHS are there to undermine the NHS just so that can happen, just as they did with the lack of PPE. From the people that take the budget cuts and do not fight against them as that would defeat their real purpose.

As the PM takes the stance of defending his errant boy after his transgression of the government advice. It is becoming clear he still needs his spook to get things done and that means that the agenda is still a work in progress at this moment in time. The media is obviously on a witch hunt and are like a baying pack of dogs with the scent of the fox in their noses as they start to hound the relationship. This may well work out well for us, or it may get the classic government dismissal treatment in a shunning of it as they get back on program.

The death knell is sounding for the track and trace limitations as they start to impinge on our civil rights and liberties. The fact that they tried to conscript other people by using peoples contacts details from voluntary sign ups to get the thing started has already hit the wire. No persons details can be used without their consent, that means that every sign up must inform their contacts of their choice and then the contacts will have the right to refuse to join, leaving them with the one option left to have their number and contact details removed from their friends contact list. So the tracing mechanism will have its funeral real soon on the back of this short sighted decision to steal data, information and to track people without their knowledge and consent. A bit like the overkill move to use the opt out program that implies an assumed consent by default. This will fall apart in the face of the response to the trick they think they have pulled off. The sign up to the program uses all the numbers they get, that includes those choosing to opt out as well as the idiots that think its a good idea. Those numbers will be used as a consensus of consent, to validate the program and write it into litigation as if they could overrule the lack of consent part of the deal. When you sign up to either give consent or to not give consent, each page informs you you need to inform your family and friends of your decision, This effectively shows that consent and knowledge of the consent, or non consent, has to be validated by the only people that have that power after your death. The living will is still the stumbling block to this device, and is still the final say at the time of death, To not cite the opt out program at that time, but to state the deceaseds wishes, or even if they have a will that expresses that decision, and what has to be carried out from the decision, on their departed behalves. Clearly they need the numbers to break the deadlock, and when people understand it, all of the ‘opt out’ sign up people will remove themselves (I did) from the register, to not give them the numbers they obviously need to do just that.


The facts behind the stories that are not being given at the time of publishing still show a devious intent is at work. Lets look at the Chinese use of masks as a starting point for this part of the exercise. From all the pictures we see coming out of China and the sheer numbers of masks on faces since the smog early days are still too many to count. The visual implications are that they are a protection and the person wearing it is defending themselves. That does not take into account the social dynamics of the country. Where a family unit will hold more elderly relatives in a rural setting in one house than any rest home sheltered housing western family unit. Meaning that most mask wearers on the Asian continent with elderly relatives to take care of and that largely childcare for the working younger members, are simply making sure they do not take anything home with them that could endanger a valued member of the family unit. Comparatively in India when a woman marries she will marry into the husbands family home, with her inlaws and the other male siblings, and their wives and children at the start of their married life.

So from this it is easier to deduce that nations with a similar family dynamic will be more inclined towards wearing a mask outside to prevent taking home any unwanted germs to their families. In the west we know the low danger of open spaces, where the risk of transmission becomes negligible, and then even less in direct sunlight. The only places it would have been more helpful is in confined spaces, and congested thoroughfares, but with the lockdown that cleared the later from the list quite early. When the age demographic gets seen and known after this fiasco ends, we will see that overkill was politically just a good excuse to get on with the hidden agenda. Certain people are low risk and it was never graded to that effect it was a blanket, catch all for another reason. A graded assessment of risk by demographic would have stopped the case for a total lockdown in its tracks and so was never even on the table for consideration as that would work against their hidden agenda. Lets look at the facts away from any form of accusation and by the facts I mean the results that have been achieved by government actions and interventions.


1. Telling people to self isolate, and the 99% result it got was a good use of soft power in effect.

2. Not closing the airways and insisting on a quarantine was a reckless move that had nothing to validate it in the public knowledge or interest. Opting for a self isolation program is also one that is not capable of being regulated to any level of certainty.

3. Delaying dealing with the front line need for PPE, caused a harder strain than was necessary when stating they were behind all the carers and gave themselves a clap to signal support. When the right action was to ensure their safety and to rotate the front line to make them more effective in the fight. Not hampered by additional stress and exposure to danger that the money spent on the PPE would have given them. They did claim to be behind them, yet they hampered and delayed any move to deliver the safety gear.

4. They then empowered the police to go out and move irresponsible people on, in open air less dangerous places with people they were already exposed to by proximity. No police used masks, or even pretended to use social distancing themselves.

5. The illegal fines they imposed were and still are in violation of the constitutional rights of the citizens of these four nations. No law enforcement officer can arrest for no crime, detain for no time, and fine for no crime.


These are all the actions of our government up and until this time, since the virus was hyped to near pandemic status, yet the daily death figures do not reflect the media hype or the insistent stance of a belligerent government that is obviously not working in the nations best interests, as they overrule the rights of their own people for an international agenda no one has voted on, let alone been asked if they care to endorse. The facts are that even with lockdown having been in place for two months, the death figures kept on rising, as the channel tunnel and the airports were just an open invitation to bypass any form of preventative programs in place. These four nations and the EU nations, have the highest death rate figures, that make a mockery of the governance behind each nations attempts to handle a hyped virus crisis. The real term numbers still state this is not now nor has it ever been a pandemic. Other nations without a globalist agenda in their investment portfolios, or backers check book investments, for certain nods and legislative privileges when called upon to do so, at later dates. Australia, New Zealand, and quite a few other less westernised nations have all managed without heavy government interference and large scale IT solutions that line certain pockets, actually managed to address dealing with the virus head on without any other agendas crimping their style with hardly a blip on their radar in the process.

The tales of testing fell apart when the lie about the tests was tested, and a Papaya proved positive, as did a goat and a bird, and for once the rabbit was spared. Clearly indicating that the virus is prolific by genre and is already in our systems as a corona strain, while they struggle to make a Cov-19 specific test kit, with any level of good results. Or that the testing kits are laced at production levels to falsify outcomes. So conspiracy does not even come close to explaining what is going on, but the results are becoming real good at levelling accusation at certain sectors and at certain people. By inclusion of other global agenda driven investors and all other similar associations. Hence the usual suspects reference, does bring into question, means, motive and opportunity. Investment and program directives will be the nail in the coffin for this as the dust settles.