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The Hero.


A Poem
Chris Millar

I always loved myth and fable best
Where a lad would begin a quest
Seeking a treasure of untold wealth
Or magical powers over life and health
Pulled into some great plot unknown
Led like a dog is by a tasty bone

Dragged through hazards and enormous tests
Defeating monsters and overcoming obstacles brings out his best
Then by chance along his way
He meets his love that he’ll wed some day
He learns from fate and from friends
That to succeed one gives and bends

Life seasons the boy into a man
As life unravels its great plan
No first try will succeed
Determination will finish the deed
Never stopping to question why
You won’t know till you try

Hidden along his twisted path
The tricks of fate and a devils wrath
There is always some twisted wraith
To test his courage and his faith
Fortunes swing and fortunes waver
And will they end in his favour

Once again his prize is gone
Told in odes and in song
From his blackest hour and darkest night
Rises his Phoenix in heroic might
Heading for that final battle
Once again will fortunes haggle?

When its all been said and done
The hero lives the prize is won
And what a gift to behold
A gift worthy of the bold
What then of these lords of night
Don’t you know that right is might.

Original work final revision completed in 19/01/2007 original composition first posted around 22/03/2006