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The Kiljoys are Here.

The Killjoys are Here.

(not to entertain you)

Non Compliance.

A Poem
Chris Millar

Opportunity Knocks.

So what year did killjoy arrive in the world, did he landfall or the result of being hurled
Feet in the door then head of the house, bold action from a timid little mouse
He invaded everything with distrust, at every level overriding the ‘needs must’
‘Simon says’ is playing king of the castle, all the usual suspect making up his passle.

Kept apart, not allowed to mingle, that is a crime against the single
Kept apart and not allowed to follow the heart, right from the start
Do as you’re told, prove you are worthy, and they think that bold
Do not make your own, just buy it all as sold, for that they will atone.

They sell the day, in service to a tomorrow that will never come, from that way
They invest all they are and think they have known, for something a hidden script has shown
We know it’s a lie and it should never be allowed to be, realising something we have yet to see
‘Do as you’re told’, no time for the bold, they are hunting the old, no matter what you’re told.

By the letter of the law, provide a receipt of ownership, or power of attorney for this cutting saw
You like taking liberties we do not empower, you know its ticking, and fast approaches the hour
Mayans knew the count would stop on their long running clock, time delayed added a hop
As far as planing and the will to realise it could go, you would think future builders would know.

They cling to power they no longer are entitled to wield, hope they have a god proof shield
They still have minions out in the land, all lost as the world moved past what they had planned
Now they blare and repeat till it sinks in, thinking talking you down is how to win
The murder by Cain was the original sin, as they corner the elderly in an escape room lock-in.

Simon says just do as you’re told, anything else may be bold, but now its getting old
Cutting, life bloods money and stealing their rights, we remain slaves as you coast the heights
Not how we see our world of toil, to hand over power that seek to rule and to spoil
If we repost and defend with the foil, no coin in their slot, will we hear the snake even uncoil.

Original piece composed on 24/08/2020.