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Sun 19th June 2022

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The Stark Truth.​



Any system that works and is doing its best to just get along and make progress is not always aware of repercussions till well after a series of setbacks, failures and disasters happen. That is a clear indication of an insular and internally focussed system, not aware of how it tramples, uncaring of certain collateral damages, or just to fixed into its program to even notice or care. This is a cosmic wake up call the present systems that are running if stopped, will lose the momentum of the ages that took to get things moving over natural inertia. All successful transitions have companioned and used feedback to establish extending past the insular to actually open the eyes to see the results in real time and to adjust accordingly.

Take Lithium production for all the batteries that we all use, in our smart devices and other appliances from transport to models and toys. The amount of water needed to produce every ton of lithium production needs 500,000 gallons of water. That and the extraction process is a dirty one and can contaminate the surrounding landscape and water tables. So much so that in January of last year Serbia revoked the Rio Tinto Licence for just these reasons. The world has since it first learned that it could mass produce. Henry Ford rolled them off the first model production line that this latest incarnation of man used to start the process of inherent greed over good common sense. You could say the gold rush fever without even a glint of gold to be found started the avalanche that is capitalism in the present world populace. Effectively making the two tear system, the parasites and the hosts split more than they were to begin with.

It may seem odd to have one eye on the weather, since global warming raised its ‘inconvenient’ head a few years back. And to start to look at the ground map of the world to see the scorched earth tracks on the globe, to realise the globe idea is not an accurate assessment of the state of the spinning rock. But to see the timescale and to get a bead on the weather shifts we need to also look at the volumes of materials that are taken out of the ball, and the 1850’s to 70’s has a graphic bearing on the warming aspect for the earth. The sheer volume of materials that were not renewable, and have seen massive volumes of solid and liquid materials burned and reduce their mass on the planet as they were turned into gas by burning has a valid point in this assessment. Hence the look at Lithium at the opening segment of this article. So lets look at the secret world of corporate consumption of materials from the globe and try and realise the volume that has been sliced off the planet, and the effect that loss of weight has on the spinning orb.

The oil industry started way back in the 1850’s and has been systematically extracting oil from the ground ever since, increasing the capacity at which it has been extracted exponentially ever since. The volume of oil that has been extracted from the earth since it was industrialised may not be a matter of record. Since 1911 the industry saw the making of most of the oil giant companies that are still operating in the world today as the largest producers of oil on the planet. The estimation ‘that we have used at least 135 billion barrels of oil since 1870’ has to be offset against the tonnage to get a clearer idea of the larger problem. It is currently estimated to be, ‘the equivalent of 135 billion tonnes’ by current calculations. The volumes supposed to be left and the reserves are still holding mass on the planet and so as long as they are underground they are still holding weight.

Gas production is yet another estimation game, the volume of use in cubic meters, may well be incalculable. The estimates of reserves and deposits left are equally sketchy. As with oil that is burned and a volume of mass being eradicated as it is converted into waste gasses, that are traditionally left to filter into the atmosphere almost unchecked. Gas that is used for cooking is treated in mutch the same way. Even if the volume is less, neither gas, oil or coal is a renewable resource, we do not have that amount of time to spare on a destabilised orbiting ball in space. We just simply do not live long enough, for it to renew. However ancient civilisations could each have had access to resources on an equal scale that they too used up too quickly and that saw their decline etched into pre history. The real decline would be over centuries, enough to allow later races to take over their relics and leave their mark on them. Just look at the Sphinx and see that the head is an after thought on a crumbled lions body, maybe an Egyptian ego thing as they graffitied the relics with their moniker. So once skills do not get taught, and are replaced by modern short lived, resource heavy modern ones. The skills gap becomes pronounced and decline is inevitable.

And talking about coal lets see what the estimates for the use of this other non renewable resource are. The current estimations are in the gigatonnes for yearly consumption as are the reserves. The industrial revolution of course was a sketchy affair driven by rich single investors and later conglomerates, much like oil did later. The sheer if incalculable figures for the volume in tonnage that has been removed from the planets mass (heavier mass, and gravity push against the suns pull), and since the planet is getting lighter in mass its resistance to the suns pull is not what it was. The extraction from the ground of the industrial need for energy producing materials, like coal, oil and gas is not looking at the extraction of other resources as heavily as they are refined and used and still retain some mass. The global consumption by nation is just a rule of thumb measure back to the first records were kept in good order. But the figures from the industrial age, and the age of steam and steel is just pure guesswork.

An aside note on the release of gas into the atmosphere bring up the question of stratification in gasses in the atmosphere. If air pressure is reduced, say by rockets punching out of the atmosphere on a regular basis. The top level of lighter gasses will be drained off and escape the hermetic seal the planet naturally has. This will take some weight off the bottom layer gasses including air, yeah that thing we all breath. The effect on water and especially sea levels is still to be seen but since Musk has been punching the stratosphere with satellite deliveries (Starlink?) the rise in flood plane activity has reached an inconvenient comparative graph twinning to match this increase. Now all that air pressure and then water pressure has also has an effect on tectonic plates. That gas extraction has left cavities under land masses in the mantle of the earth. That, and the fact that other materials are also pouring out with the gas, oil and coal, says a volume shift is likely, mantle slip, earthquakes, volcanoes, will likely be the litmus test for how much pressure is being displaced. After all the warming of the globe has seen polar caps melt but for the few decades that was going on. It has only been recently that flood plains and areas have seen increased activity and frequency of occurrences.

The ball is not a sphere as the map and globe describes it. It as not evenly laid out either. Desert areas show the scorch on the planet, dips into Australia to bring massive droughts that last years, that also covers the heatwave regions in the US, California even lakes and reservoirs into the eastern regions. Storms in the Atlantic that landfall in the south by the panhandle, says that warming is not the real culprit here, it is just the symptom of the disease. Large scale excavations, mining and drilling all have a displacement effect on the ball. Air pressure has had a clamping effect on the gasses down to the mantle and tectonic plates. Where massive tonnes of materials are still being taken from the planet at breakneck speeds and massive volumes, using modern land movers to achieve this miracle of modern engineering. To meet consumer demands, as it is not the enterprise, corporation or business that is to blame for the demand, in a supply and demand environment (who designed that model?) it is you the consumer that must be to blame, and will even throw protestors off the road to get back to consuming because you are so worth it. Will industry stop? Do they clean up their waste, do they follow safe practices in production. So what is the scurry and the flurry for then. Do they know full well what they do, and do not intend to change? After all they will just blame you rather than for once since they started leaving toxic waste all over the planet, clean up their act. Industry including oil and corporate manufacturing have left that to the courts to force the issues and still use the devils mouth piece to get out of full responsibility. So the only people that will change the world are the ones with the most to lose in a global recession. If you do not buy it then they cannot sell it and will not make it. The real power in the world is the money in our pockets, the real change will come from spending wisely.

It is never enough to just get the jacket off and have a good look at the problem. Than to just bleat about it at the nanny state, and hope it will solve the problem, if our own runaway consumption is the problem. After all you can just hear the sanctimonious saying ‘you did this to yourselves’. Of course that is without the benefit of foreknowledge and they do like to delight to that one to see who will swallow it that their design and implementation of it has no blame in the equation. They designed it, built the markets for it and made the good old ‘two for the price of one’ program to shift goods faster, to see how greedy we all are. And we bit and here we are. No sense in getting involved in a push and shove about blame, if the problem is getting worse. It needs attention now. But as we saw with the nations around the world criminalising any climate arguments and activists to just keep on doing what they are inclined to without the horrible reality of having to face the truth being rubbed in their faces. The hard pressed Italians get out their cars and drag people out of their busy way so they can get back to the purpose of their lives. So even the working man does not want to hear the truth just as much as the leaders of the world do not. As they have already started the criminalisation of the activists, and using the media control to eradicate that narrative says they are more than aware, they know and just do not care.

So is there a solution, yes, is it cheap, no, will it stop earnings no. The whole system that makes up money and gives it away as debt can focus on any targetting that suits the needs of the day. Essential productions will only have to step back into the renewable materials only model of working, and that will greatly reduce the long replacement types of goods to limited numbers, the second hand and refurbishment markets may well pick up the slack in. The US model is showing the hardships that will come from changes to the system as it once was. Oil consumption is not so much about the pollution it is more about the displacement of volumes in a destabilised spinning in space world. A just in time energy production model is needed to replace the battery based model and it will have to do for the moment. So as the oil barons wage their war on governments, and encourage distractions, like the trans stupidity thing, freedom of speech. All misdirection, even with fake pandemics (lab viruses being released), gender lies and all this level of heavy handed law coming down on climate activists, trampling on their income territory. They saw this coming and have shown their hand, they have shown how high they are in governments, how far the kickbacks go. That other nations are in on the same plans. Even a fake war that maybe Trump whispered about into the ear of Vlad before the US fell apart? And sleepy Joe got the reigns of the nation and is now going after big oil in a very open and well declared fashion. Once mass material extraction from the globe is put on hold. The next step is to start to stabilise the planet, and that will take science, industry and a ready supply of workers that will not be put off by distractions to get to work and earn their crust.

The planet has a history of warming and cooling well before the onset of the global warming declaration. So the orbit has always been on a sliding motion closer to the sun and further away again. Could they be tied to civilisations use of materials for their ages, mass consumption periods it gets warmer, larger populations the land depletes. Some left and abandoned systems and buildings they could no longer sustain, water, crops and land drying and becoming wastelands. That went back to tropical forests real quick and then the planet cooled again and the planet stabilised again. The Aztecs and the Mayans may well be the tail end savage fall of great civilisations that may well have lived for millennia on this planet. The ‘know it alls’ have tried to hide and still feel they can discredit, as they prefer their model over any reality that is hard to prove, except the planet is the evidence.

The seasons that used to match the equinoxes are starting a little before and after the global tipping points, that they used to match when I was a boy, and winters were a real event, spring kicked in a day or so on either side of the equinox, and autumn a few days before or after the late equinox. This says the earth still has a distension in the annual orbit round the sun. It is not animal farts or beef, that is the problem. That was just the tin foil hat solution for the concerned idiots to be painted in a bad light if it ever came up on the world stage. You see the truth is they know and they do not care, and they have planned to shut down dissent, to persecute voices that take actions is the first step, as they try to double down on shutting every voice up and to have the ability to silence them legally. Meanwhile in the US old Joe is hanging on against the oil baron minions, and is being painted as the bad person, when in fact he is not.

The planet has a wobble in the orbit, it also has bad surface resonances destabilising the rotation on the north south axis. Explosions, drilling, heavy goods transportation, fracking and even pile driving all drive vibration and discordant tremors into the planet. Heavy and sustained durations of transportation on flyovers, with columns transferring vibration down into the ground. Are just the discordant and random events that ebb and flow. Heavy generation, and small static generators all have a set pattern and are a constant on, and even under the ground. They knew about the imbalance as far back as recent nuclear testing and tried the caveman’s trick of club it into submission and it should be all right. And the first tests all had a hand in the destabilisation process, that is getting worse. Just look at the sheer numbers of potholes that have appeared over the last few decades, land slips and earthquakes that are a clear symptom of the invisible problem.

If the ancients all did have resonance chambers within their pyramids all around the globe, that they felt would create a stabilising cradle for the world to limit dissonance and generate a planetary harmonic to aid the axis problem. As they buried them well into the earth when they built them, that now sit derelict of resoance makers, ceremonies, or apperatus, and are just using the magnetic alignment, now without resonations being held in certain chambers. Makes you wonder just how long has this been a problem. How many ancient civilisations have there been that were aware of the planetary needs of the spinning ball. This in itself would just stabilise the global resonance to aid the daily spin. The need to add mass back to the planet to bring it outwards on it elliptical, and now distended orbit. Is the next crucial point to be corrected. Another moon with an orbit of the planet being affected and not effecting the oceans tides and volumes, to the point it could provide a controllable way to keep the globe in a honey, or goldilocks spot, in relation to the sun, without the extremes that are causing the scorched earth effect. This would also bring climate assistance if not control into the realms of possibility. The need to stop releasing higher strata level of gas into space to maintain a higher air pressure seal on the worlds seas and oceans to limit rising tides and sea levels as the polar caps start to disappear from sight. All of this is known at some levels in some areas within the highest levels of control and rule on the planet. Yet if Musk is the litmus test then even the controllers are looking to evacuate the globe rather than do anything to try and stabilise it. And as Musk is aiming for Mars, and does not agree with the rest they may well be aiming at the moon. So leaving the globe and all its populace to their fate. With a view to recolonisation at some future date. If there is, or was evidence of an ancient culture capable of that in the past they are not disclosing the data. Any more than they will address the tales of giants in the past on the globe.

You would think that these aspiring galaxy hoppers would have taken into account. That with the limited viable solar systems with existing planets in or near the goldilocks distances to their suns, That they would have to consider a fixer upper planet, like the earth state is right now. if they cant get the Des-res one. That the geoforming sciences and terraforming technologies would also have to consider, unstable orbits, and moving a planets orbit into a better orbital distance. Wobbly axis inclinations and deep seas would not be a problem to them. Yet they ballistically chuck things into the air and call it flight, and still think a controlled decent is a happy landing. Because the moon and Marse will never ever be forever homes for the race of man, those barren life environments are short term fixes, that will require a planet earth supply base for what will become military outposts as early warning systems for the solar system.

Resonance is the effect of a directed sound source, that creates the same frequency independently in another object. It is also what stops frequency oscillation, in a vibrating object. So if the dissonance around the globe at the mantle level, is subsonic or even supersonic. The waters of the world are amplifiers and carriers of that dissonance. A dampener effect might be able to reduce the effects of continuous vibrating generators on, or even below the surface, round the globe. This would have the effect of not working against the planets own resonant frequencies, and could then be built on to stabilise the axis wobble, that is in evidence from the global scorched earth landmasses round the globe. Any endeavour would have to limit the ranges to not adversely effect the animal, human and plant life on the globe. This is not a single stage, build the model offline and then put it in place sort of development. It would have to have offline testing to be sure, then when showing results effectively established around the globe to work in unison to affect the axis. Then how to add my to push the globe away from the sun by degrees will, also help with the weather patterns and regions of the world being at least regulated if not out and out controlled. This is no small thing, nor is it an easy undertaking. If the big brains and the big money is all aiming to up the tech, just keep on doing what they are doing to give themselves the ability to head for the moon or Mars. Then it will be left to us to do it ourselves. With the reductions in making critical thinkers in the pack, means that we have to step up our game. Once off the planet if their model fails for oxygen production, food and water as well as making fertiliser. Hell if we cant get enough from round the globe we are still on now, for political conflicts that only suit their NWO agenda. Then the likelihood of a sustainable moon or Mars colony that can survive failures in any of these areas is very slim to almost non existent. The current tech model has already reached its limitations and did so some time ago, the silicon microprocessor version has been doubling up its single CPU to make the horse run faster, and even that has its limitations firmly knocking on the development door for the last decade or so. So the industrial movements, vibrations, mass shifting from the mantle in mega tonnage is compounding the problem by the day. A year of lockdown saw the stillness lowly creep back up to climate effecting levels recently. So here comes some more fake lab released pandemics to make us take our foot of the go faster pedals. The fast melt that saw Yellowstone get ravaged recently was played down with once in a thousand years terms. But if the high level snows are being sun drenched and causing rapid melts, now as the non renewable excavations and mining as well as drilling continues, the effect on the mantle under reduced air pressure (Launching rockets?), then with every volume of non renewables consumed and turned to gas waste, petrol in cars, coal furnaces. These all mark up a daily tally of weight being removed from the mass of the planet, at rates that will make that melt more than a decade sort of thing real quick.

If you are expecting common sense to come from the top one percent then have a think about this for a moment. In some places the birth numbers are dropping and in other areas they are thriving. The population control they figured on is to stop random relationships and unsanctioned births in the general populations. In step the non breeder directives, using gay, trans and any other non breeding types. To enforce everyone identify with them, to make sure that they can regulate breeding from the herd away from the natural selection profile we all came from. The trolls and growlers are all out in force to shout down and silence any voices to get this thing established. When people wake up to this and start to realise that this is the anti life principle in action, that an AI or inhuman mind could conceive of, the results will not be good for the one percent. The uniforms and the teachers are all starting to turn, on the drive now and it has just started. You would think better sense would tell them that they needed to wait till they had robots to enforce it. As they went with the we program the world and it obeys model even in the face of huge areas of failures in that model, as it starts to break down, they will panic and get crushed in the rush to take back power. We are in the position we are in because of their inability to think things through to the right solution as they stop at the one that seems to work. Yet every one of these ill thought out methods have all ended in the same fashion. Spectacular failure, but before they could always duck back under the ignorance of the masses and just pop up in another format sometime later dressing it up in a more palatable format. They claim we never learn as they spruce up the old rope and peddle the same thing in a new package, and we buy it in ignorance or just greed, why take just one when you can have two for one. But as we now know our ignorance bubble just burst, our programming is breaking down, and there is no place to run to or to hide. They still need uniforms to rule us, and when that fails they will be held accountable. So as they have done before in history, they are trying to start wars, to end voices speaking out, threatening famine, war, pestilence and death. But as Ukraine is showing, people are no longer buying it, and that means uniforms are also beginning to wake up to the lies and that will be the point when the tables turn.

This being said the reality of the destabilising world is still being compounded, by them and us and until it is addressed it will continue to deteriorate at the rate of non renewable fuels being, exhumed from the earth, and consumed by the day just to keep the societal domain of mankind ticking over. Mankind keeps fiddling, as the world is dying.