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Theories Conspire.

So the story you are not getting but is being misinterpreted right before our eyes. Please remember this is a private (not advertised or put out there) blog of my own musings and choosings. Simply put it’s all just my opinion, I am not responsible for how true it is, or how wrong it is its just how I see it. I am not responsible for what you take from it or disagree with that is down to you. So having said the right before your misdirected perceptions this is how it looks…..

The virus in China is not allowing the returns on the results of normal flu cases, their incubation and death rates are not being seen under the media magnifier of panic building. So a ‘flu’ like case is not clouded by these figures yeah right they ain’t, you have to weed the coronavirus out of those figures. But the flu numbers will be larger and so will take away from what this new highly virulent strain that can leap tall buildings in a single bound, jumping from animal to human species like a mighty super villain. Good thing news and medication is run by the moneymakers, you know the ones that make the laws now. That sell hard to get masks antiseptic wipes (just wash your hands in hot water mate) antibiotics etc, etc. You get how well this sales of storm cladding promotion works ask any Floridian on a beach front property as the storm season begins. What do you mean timing, timing, timing. There is no such thing as coincidence.

Now lets jump right into the conspiracy theory you are all waiting for looking between lines for and it is staring you in the face.

Population is a growing problem (stop tittering) and its on the minds of the ruling half wits all the time, the moving demographics, the ageing population and workforce. The youth of the day not getting into harness and doing the heavy lifting, they won’t even join good causes and just die on foreign lands any more. So screw the aged and work them to death is what the morons have all come up with. Retirement packages all asset stripped and wages cut to keep the rabbles numbers manageable. So what is a pompous self serving controller got to do.

The fear stick is used and unless they focus it will latch on to personal worries and fears and will expand them exponentially to keep their fear based agenda alive and pertinent. This off course will have a marked effect on sales of medicines (harder to get, doctors appointments) and the influx of online sales to fill the market is just a market response to any break in the supply. Well that break is legislative and the fat controllers have that end stitched up nine ways into eternity so no coincidence Mrs, stop tittering when I’m expounding. You see the fear stick is a herding device to get you spending in the markets they want you to. After all if you stop believing in your immune systems abilities then you will need a salve, potion or lotion as a bitter pill to swallow. A dependent populace on a pill they sell to eat breath and function once off course they get you off alcohol, overeating and self destructive pursuits. You will be aware right that they were the last generation markets off choice, the so called leisure industry (that’s a bust) the direct kill yourself sales, as you poison yourself and overeat yourself, into an early grave. Failed miserably and they money never materialised as we spent on what we wanted. The Home improvement market became a limp rag and never got past the ‘pay a wee man’ tae put in a patio and hot tub in the back garden point of interest. The old chestnut of adds value to your property to offset retirement lacks as pensions get raided and fill the riches pockets. So now we are getting the first roll out of cleaner, more pompous status driven markets. You know for the fake and pretentious thin vernier of modern is new and better brigade of blatherers selling spiel, is just old rope for new money yet again. This rehash has forgotten the old rule the carrot has to be enough to entice the donkey to walk forward, a scraggly old has been carrot that has never seen better days is not working yet again for the repackaged and rehash brigade of we have to sell them this shit but they ain’t buying one bit. The wash and brush up of healthier (deaf ears mate) more prestigious (suits who sir) must for getting on is just not moving off the shelves any, almost as if it was really chlorinated chicken matey (wiz that a groan). Oh yeah back to the conspiracy theory jist keep getting side tracked a bit wi awe that’s goin own.

So with poulation being a problem and they need spending in areas they can profit from and not in areas they cant and they need to guarantee it. Time to get down with the kids then it works every few years till the fake they are shows through and they get dissed the fast egress ‘dumping’ that generation is so good at. Now fear is used (the stick) to drive sales and input in directions they need yet it is no longer working. They stink, they make wars, they steal land and oppress people they cannot profit from, they use us to kill for good causes and this generation is not buying it any more than the hippies did with the Vietnam fiasco of the past. So how do you get rid of people in your system, where you cant invade and suppress, hand cash to warlords and call it foreign aid (yeah aiding who matey) so encourage a knife epidemic culture based on bravado and other forms of egotistical gang stupidity (people get thicker in groups) and you bolster crime ‘prevention’ no such thing mate no crime no fowl (yeah I know, it stinks) for a directive that seeks control and obedience, using small bribes (well broadcast and few) and a heavy handed stick (austerity, benefit cuts, diminishing grants) to herd the groups that are kept too stupid and busy to see it. So what has this to do with a virus of little critical impact in a foreign land. Well who will pay for the preventative (pre-meds) over the counter or online special delivery. But no kiosks, no adds, no promotions of any sort while the stick is in play. So shut down, herd and ignore the real flue numbers to highlight this single virus with the help of the propaganda wing handing information (oh yes they are) around dressed up as (it’s all behind you) news.

So lets look at the virus and see what are its identifying features shall we, just for fun on my blog. So it has super animal powers and has evolved from animus life forms to human (da da dah, whit nae drum roll), yeah sound like a made up story or a good result for a culture producing genetics lab. So its from animal to human and that it seems is a first and nature has for millennium never done this before, oh sorry nae record keepers that far back in time is there. So from their backward observational speculation never before been done in nature maybe that is the operative identifier. Maybe it is just outside the mutation parameters to leap species, maybe it takes a slice of self interest and a cut above the moral code to achieve it. Having said that lets look at its other miraculous properties shall we. It has a pre incubation build up that is virtually undetectable, what a nice little mechanism to design is it not a stealth capability in a dna sequence all ready to be either snapped up by the competitors (quarantine, with blood samples) and the observation point till infection and either immunity or death. So time for an inoculation to kill the immunity sorry to help prevent it happening again, yeah and just how successful has that program been with some kids getting the things they are told they are inoculated from, so what is that really all about. So it has stealth capabilities either by design or there to be harvested into the DNA book of miracles. So what else does it have it has a rapid spread mechanism that outshines all natural (sorry previous) viruses since? Whenever. That gives this little lab rat a stealth capability, a maximum (shotgun) spread and it hides in innoxious symptoms associated all cloaked with know diseases symptoms. Ideal candidate for a new super dooper …. no… single purpose expensive vaccine that governments will somehow pay fortunes for. Now the real reason for enforced quarantines is not containment, but to collect the signature DNA that was kindly delivered to their door in a ‘freedom of movement’ model between countries and travellers the smuggling mules (Lucy?/film reference) to unknowingly? deliver the goods.

Well rant over but as ever it has raised in the games a boggie (busted hand) international stage. Did the Chinese delay of a British flight have more to to with the incubation period with people all trapped in close quarters. Well one media blurb was what is the safest seat in a plane the same day. I’ll jist leave that wan there fir yeh tae digest so ah will. Or did the Chinese think that the Brits were the original (patient zero) delivery system into their lands and just held it on the ground to prove the pudding. Either way all the international players now have in quarantine the sequencing of this new stealth max distribution cloaked virus to play with.