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Too Many Chiefs.

There is a lot of speculation surrounding the deficits that are coming to light in the comparative assessments of the fifth richest country in the world, and its glaring meanness with money and hardened resolve to remain that way in all its dealings with the people that vote them into power. The main comparators are the pension payments in the EU country by country and the pittance that this nation pays the people that make the country what it is. The leach level that has insinuated itself into the ‘rake all that we make section’ of global rip off leaders, is quite frankly as brazen a form of gloating as a certain football teams display at getting thirteen goals and not losing one recently on the world stage. These same people give themselves a big round of applause as they deny people a better fiscal package while they give themselves over hyped pay rises as and when they please, which is frankly disgusting to watch.

Ah, memes the modern wall scribble for the new digital age. No matter what lies they promise and hope you will forget in times dreary passing.

As we all know they like big news days to slip one by us as they can then give themselves another pay rise for being so good at their jobs.

What profits for man, are worth losing your soul of humanity over.

When a Westminster centric power base with over five hundred and thirty three seats can overturn a nation’s right to representation in their idea of a united kingdom.

So bad even when fifty six representatives in Westminster were overlooked, ridiculed and publicly debased the nation had to take to the world stage to get a fair hearing.

Even the hopeful candidates are all still aligning to deny Scotland its real and deserved status on the world stage, shame really the SNP thinks we can only make it if we are in the EU, but that may yet change to the wider world welcome still to come for this small nation. Meanwhile a word from Westminster.

Even the twitter-sphere is not immune to leaking the facts that they try to suppress. They are almost as good at this as Israel is at manipulating other nations are. The behind the scenes Israel troll army that quells opposition and targets any opinions they do not agree with or they promote their own propaganda instead.

Let’s not forget the big pharma threads as well as the big investors in the NHS that saw a contract going to a seven million pounds larger contract than the one the NHS tendered and you are beginning to see the levels of manipulation going on behind the scenes.

One rule for them, and do as your told for us yet they still need your vote (permission) odd really that we will only have ourselves to blame in the end. But I digress so let’s look at the EU election results and where exactly Scotland turned out at the end of the voting.

So we are a world grade standard of a nation without a legitimate seat at the world table as we are being told to just jump into the EU block and mind our place when betters determine our future for us, even against the evidence to the contrary. Time to stop trying to be what others want, expect or assume we are and to just be who we are meant to be.

The state of Scotland’s place at the Westminster table is getting worse with every moment we remain in their political system trying to play with rules and regulations designed to stop that from happening, as they march towards taking back control under their rules for their own benefits.

Just as we are all seeing and hearing the word police incidents rising we should all remember that the tactic starts this way as it steps up towards dominance and suppressing opposition and even fair comment and just retorts get the hard treatment.

This is a worry at the moment as the LGBT went all ‘I was born this way’ (and rightly too) and the retort is we are all born the way we are. But the rise in spite and hate retorts or put downs grew in the midst of this. The antisemitic drive to stop anyone speaking out about the other anti program they don’t want to get aired is the anti Palestinian one. This, of course, will get its fair share of denials as the ostrich mentality all take their heads out the sand to bleat a denial, just for self preservation as they don’t want to have to place the head ‘up their own rectum’ to avoid the light, the stink would be unbearable.

This may well confuse a few people but some can do the sums.

But even if you cannot add the numbers some of the facts are glaring us in the face.

Some people are getting ahead of the ‘dis the opposition’ program by stating the plain old obvious truth in the places of power.

But for some its just a simple case of leaving certain nations out of the evaluation process. Ask yourself what oil would an Independent Scotland have at its disposal on the world stage.

Back at the old homestead again, as we go out into the world the one single missing piece is Scotland on the world map. The very nation that by invention and discovery has formed most of what the modern world is and the tech and institutions that the world employs from modern banking to the communications devices of their day, TV and the much lambasted telephone to name but two. Yet we are too small, too stupid and too poor to have a voice in a world that we have had more than a hand in shaping.


OK, that’s enough setting up the scene for the main course as the background is clear even with just this short collection of memes to choose from. The big pension shuttlecock being chipped in at every turn still misses out on the benefits that pensioners have with the low cash payments, rent, TV licenses (oops), electric, gas and water tariffs (oops) oh and a bus pass they want to steal from the generation that were led to expect it in their retirement. Free prescriptions (oops) and there is eye care and erm, well ehm. Better to just stop right there then.

So it would seem that all so called retirement pots are up for grabs as they make legislation making it harder to actually live long enough to collect. Forcing people to re-evaluate investing in their own insured pensions as opposed to the state lie the world over. Now it looks like a good recruitment policy to join the elite right now doesn’t it. But once you look a little closer you will see that up a tier is still just a distancing stage to keep between the masses and the one percent. As the majority of it gravitates up and only a pittance (for that level) is available for the grubby and greedy to get their mitts on. So the bulk moves ever up and the accessibility to it decreases as it climbs. But the recruitment goes on none the less as it is better to be well located to a higher payout than to grub in the dirt for a real pittance. This does make a ‘Too many Chiefs’ environment and the drain on incomes are starting to soar past the fifty percent rake for the state, when in a well ordered and run society thirty percent should cover all the actual needs for a fifth in the world economy any place on the planet except here of course. But while this kind of tactic is being used and they get away with others paying for their failures it will continue unchecked.

Just take a look at the regions in the countries and you will start to get the picture.

As you can see the larger counties are not showing the smaller regional drains on not providing services, as this picture fills in the blanks.

So as they let services decline and hike the taxes to fill their bloated local authority paychecks you can see it is not us that is the problem. After all, taking fifty percent in taxes do not cover the actual services is still taking money under false pretences in any litigation book. Yet the paychecks for a local authority worthy would make a prime minister weep, as do headteacher salaries when compared.

Just as a footnote to this piece these two afterthoughts.

Too many Chiefs (Balabolka text to audio Hazel voice)