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Valhalla Arisen.

Valhalla Arisen.


A Poem
Chris Millar


From the depths of time until the now
Not the holy dues as someones cash cow
Taking new stock of all that we are
Not so short sighted but visions afar.

No more humbling, bumbling and fumbling
No under the breath stammering and mumbling
Stood clearly on the shoulders of four giants
That left to their own would become tyrants.

Looking back the lineage what do we see
All the forebears that led to you and me
Now looking forwards to where we might go
Then suddenly doubting all that we know.

Our past is the trap that has just been shed
The script is scrapped for all the lies it misled
Knowing the moment to respond before it is gone
Like the famous pen that once writ moves on.

Its not in the moment that we weigh it all up
The doing does that in the balanced cup
The time to count costs and to tell the tail
Of how you succeeded or how you did fail.

Valhalla’s fair banquet is at the end of the day
Where food and libation loosens some say
Sits winner and fallen at this fair table
For all sat here have proved they are able.

Original piece composed around 25/02/2016.