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Who of us is worthy.

Who of us is worthy.


A Poem
Chris Millar

Self Serving.

What makes the mind stilled, till you know what is dear
When you can stand resolute, without a hint of fear
Where you can see the way, that is pristine and clear
How it is then ‘truth’, that will distill that joyous tear.

What the heart then knows, that cannot be swayed
When the impetus within, knows not to be delayed
Where deliverance is assured, all that was prayed
How faith in its truth, conquered fear as it played.

What replaces fear, becomes faithful and strong
When that which was lost, will finally belong
Where the emptiness left, that will no longer long
How the rapturous return, sings the hearts lost song.

What plans or agendas, can fill such a head
When the heart is fulfilled, no longer misled
Where the healing is over, the last blood is shed
How the lost when returned, soul nurtured and fed.

What questions are left, when it’s all said and done
When the shadows are laid, and the lie is undone
Where the prodigal returns, he is the long lost son
How that which was lost, will start newly begun,

What makes the arrogant think, that they know more
When being distracted, by life’s daily chore
Where after comes first, then later before
How in the end no place is left, but life’s final door.

What man can sit, on his throne at his table
When none are worthy, and none are able
Where truth fills all, that removes the false fable
How slicing and dicing, is futile with life’s little cable.

What time can be called, after the toll of that bell
When light fills the space, where the lost child fell
Where none can withstand, the truth from his tell
How the soul cant be sold, when it’s not yours to sell.

Original piece composed around 01/02/2016.