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Wrong Measures.

Two prisoners arrested and convicted of ‘crimes’ and duly imprisoned, were released because of a mechanism not fit for purpose. That mechanism is based on crime, perpetrator and some form of witnessed contrition or amends being made. No indication of lip service and telling them what they want to hear was measured in that automatic process. Admit guilt and get one third off the sentence (for a crime) then according to behaviour they can serve as little as half of the sentence. All fine and well as long as we are dealing with people that are brought up in our ideologies, our social customs and can be persuaded to live good and well instead of criminally and badly.

The state got it wrong with its catch all methodologies of lump thing’s under mechanisms we have already established (and the failings in those are clear and present) no matter the history of failure it has in its own right.

The Moral Cocoon.

In the west our societal leaning and social norms are pretty well defined as they stand. We lean toward (or pay lip service to) playing well and fair and being inclusive rather than anything else. The Christian moral inclination to not breaking the law or society rules and social expectations is the moral fabric behind the structures. ‘Thou shalt not kill’ and the anti coveting ones prohibit stealing or envying others possessions and lives if not luck and circumstances. We try to invest a do not kill but engage in debate and air differences and try to see the other point of view which for some other cultures is obviously seen as a weakness that can be and has been exploited before. In the days of the crusades we could lift a weapon and be blessed by a cleric and absolved of killing to defend the homeland. Although how invading another land that does not live that way can be called defence is a stretch to say the least. You cannot murder, lie or steal your way into Heaven, Paradise or the Elysian Fields even the Happy Hunting ground has a moral expectation for souls. The truth for all is that minus the character equal to heaven you are excluded, the gates will not open and you shall not pass.

So the majority of our culture is inclined towards good behaviour, playing well and being inclusive. While bigots abound in the shadows and aberrations exist in the criminal spheres. The exception we all fear is the homicidal maniac, not people that kill and only kill once when pressed into a desperate situation that will unravel their world and explode into an act that has consequences. If its having lived a lie, concealed a second or hidden (parallel) life and the exposure would blacken their name, destroy their standing or prestige, then an act that will equally do that, but end their life as it was but conceal the duplicity they will live or die depending on the sentence from that, rather than exposure. They are not the rule they are the extreme end of a criminal tendency for lies and deception that will use homicide to conceal their true nature in memoriam. The one we all fear the most is the rabid animus that is slaking its desires, indulging their tendencies and likes inflicting pain, terror and humiliation is the can of worms in this sad tale, with a record of failures in any reorientation programs of the past. The only successful ones are the ones that want to change and they generally show up the quickest, led astray and fell into wrong ways etc. are still good hiding places for the player just waiting to get out the door. The lip service and keep hiding double lifers are there too. So from the early onset in a situation that regularly loses funding being fast is how not to be last and discarded when the money stops.

Jails are full and the criminal system is struggling as it puts all the wrong people away for all the wrong terms with all the wrong intentions. Police are having to glean intelligence to sift to find evidence to build cases and are laden down with, paperwork and protocols to the point of being a joke. Criminals get out and re-offend and the worst are thieves and general law breakers, killers are even let out if its considered it was pressure at the time of the event and that they do not believe that killing is an option in life to maintain your status quo. The problem is taking foreign to us concepts and races and ideologies and arrogantly thinking we can change them. Well clay will make pots but not hoists and cranes and chains. Steel will make machinery and is just not a good choice for clothing. You need to look at the overall state within another culture to see if the mass behaves well and civilised and if what we are getting from them is their expulsions of their own worst kind as they do not deal with it but shed them into other cultures. A rogue in our midst is hard to detect and even harder to catch as the respectable vernier is usually flawless or the people around them are chosen for their lack of attention to detail and the ease at which they can be fooled.

The Spiritual Philosophy.

Memory tricks of reciting scripture (god never wrote a book, man did in his name), even doing good deeds in a calculated manner will not develop the character requirements for entry. While good witnesses and all can only look at the honesty of the aspirants deeds and the integrity of their character. The entrance exam is life as it arrives every day, the measure of progress is how we deal with it when it says not now, try another way, or worst of all when it blocks us entirely stating an emphatic no to a particular direction. It is the quest of the self realisation process, no crib sheets, no copying, and if you have to, explain your working out in the margins, when ‘it’ gets you so wrong and denies you. Our moral compass is away from thinking we can kill our enemies on foreign soil to justify our fears of what they might do, after all there is no crime till a crime is committed. It has evolved from murdering our political enemies for not thinking like us and using laws to block or inhibit our party actions in a seat of power. In India it seams that taking the law into your own hands is more about corrupt officials that lack the character to be the man in the uniform and be true to the vow to duty while using reasonable means to police. But they will judge on fear, on supposition and they have stoned to death innocents with that measure. Not to mention how families think its OK even acceptable to murder in the name of honour well that’s an exclusion right there to any good form of afterlife right away. Even Ireland a relatively modern and progressive country is finding it hard to leave behind its murderous past, but is at least doing so in a progressive fashion with an eye to a better global future for the nation. The strong inclination towards the development of good over our definition of evil is no longer a case of what we consider evil and what we consider good. Its the level of conviction towards that leaning that we all hope, pray or just simply have faith in is right.

A criminal will kill in desperate situations as Bonny and Clyde chose to go down in a hail of inevitable bullets of state retribution, just like a cornered animal will turn on a hound in the last seconds to take a piece of their pursuer with them. Even though not many do, most are brought down in full fright and flight mode. Most people will run and it takes a piece of will to ignore the fear mechanism and to make the last stand. But as a society and with our culture having come from a flintlock and sword bearing past the majority of us concede and comply to the moral directive, the social expectations at a basic and intrinsic level, unconscious or even philosophical level of being. The rogue in our midst is still the confirmed killer, the person that thinks they like killing, they want to kill for a thrill or even believe they are performing a service as they kill less than worthy. Immoral (sex workers) useless or waste of space oxygen guzzlers, in fact anyone they like to use as the excuse for their homicidal tendencies and even predilections. Fred West, Bundy and other have a serious homicidal inclinations and life goals (way past mere homicidal ‘tendencies’) and their outlook was to accommodate it and to justify it either as an emotional (even almost sexual) necessity or as a cause or moral directive of doing the world a service. A recent male rapist felt or empowered himself towards acting out his dark desires on others and felt he could take away the other persons right to choose as he forcefully worked his will on others, without consent and approval. Which is a problem with the human rights papers that have been kicked around for decades is the moral imperative to respect another’s rights is not listed in any off them. The egotistical stance of bad character has to be recognised and the results of ‘Clockwork Orange’ style reprogramming failures have to be looked at. Most will succeed most will bend or turn, some will pay lip service and play sneaky of the page (out of camera) one off’s and keep moving to avoid detection. Using the new person in the group to blame for thefts if theft is their thing and they have been under a burden of not being able to let it out for some serious time. Having to smile when you want to smash, having to be good when you want to harm, not able to steal under constant scrutiny will only have one outcome. Now the one that bloody mindedly chooses to play the part only until the door is open and they are released have the Bonny and Clyde syndrome of live it to death, burn bright and burn up no fading away, are still the most elusive.

Cultural Roots.

An entire creed, race, religion or culture that from their warrior base still take pride in living well but strictly to stop slackers and the maligned. But ones that take the stance that men are seen as a law unto themselves with no parity with women, allows a certain character to do as they please with impunity. Women as chattel or property and the god is male principle fed this ego base. A book does not teach or instruct a closed mind or a resistant heart. No amount of instruction can change someone working from a defiant will. So old indoctrination sleep deprivation absolute obedience mechanisms worked on most, but that one percent that does not, means a mechanistic methodology has to err on the side of caution and so the numbers are cut, the money is restricted and willing will move first in a closing opportunity as the one percent will die without exposure, by not complying. The breaking of a will is normally reserved in our thinking to the hard lesson of detention centres, the cat o nine tails and the foreign legion. But broken will have a tendency over time to reassert in the extreme cases, while most will stay bought, for the will is broken on deprivation and loss, but only of the things that matter to that person. Some cultures changed from incarceration till death as the rest of the world started to look over their fences and judge and how that affected trade reflected in how quick it changed. So some now that they do not shed their undesirables into the arms of the lenient and turn the other cheek brotherhood to see how they deal with it on their turf and not just criticise it on their home grounds from afar. In Kung Fu there is a saying you cannot fill an already full cup, you must empty the philosophy and ways of the old even surrender them to the new. 

When we make everything fit into our original assessment processes we make the stupid step of thinking every one else is like us. That distinction will see people that do not rate or even believe in your laws and your ways and are here because they can take advantage and use your own ways against you. While hiding in a secularly closed enclave on your own territory proving you do not own all your think you do, nor do you rule all that you think you do. But will only really find out when misdirected or otherwise engaged off their backs. So they are not criminals they are following their belief and they do believe they can and even should kill for their faith, honour or whatever excuse they currently give themselves to validate it. Our own criminals are no reflection to them, we are herded to not kill, but thieves and the deceitful abound while killers are rare. The hard edge of them are rare by nature as they are not us but are able to hunt in our midst and to hide in plain sight. Living double lives in secure sheltered safe havens. So we are looking at dealing with in an exodus from other nations putting in place a better filtration or grading process to deal with other nations worst types thinking they can blend and keep doing what they want, while the best fit in and settle down. So when we start to assess our own worst cases better and stop believing we can reprogram them past the willing to continue treatment to breaking wills. The exception will still even get through the 99.99 percent barrier. It is not the laws but the sorting processes lumping type to condition that is the main problem area and until that is addressed properly it will continue to do so.