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X Raying The Veil.

Interesting little glimpses are giving tantalising flashes of the iron fist flexing it’s repressed muscles against the new social obligation to care and include, is irritatingly rubbing certain recessive people up the wrong way.

The care home industry has pounced in the wrong direction for all the wrong reasons and are hiding behind the excuse that they are doing a good thing. The question that arises from that is who’s best interests, and the boards and governors are all taking away the right of the client and standing in the way of the only people that still have the final say, the family. The present financial cavity no, chasm clearly shows that incomes are under crisis management procedures. Research indicates that at the end of life nearly all concerned will choose to be with family at the end. They may claim cynicism in these remarks but there is a concerted effort to separate us from our rights and to interject in that inalienable right as human beings. With less properties to get in future to fund care in a sterile business structure, that cuts the grade of food and does not have the best record for vetting its staff. They can call me cynical all they like the evidence is all a matter of record. With less profits and the only paying clients in their secular care, cutting of the family is the actions of an abuser and manipulator, isolate and discredit are tactics not reasons. Best to take the parent out or face the facts for the future.

The worrying trend to take the hard line on the fifth of sixth generation removed, from the hardy stock of the last century having been wrapped in their cotton wool cosseted residents of the third rock, is a clear case of too much and its just far too late in the day for that mate. So stating that triaging to preserve some and sideline others will only be putting some under the shadow of the homeless breeding ground syndrome for the virus to end up concentrated in outside contacts from the sterile bubble the attended will be in. Splitting the exodus into separate streams is asking for trouble with pressed resources and reduced professional staff. There is some concern now from the administration behind Donald Trump for the first time since the puppet was elected into their care. They have used the man to their own advantage, and he is not capable of making good decisions. While over here the puppet master is an aid to King Boris and soothes the man to get things done that he knows is outside his capability. Any decent human being would never countenance subjecting a five or six generation of inoculated unprepared and not disease hardened people to cold turkey at the disease front line. Both these nations have clearly shown that as nations they stand apart from the rest of the pay fair wages, look after your elderly and infirm and put life before profit worlds nations. Even Iran and North Korea have shown greater humanity to their people than the profit is god nations of the world behind the wars and banking control mechanism that gave rise to the dream of a globalised utopia under their rule. They have show that as political parties they wage war on the supporters that lose under their term of rule and do not represent their entire nation and not just their electorate body. The King of the Castle approach to governing has only one play book and that is winner takes all, not a very successful long term strategy for all to have a good life in a world we all have a 1% share in.

Clearly we cannot allow a system that tries to turn life agencies into an industry for profit to continue after this hiatus, this as we are finally seeing has to end, and as the prison guard knows it only works with our willing compliance. Governments have to rationalise, that health covers every person alive and anyone outside will have a chaotic effect on the secular bubble resident, as the unseen or unclean float through the periphery of their world out of sight and out of mind. Touching benches to sleep on, under arches for shelter. Handling clothes parcels, going to soup kitchens and food banks, getting cast off’s, raking buckets and having to go to the toilet outdoors. Shelter and cooking facilities would have kept them out of the hidden backdrop walking to stay warm, cleaning up and using public  seating areas to kip in the warmer environments after a night on the tiles and cobbles, or under hedges just to cut the wind and rain down. But the children of the money god, well they closed homeless places and forced people onto the streets by design and fiscal intent using money as the excuse to do it from a profit and loss mentality that used the red pen like a mighty sword to cut lives down from the last perch they all fell to by fiscal strangle holds from the top down.

The media accusation levelled at bulk buyers can and under their angle on the visible images of piled high trolleys be greed and just the must have’s for the wrong people to target. How many are buyers for groups of elderly that do not have a cares just a neighbour with a car with a big boot and a kind heart. Making runs to distribute to the house bound. How many are (the food stuffs are long life ones) buying to give to the homeless to feed the charities that do. I can afford a little extra to give away. But there is only one media stereotype. This is just wrong, and they need to stop picking on ignorance and targeting petty emotions in the hard pressed as we can see from the global knee jerk most are covering families with children and maybe even an elderly and dependent parent or two. Not getting the health and care packages demands that families that are already hard pressed have to bear the burden and then the ridicule from primed and loaded media readers with no other thing in their own arsenal but resentment. Clearly we cannot have a media reporting hearsay and speculation with a take or angle on observational reporting (from a safe distance) as if it is breaking news when clearly its breaking gossip. The lorry driver with the sense of humour was first picked up as a serious reflection of one toilet roll multi pack as cargo as a state of the panic buying (is it?) that is going on. The next report after being forced to explain clearly showed a very human sense of humour almost alien to the scribblers from the sidelines chipping in opinions from the classic film baddies character type play book. The real casualty numbers are a known percentage figure that gets skewed in large and dense population with elderly parents living at home. Italy, China. But outside this anomaly the percentage is still 1% to 3%. Yet the hysteria must be driving some revenues when you see stories like this appearing from the US and another from the UK yesterday in the same vein. The mutated animal flu still retains the ability to not just leap species in a single bound, but now has a stealth mode. Something about the reports of the symptoms all give the impression it is not one virus and that it does not affect people the same. Fear as any placebo dispensing doctor can tell you as he shakes his healing bone (big pharma reputation and inoculation’s programs) that what you believe is a bigger factor than they would like you to know in truth. Hence, the need for calm people.

At this time because of the sheer numbers jumping before they are pushed, worry and speculation is rife and misinformed and glib articles are a destructive force that are going to be taken the wrong way, it is clear that we all have to adjust to the realities. We are not the best of humanity yet, that is still some way away, and we are not at our best all the times living under constant pressure. We all have good and bad days and not knowing what is going on and demanding outcome information in the middle of the action is not helping. This nearly always proves after the fact it is at worst an exercise in patience and that jumping the gun or getting all lynch mob on some random persons ‘photo fit’ look or ‘ disdainful action’ by media definition, is just what a well trained army in the wings will be called in to deal with. Give them no cause, exercise restraint and caution and take no more than is necessary with a meal or two spare in case it gets worse, and we have to wait longer next time. Remember that your large need is not in itself a problem it is just all the large needs will be first in the rush at the crest of the wave and this will crush the small single meal and small provision shopper in the stampede. Forcing someone who needs little but often because of cash and or infirmity means you are wiping out someone who has nothing in the larder or fridge and may not have a freezer. We all live here and all have a right to survive but as a nation that has been trained to queue for sixty plus years we should all know better than let this define us as a nation.